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One of the big challenges when branding courses is to deal with visual identity and figure out how to work. Creating your image as a successful brand is not an easy task. To build a brand you must have dedication, planning, and determination. Including your brand logo and contact information into your learning course which helps you to integrate your brand image and build your brand.

There are a lot of ways to deal with the branding issue and take your branding to the next level and offer online learners more subtle reminders of your online presence. Create a proper guide for eLearning and determine how you will brand the courses. You can also add branded elements to the intro screen and then get rid of them on the rest of the screens.  

In this article, you will find some of the best ways to brand your eLearning course in a short time duration. If you also want to brand your eLearning courses, follow these suggestions. You can also use your professional expertise to create the organization’s eLearning style guide.  They will surely help you to brand your online training.

Let’s take a quick look:-

1. Be unique and social

Don’t try to copy others. Create your own unique brand personality that comes across as natural and real. This will help you to build trust among your audience and elicit loyalty. Make sure that the personality you are familiar with your learners and provide them to share their view with your team. Ensure that your learners do not go round in circles with confusing navigation. Provide them simple and easy solutions so that they can easily understand and participate actively.

If you want to promote your brand eLearning course use an eLearning authoring tool with pre-built eLearning templates and add your own branding images to the layout for promotion. You can also create your own eLearning template to fully integrate your branding elements. Display your brand message on templates to attract learners. Create introduction videos of your eLearning course that prominently displays your logo and contact information. Use the same on social media banners and any other eLearning course materials.

Display workplace images and snapshots to integrate your brand and personalize learner’s online training experience. It is the most effective way to brand your course online. Your workplace images must include photographs of your physical location, employees, and other work-related pictures. Online learners get familiar with your brand as they have already seen your workplace images and other related images too. Images basically enhance the realism of your eLearning course. Always use high quality image to attract learners.

4. Learning Culture plays an important role

Create a self-directed learning culture and empower your employees. If you want to build a brand for your eLearning course, it is natural that you must exhibit a commitment to spread knowledge and encourage learning. Provide all the tools necessary to help employees seek out resources and take learning into their own hand. Provide your learners relevant learning resources, and create workplace schedules so that they can fit in training time.

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5. Custom-Tailored Infographics

Using Infographics for branding is another way of branding online eLearning courses. eLearning companies share their brand infographics on social networks which increases the value of eLearning courses and creates a brand image. You can enhance your eLearning course branding by ensuring the online course consistency. It is a really simple and straightforward method for brand promotion.

6. Use creative and readable Typography

Pick your typography that reflects the type of message and the overall tone you want to convey. Always use readable typography that perfectly aligns with image. It helps learners to understand about your brand and services in a more effective way. Use font style as per your image. Use a modern font with crisp and clean design to make your template more stylish. You can also download a broad range of fonts if you don’t find built-in font style useful.

Unique fonts reflect your brand image to achieve the desired results. Always choose creative fonts that must be sparkling so that your eLearning course design remains consistent.

7. Unite all online platforms and work together

Align all promotional sites and eLearning courses with your brand image which help online learners to recognize your organization immediately. Make sure each of them contain the same logo fonts, background and color scheme. This also helps your company to build credibility and help people to remember your brand services.

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8. Use Color scheme

Use of multiple colors is the best way to make your brand more attractive. It allows you to modify the colors of your fonts, border, navigation icons and more. You can easily customize various aspects of their pre-built eLearning templates and themes. Avoid using multiple colors on the same page because it makes it look messy. Also, ensure that every eLearning course page or activity page has the same color scheme which makes your eLearning course materials instantly recognizable. It also makes your page look stunning.

9. Add Social media button

Social media is a great platform to share eLearning course material. All of your eLearning course materials must display your details including social media contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Instead of making your online learners search the web for your profile, make them find you easily by a single click on the link or button on your page to quickly like or subscribe to your social media feed. Social media buttons provide you an opportunity to keep your learners informed and cultivate a social learning culture.

10. eLearning authoring tool

An eLearning authoring tool features built-in images, eLearning templates, and themes. This tool helps you to integrate your branding instead of building from the initial. Integrating branding takes extra time and resources if it will be converted into eLearning course design. eLearning authoring tool is helpful to establish trust, brand awareness and credibility among your current online learners.

11. Include navigation controls

Including navigation control is another way to integrate branding into eLearning course design. It will allow you to adjust the font and color scheme of the buttons.  Always try to keep navigation simple and straightforward after all it reflects your brand image. This is useful to make your design user-friendly and encourage online learners to keep coming back for more.

12. Create Demo Videos for your brand

By creating demo videos you can promote your brand online. Always include brand logos, high quality images and attractive colors for creating videos of online training and eLearning courses. You can also create animated videos or small clips for your employees. It helps them understand things easily and encourages them to come for better online training experiences. You can also include links to supplemental online training resources that may find useful to them.

13. Focus on target audience 

If you want to give rise to your brand then make your audiences feel important by providing them with an essential eLearning course. Knowing briefly about your target audience will help to build a strong brand. Through an audience analysis you will get to know who you are serving. Speak to your audience in their language so that they could understand easily.

14. Make Sure Your Courses Look Great

Maximum branding issues are related to brand quality and consistency.  If you also want to challenge the branding mindset you have to show that your courses stand out best. List out what’s good and not representative of why the issue exists in the first place.  If your courses look like crap, or similar to other brands most probably no one will listen to you. 

15. Keep It Up-To-Date

It is really important to keep your course content up-to-date in this competitive world to avoid looking out of step with the rest of the organization. Try to keep all your content up-to-date. Set reminders to review your branding on a certain interval and update them with new things if something takes you by surprise. It will only take a few minutes to make changes. Simply update your brand with your new colors, fonts, and other assets with just a few clicks.


Above are some of the best branding techniques that you can use in your next eLearning course design. You can introduce your brand to large logos and website links on every page. You will feel proud of yourself for your online reputation and do everything in your power to build credibility with your online learners.

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