A Good Call To Action For Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

By selecting the best themes and plugins, you have created a stunning ecommerce website for selling your products. You worked a lot in fine-tuning your website and have listed all the necessary options. But why aren’t people adding products to their cart? It is because you lack a call to action on your website. 

The problem is quite common for the people operating an ecommerce website. The lack of a powerful call to action confuses users on where to click. Ensuring an attractive call to action will persuade users to click and buy your products. So to have a reasonable conversion rate, you must come up with a persuading call-to-action copy. 

But how to create a good call to action? Worry not! We are here to unveil tips for creating an attractive call to action for your online store. 

What Is Call To Action (CTA)?

A call to action (CTA) is a button or link telling and persuading users to take any action or do something. For example, it urges them to buy your product, explore the website or browse a specific section. 

A call to action guides people to a particular page and increases the conversion rate. Further, it boosts your click-through rate, i.e., the number of pages a visitor views when he/she visits a website. An increase in the click-through rate increases the website ranking in the search engine result. 

Types Of CTAs

Call to action
Ecommerce Website

Generally, websites on the web have seven types of CTAs. With the same purpose and different methods, each type increases the conversion and visibility of the website. 

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They mainly focus on converting website visitors into potential buyers. They provide additional shots to the ones who have no intention of buying anything. 


They persuade visitors to fill and submit a form and convert them into leads. 

Service or Product Discovery 

The most common type of CTA that drives visitors to buy the product or services. 


It urges and persuades visitors to share website content across different social media platforms. The sharing by visitors help the company in improving their visibility. 

Continue Reading 

Such CTAs convince users to click on read more or continue reading. A user can only access other content or information by clicking.  

Event Promoter 

Event promoter CTAs alerts users of an upcoming event. 

Here are some tips for creating and implementing a compelling call to action on an ecommerce website. 

1. Color Psychology

It is hard to understand the psychology and significance of colors in human lives, especially on the internet. When using CTA, use some contrasting colors and make it different from the background. As there is no perfect color to choose from, you need to try and test different colors for your website. Your website design and color also matters a lot for grabbing users’ attention. Look out for some big brands and study their color practices.  

Few tips while choosing colors for CTAs

Call to Action
Ecommerce Website
  • Make sure to use a contrasting color compared to the background
  • Do not stuff it with too many colors and visuals
  • Please keep it simple and fill the border with white color to make it look clear. 

2. A Sense Of Urgency

Urge your visitors to buy your products. Present them with some offers and schemes. When shoppers notice such requests and plan proposals, they will surely buy some of your products. You might have seen various outlets with end-of-season sales or summer sales etc. You can also enlist such CTAs on your online store and boost your sale. All such types of CTAs and tags create a sense of urgency.  

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According to a recent case study, a sense of urgency in the product boosts the conversion rate by 332%. Try adding the following:

  • Midnight sale
  • X number of items left in the stock
  • It’s now or never
  • Hurry up! 
  • Limited edition
  • Book your item now

3. Size and Shape

Your CTA button must be strong enough to grab users’ attention. Broadly, the look must be attractive and engaging. For this, you need to work hard on its shape and size. Both factors play a significant role in increasing the conversion rate—most of the people having ecommerce website use rectangular shape buttons while creating CTA. However, you can also use a round or oval shape. 

Also, make it distinct from the text that you will place in the button. For example, you can use a buy now or add to cart text to make things easier. 

4. A CTA On The Banner

You need to create an engaging CTA for your banner or hero image. A user landing for the first time on your website will first look at your flag. So, add an attractive and colorful CTA for your users. People are likely to be persuaded by your banner CTA. With such importance, you know how hard you have to work for it. It would help if you filled all your pages with a banner CTA to promote your conversion and sale. 

5. Use Unique Words While Creating CTA copy 

Ecommerce Website

Your words are highly accountable for persuading people to click on your CTA. So try to be as creative and unique while crafting your CTA copy. Use words and phrases that instantly catch visitors’ attention and force them to click on the button. Here are some recommendations:

  • Place your order
  • Add to cart/bag
  • Subscribe
  • Join now
  • Shop now 
  • Get access 

6. Return Value 

Return value or value proposition drives instant conversion and sale. The audience must have a reason to click on the CTA. For this, you can state the value proposition and offer them a few things in exchange for clicking on the CTA. Say you can add Save up to XY%requests or Free Guide.

7. Add Security Features In Your CTA copy

Security has always been an issue for people shopping on the web. By adding security features amid, your CTA will create trust within the visitors. They will click on your CTA and will shop without any hesitation. You can add a few phrases that ensure security around your website. Use the following example:

  • Certified
  • Protected
  • Refund
  • No risk
  • Guaranteed

8. Create A Personal Touch 

Giving a personal touch in your CTAs is heavily recommended. To provide comfort to your customers, you need to incorporate a personalized touch in your CTA. Being personalized urges users to take the action that they want. For example, add a personal sense by indicating the second person, such as  Sign me up, Me first, Your, and You.

Finally Ecommerce Website


In the end, you need to test them all and make changes accordingly. Hopefully, the above points will help you in creating a good CTA for your ecommerce website. Although, keep on working and experimenting on them for better results. 

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