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You might assume that selecting the top eLearning authoring tools is a simple task. After all, several alternatives exist. There is a lot to pick from, which makes narrowing down your options more of a chore than it already is. There isn’t enough time to do individual vendor due diligence or conduct field tests to see how different options function. Software shopping can be stressful, but our Top Authoring eLearning Tools List eliminates that worry.

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What are authoring tools?

Authoring tools are computer programs used to make digital media. This may involve anything as straightforward as Microsoft Word or something more involved, like a graphic design program. The user of e-learning authoring software can create and modify multimedia items for usage in educational settings.

Authoring tools are utilized in the field of L&D to produce electronic learning materials. Instructional designers in L&D teams frequently utilize eLearning authoring tools to develop courses for their staff. Compliance training, new employee orientation, technical and soft skill instruction, etc. There are various e-learning writing tools, from advanced and specialized to straightforward.

eLearning Authoring Tools to Consider

Making a decision might be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you need from an eLearning authoring tool. As well as a plethora of options for implementation. What follows is a list of some of the most widely used resources currently available:

1. LearnDash- Authoring eLearning Tools

LearnDash- SCORM Authoring eLearning Tool
Authoring eLearning Tools

LearnDash is a highly well-liked WordPress LMS plugin that can be used by any organization, no matter how large or little. It allows you to make as many courses as you want, with as many lessons and subjects, quizzes, assignments as you like, etc. Advanced features like content leaking, course requirements, and more are all a part of the package, as is the ability to charge one-time or recurring access fees.

SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI) are two syllabi-centric frameworks that LearnDash supports. Quick assignment administration, emailing tools, and more in-depth learner information/analytics make the ProPanel feature ideal for educational institutions.

Businesses may make money off courses by packaging and reselling them online to other educators and educational institutions. Users can establish their course pricing and make money via the website. It’s not only monthly payments that may be processed on LearnDash; memberships, course bundles, shopping carts, and more can all be set up quickly. Users can use the Tin Can API to integrate the LearnDash add-on with other systems. It also supports popular services like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Stripe.

2. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a flexible online learning management system. Being highly customizable is another one of its many advantages. You may use it to create a range of custom online courses to meet the demands of your organization. Courses may be created from scratch on TalentLMS or imported from SCORM, xAPI, or cmi5 files.

You may save a lot of time and energy by having your L&D team utilize this SaaS training tool because of its intuitive interface. Managers in charge of training will appreciate the portability and versatility of a cloud-based LMS for developing online courses. In today’s fast-paced business environment, an intuitive eLearning platform is crucial.

With TalentLMS, training is no longer a burden but an opportunity for everyone because it is feature-rich, configurable, and simple to maintain. With TalentLMS, it’s simple to provide training to any group, whether workers, consumers, or partners. Furthermore, our knowledgeable support staff is always there to provide a hand.

2. Adobe Captivate

Adobe Photoshop-Authoring eLearning Tools
Authoring eLearning Tools

Adobe Captivate is an intuitive eLearning creation tool that lets you make responsive eLearning material without knowing how to code. Using the included Quick Start projects, premade slides, and default interactions, you can make a stunning course optimized for mobile devices in just a few clicks. Course development time can be reduced with the use of automated branching and the duplication of an object’s look and style.

Skilled authors can make educational materials by modifying one of the (few) provided themes and adding their content. The color schemes and slide masters of the available themes are reminiscent of Microsoft PowerPoint. Due to Captivate’s extensive learning curve, new authors must invest considerable time in training and getting up to speed. Expect to invest considerable time if your material employs complex interactions.

To add even more interactivity, you may change how a VR hotspot looks, add text subtitles, and have a video play when the user clicks on the hotspot. Import a movie from Vimeo, and then insert numerous slides at any moment to serve as a quiz or additional information. To speed up the process of skilling up personnel, authors may now give interesting, interactive material such as interactive movies and virtual-reality courses that go beyond the limitations of traditional slide displays. Convert static PowerPoint presentations into dynamic, mobile-friendly lessons.

3. Elucidat- SCORM Authoring eLearning Tool

eLearning Business- Authoring eLearning Tools
Authoring eLearning Tools

Elucidat is a robust writing platform that lives entirely in the cloud, empowers users to create high-quality digital learning for an international audience, and is accessible across all devices. Elucidat’s platform is a next-generation authoring tool that generates elearning content in HTML5 that is both high-quality and SCORM-compliant. Elucidat is one of the best SCORM elearning authoring tools for Mac and Windows. It supports various learning file types and provides comprehensive xAPI data reporting and mobile responsive content.

