Online Employee Training Tools

Whether you require to upgrade the expertise of your employees or update your decision-takers with the latest tools for decision-making, training tools are necessary. Actually, a lot of the success of your development and learning initiatives rests on the productivity and effectiveness of your training tools.

This post discusses the various kinds of employee training tools used by companies to promote their learning and development.

1.  Learning Management System (LMS)

A Learning Management System (LMS) permits you to streamline the entire training, learning, and e-commerce functions of your organization. Usually, you can host and arrange your complete assets on an LMS.

The LMS comprises a virtual space, generally cloud-hosted and any accredited person can sign in to the system and access the content. Certain LMS also possess in-built authoring tools to enable you to build your individual learning materials.

LMS users belong to two categories: Those who employ it to take part in the online training; and second, your eLearning team that employs it to disburse, upload and update the training content.

While there are different LMS existing in the market, it is vital to ensure that the LMS selected by you should possess the following features:

Authoring tools, a user-friendly interface, content management tools, and tracking and reporting tools. Further, other factors are also worth considering like features that serve your training needs, pricing, and customer support.

A few LMS that deserve consideration includes Learnyst and ProProfs LMS.

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 2.  Audio And Video Training Tools

Online Employee Training Tools

Videos are amongst the most powerful tools for imparting employee training. A Forrester Research Report mentions that employees are 75% more probable to view a video than read a document. So, if you desire to make your employee training exciting and engaging, it’s a nice idea to make videos that can catch their attention.

Videos also form an excellent and cost-effective means to offer live support particularly to employees working remotely or on-site, are situated in geographically dispersed locations, or have differing schedules.

Video and audio-conferencing tools permit you to live stream subject matter through an online platform that enables you to join subject professionals with learners. The learners can listen and also see, with video conferencing, the instructor. Moreover, they can virtually lift their hands to put a question or exchange an opinion.

Some of the more common audio and video training tools include WebEx (GoToMeeting) and Zoom.

3.  Microlearning Authoring Tools

It might be that you require simply-in-time content for onboarding new hires or offer immediate performance support. Microlearning authoring tools render content simple to create,  engaging to use up and serve learners’ particular needs.

Microlearning authoring tools enable your eLearning development team to easily build content that carries rapid turnaround time and fast consumption. This kind of content is easy to build and deploy within a tight deadline.

Nevertheless, you require a microlearning authoring tool that is perfect for the job and the preferred pick is TalentCards. The tool is economical, intuitive, and innovative and permits you to design bite-sized content that may be accessed and consumed by your employees anywhere and anytime, and simply when they require it the most.

A few popular microlearning platforms consist of Learner Mobile and EduMe.

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 4.  Mobile-first Training Platforms

Online Employee Training Tools

The quick availability of smartphones and the growing penetration of the Internet have affected the delivery methods employed to deliver learning and training.

With a greater number of people consuming their content on their mobiles, it was practical for organizations to pull them as tools for training.

Mobile learning constitutes just-in-time learning and a method to present knowledge that is most important to the learners, at the precise moment when they need it the most.

It is more informal and structured to the specific training needs of the employees. Mobiles allow learners to learn on the run while commuting or hanging for a client for a meeting.

To employ smartphones as training tools implies that you require to design content that is mobile-compliant. Another aspect to think about is whether your learners will be employing company-controlled phones or their individual personal devices.

With mobile learning developing as a rising trend, different mobile-first platforms for you to consider include Lectora Inspire and KITABOO Insight.

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5.  Content Creation Tools

There are various types of content creation tools, which will frequently excel at designing specific learning materials: training videos, e-courses, schemes and infographics, images, besides more. So, you should select your tools based on the requirements of the training program you wish to develop.

These are a few solutions you may wish to consider for different types of content creation.

Course Authoring Tools

Authoring tools are built to design specific types of content, currently, that frequently implies interactive eLearning. Course authoring tools will enable you to build eLearning courses from available content conveniently and rapidly.

One tool of this type is iSpring Suite: This permits you to develop online courses with dialog simulations, quizzes, and other really interactive elements. Though it has plenty of authoring options, it’s a simple-to-use solution for quick course creation.

If you’re a microlearning fan, you’re probable to discover the iSpring Page authoring tool an ideal fit. It is specially designed to build adaptive micro courses that seem attractive and play nicely on any device. This is a highly easy-to-use tool that renders the course development process as easy as posting on social media.

6.  Communication Tools

Online Employee Training Tools

Communication is important in each stage of the training process. For instance, project managers, Instructional Design teams, and SMEs need distinct communication to generate high-quality content. Instructors require to communicate with learners to reply to questions and provide guidance and support. And, obviously, learners need to communicate with one another to collaborate and exchange their knowledge.

Connections and communication can be attained using many separate tools, from the traditional to the current in cutting-edge technology. A few options to consider include Email, social media, Skype, and Slack.

7.  Project Management Tools

To handle and implement your training projects on time and within your budget is not simple. Here, a project management tool like Trello can help.

Trello: The most common ‘Kanban’ based online platform, Trello enables you to add cards, build boards, attach things, collaborate, include tasks and subtasks, and automate things with third-party integrations.

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Wrapping Up

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There are so many super employee training tools existent, and it would be impossible to outline all of them. Nevertheless, this post has recommended some major solutions within every category and you will certainly find them useful.

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