10 Social Media Analytics Tools Perfect For Beginners AND Pros

Social Media Analytics Tools

One of the most important ways to reach your target audience in the age of digital marketing is through social media. Nearly everyone these days uses social media and is heavily impacted by it. People have a habit of paying attention to global trends and attempting to implement them locally. Businesses now know that social media and other online forums are where they are most likely to discover people interested in buying their wares. Social media analytics tools are a godsend for marketers because it’s not easy to set up, manage, and assess the success of digital marketing efforts. This post will help you fine-tune your marketing analytics by providing a comprehensive list of today’s top Social Media Analytics Tools.

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Analytics Software for Social Media: Top 10 Tools

Considering the vast number of analytics solutions out today, picking the one that best fits your company’s needs can be daunting. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools for you to choose and immediately begin assessing your marketing efficacy:

1. Hootsuite


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Hootsuite is among the most widely used platforms for managing many social media accounts simultaneously. One of the primary draws is their Insights section. Get an in-depth analysis of your social media efforts. Among the data you may access is a breakdown of which of your posts received the most engagement. The Insights section of this instrument allows you to monitor online chatter about your company or a particular topic of interest to see what people are saying about it. This is a valuable addition if you also intend to employ a social listening strategy.

2. Buffer


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Equally well-liked among platforms for managing social media accounts is Buffer. Even though its analytics component isn’t as impressive as Hootsuite’s, it has gained notoriety for its capacity to assist you plan and creating social media content. Buffer Analytics can monitor your success, engagement rate, and more. In addition, it can be used to monitor how well your rivals are doing. Determining the optimal moment to publish material is another proper function.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

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Sprout Social is an excellent choice if you need a comprehensive social media analytics platform. Insights, analysis of competitors, knowledge of target demographics, and more are all available.
Sprout Social’s capacity to monitor financial returns is one of its most appealing features. You can track the economic success of your social media campaigns with their information. Not all social media analytics platforms provide this critical indicator.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot Sales

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HubSpot is an excellent choice for well-funded corporations because it provides a wide range of services in addition to social media analytics. However, the influence of their social media platforms remains undiminished.

Track your progress, determine the most successful material, and more with HubSpot’s social media tool. It’s an excellent tool for benchmarking against the competition. In addition, you can easily track your development with the help of their reporting function.

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5. Agorapulse


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Agorapulse should be on your short list of possible social media analytics tools to use if your company uses numerous social media platforms.

It’s a one-stop shop for producing content and monitoring user engagement metrics. Agorapulse’s capacity to assist you in locating and keeping tabs on influential people is a significant strength. This is valuable if you want to broaden your influence and attract a larger following.

6. Zoho Social-Social Media Analytics Tools

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Like any good social media analytics tool, Zoho Social can help you learn a lot about the efficacy of your social media marketing efforts. Unique to this tool is its capacity to monitor the development of your sales pipeline.
This is a valuable resource if you want to enhance your sales and profits. Zoho Social makes monitoring your leads easy and taking immediate action on those close to being closed.

With this tool’s built-in collaboration function, you and your team can collaborate on social media marketing campaigns in real-time. You may significantly improve your work output by doing this.

7. Keyhole- Social Media Analytics Tools

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Keyhole is an analytics app developed especially for Twitter and Instagram. It provides granular data on your Instagram content (including posts, hashtags, and Stories).

Keyhole’s capacity to monitor the effectiveness of hashtags is among its most attractive features. See how popular a hashtag is in real-time so you can make strategic adjustments as needed.

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8. KISSmetrics- Social Media Analytics Tools

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KISSmetrics’s ability to monitor your conversion rate is an essential tool. The program allows you to track the success of your social media marketing efforts and determine which strategies are most productive.

Several aspects of your social media campaigns can be analyzed with KISSmetrics, including engagement rate and audience size. This is a valuable tool if you want to boost your conversion rate and return on investment.

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9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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Most companies undoubtedly use Google Analytics as their primary analytics platform. It’s a practical resource for learning specifics about your site’s visitors.

Did you know, though, that it may also be used in analyzing social media? You may use Google Analytics to observe which social media channels are more productive in terms of visitor volume. You may also use it to monitor sales and determine the efficacy of your social media advertising strategies.

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10. Socialbakers- Social Media Analytics Tools


If you’re searching for a single platform to handle your social media administration and analytics needs, go no further than Socialbakers. In addition to providing in-depth analysis, it offers valuable tools for managing content production and monitoring social media.

Making personalized reports is another feature of the Socialbakers product. This is useful if you need to keep tabs on specific metrics or data points.

Socialbakers’ machine learning and AI make it possible to tailor your content to each user, thereby expanding your reach and attracting more followers.

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Conclusion of Social Media Analytics Tools

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, it would help if you had a social media analytics solution. You can learn much about improving your social media marketing and your business by monitoring your traffic. Remember that the information provided by social media analytics tools is useless if you don’t know what to do with it.

If you can’t make sense of the data and put it to good use, it’s useless. Thus, before delving headfirst into Social Media Analytics Tools, be sure you have a firm grasp on how to make sense of the data you collect.

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