The vast library of pre-built templates included with Elucidat makes it possible for even inexperienced authors to build polished, professional-looking interactive experiences. The “layout designer” function is ideal for creative people since it allows them to make their page layouts without needing coding. It was to assist teams in increasing the output of e-learning that Elucidat conceived. Thanks to its flexible user roles and permissions, you may invite everyone from your learning designers to your subject matter experts to work together on the platform.

By using Elucidat’s Learning Accelerator, you can speed up the creation of training materials by a factor of four. Based on your project specifications, the system will suggest e-learning layouts. It’s as simple as filling in the blanks (with best practice tips along the way).

4. Articulate Rise 360

Instructional designers may use the “longread” format to develop training modules or complete courses with the help of Articulate Rise, a web-based writing tool. Although Rise started with a tiny library of interactions, it is constantly being expanded to include more and more building blocks for developers.

With Articulate Rise 360, you and your team can make SCORM and xAPI-compliant courses that can be viewed on any device and in any learning management system. Live and on-demand training and access to over 9 million course assets are all included in a single membership. Articulate Rise has a responsive player built right in, so content made with it looks great on tablets and smartphones.

Articulate Rise, an eLearning authoring tool built for the cloud, is simpler to pick up than Articulate Storyline for the desktop. It features a straightforward design that is easy to learn. There are ten distinct ways to engage with the content, such as an “accordion,” “flashcards,” and a “time. In addition, authors working in Storyline on a personal computer may bring in any interactivity.

5. Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline 360’s complex capabilities, including triggers and layers, make it a favorite among instructional designers since they let them make really unique pieces of training content. There aren’t many premade interaction templates in Storyline, so a beginner will need to learn how to make their own from scratch.

The Articulate Content Library is a set of premade assets for your Storyline projects, like slides, characters, and buttons. It provides access to an extensive library of stock photos and only contains a small selection of visual assets made expressly for instructional design. Users of Articulate QuizMaker have access to the usual assortment of quiz and survey question formats, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, hotspot, and a few more.

You may choose from various interaction templates in Articulate Studio, a precursor to Storyline included in the package. Commonly Asked Questions and a Checklist can be found there. You’ll need to bring one from a Studio project before utilizing it in Storyline. The alternative is to start from scratch when creating your interaction unless you want to use a template already created by the community.

6. LifterLMS- SCORM Authoring eLearning Tool

LifterLMS-Authoring eLearning Tools
Authoring eLearning Tools

The LifterLMS WordPress plugin is a robust learning management system (LMS) for developing eLearning programs and websites. It’s loaded with powerful options that streamline the process of teaching and educating people through digital mediums. If you use a page builder like Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, or Elementor, LifterLMS will work with it. Any questions or issues that arise while using LifterLMS can be sent to the site’s dedicated help & support page. Each recurrent problem is addressed by its extensive database of information.

Using LifterLMS, you can quickly build, sell, and secure interactive online courses in your WordPress dashboard. LifterLMS may be used for anything from a single online course website to a sophisticated multi-instructor online school. LifterLMS is the best WordPress LMS plugin available, and it’s free.

Compared to other plugins, LifterLMS’s free edition is a refreshing departure from the norm, as it functions identically to the paid version. If you’re looking for a versatile option for creating free WordPress-based online learning systems, go no further than the LifterLMS free edition.

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6. iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is an all-inclusive authoring platform that lets users make interactive content for every eLearning situation while collaborating with their team and stakeholders in real-time from anywhere in the world. For online courses, users of iSpring Suite may make films, screencasts, interactive assessments, quizzes, role-plays, and more.

There are no limitations on the learning management systems that can host courses developed using iSpring Suite.
The iSpring Suite Max user interface is highly modularized, with separate tabs for various training activities. There is a quiz generator for evaluating students’ knowledge, a video/audio editor for making tutorials and screencasts, and a conversation simulation tool for producing interactive narratives with several interaction paths. The process of making interactions is simplified by an extensive collection of premade templates for things like dictionaries, catalogs, timelines, references, and frequently asked questions.

The methodology eliminates time-consuming tasks like configuring sophisticated interactive features and coding variables in favor of focusing squarely on content creation. An extensive material collection containing high-quality pictures of location backdrops, symbols, controls, and characters allows designers to whip together stunning courses in record time.

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7. LearnPress- SCORM Authoring eLearning Tool

LearnPress Theme Bundle-Authoring eLearning Tools 
Authoring eLearning Tools

LearnPress’s interface is well-liked for being quick to respond and straightforward. WordPress’s administrative interface allows users to develop and deliver lessons and modules without having to learn or implement complicated code forms. LearnPress is simple enough that even a non-techie can pick it up and use it effectively. The LearnPress dashboard is quite similar to that of WordPress, making it easy to administer and a good choice for creating courses.

Create new courses, quizzes, and lessons easily with LearnPress’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Just copy and paste your newly crafted information into the appropriate area of your WordPress-built resource. Instructions and assessments can be more engaging using user-generated media such as photos, videos, and slideshows. With LearnPress, there is no limit to the number of courses, quizzes, or lessons you may create to keep tabs on your students’ development.

LearnPress’s lack of monetary cost does not restrict you. The policy you establish for how much your pupils must pay is entirely up to you. Depending on your preference, you can pay all at once or divide it into monthly installments.

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8. Knowbly- SCORM Authoring eLearning Tool

Knowbly is a web-based writing application. Its primary selling points are the ability to generate textbooks in EPUB format and the flexibility to use whatever theme you choose. In addition, it has all the capabilities you’d expect from an online authoring tool, such as a block-based course builder and a simple method for incorporating photos and other assets into your courses. Themes, course components, widgets, assessment scoring, structure, and navigation may all be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Additionally, Knowbly is a SCORM tool that provides a standardized set of tools for creating eLearning courses, including text, media, interactivity, and quizzes. These features include drag-and-drop content creation, instant personalization, adaptable design for mobile devices, and more. Knowbly is a cloud-based platform that incorporates review and real-time collaboration. Having everything in one place simplifies the process of localization, translation, and updates.

Coordinate and communicate with your group as you develop and assess your training materials. Publish in several formats, including SCORM and HTML5, and make updates whenever you like. It works with any popular web browser. It’s available online, or you may upload it to your learning management system. Having browser compatibility across platforms is one method to avoid making any sacrifices.

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9. Easygenerator

Easygeneratror is a web-based authoring tool that allows subject matter experts (SMEs) with little to no expertise with e-learning to design and publish their courses. This is accomplished by selecting ready-made subject matter templates and adapting them to provide generic but aesthetically pleasing courses at a fraction of the time required for unique development.

Easygenerator is a SCORM writing tool that allows anybody, from e-learning specialists to subject-matter experts, to build and distribute interactive material, monitor its performance, and work in real-time with other writers. Using the “drag and drop” editor, interactive content may be made quickly and without the need for coding knowledge.

Easygenerator may be connected to your internal network or other software. Furthermore, integrate the software with your preferred learning management system, learning management system, learning exchange platform, or enterprise knowledge management support system. Easygenerator caters to smaller groups who need to generate material quickly and easily.

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10. Camtasia

Camtasia- Authoring eLearning Tools
Authoring eLearning Tools

Camtasia is a powerful and comprehensive video editing and screen recording suite. Even though it is primarily a video recording tool, SCORM packages may be exported. The program typically creates instructional or promotional videos for a product, using animation and other visual elements to increase viewer engagement. Camtasia is commonly used in conjunction with other e-learning authoring platforms because of its emphasis on video.

When it comes to producing high-quality interactive learning videos, Camtasia is the SCORM authoring tool to beat. It allows you to record your screen and camera, annotate the video with visual instructions or quiz questions, and share the resulting video on any site that supports embedding videos. This SCORM content producer isn’t as robust as some alternatives, but it’s simple to pick up and use with no need for lengthy tutorial videos.

Learning and development departments may save time and money by using video training software for novice users to create engaging training films for their staff.

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Conclusion of Authoring eLearning Tools

Even though the finest eLearning authoring tools presented here share many features, your selection will be narrowed based on factors like the quality and size you intend to develop digital learning. Which e-learning platform is ideal for your group will depend on your specific requirements. Ensure your solution is straightforward to implement so you can rapidly generate the required material.

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