Review Of WPForo Forum

Are you looking to include a community segment on your WordPress site? Forums and discussion boards are a superb way to enhance user engagement and form a community around your site.

WPForo Forums is the finest WordPress forum plugin. Well-developed yet simple and light forum solution for your WordPress website. Arrives with responsive and modern forum styles and layouts. This WordPress forum plugin delivers all you require to operate an effective and professional community. It is a powerful and attractive forum with unique features.

Installing WPForo Plugin

The developer of WPForo plugin is gVectors. Installation is easy like any other plugins from the WordPress admin panel. Navigate to “Plugins>Add New” and then look for WPForo within the search box. Install and power on the plugin to include forums to your site. The plugin will build menu items under “Forums” menu.

The WPForo plugin is a lightweight and free forum plugin for WordPress. The plugin contains features like:

  • Member ratings and badges
  • Member profile system
  • Different forum layouts
  • Forum themes and customization options
  • SEO-friendly features
  • Simple forum moderation
  • Inbuilt forum and topic memberships and RSS feeds

Let’s explore some of the primary features below:

Layout System

Review Of WPForo Forum
Review Of WPForo Forum

WPForo stands apart from the competition on account of its unique layout system. You can select among the simplified, extended or Q&A layout. Every parent forum can possess its individual layout allowing you to modify how your forum appears based on the kind of topics.

The Extended layout permits visitors to view additional information about every forum like similar or most current topics, topics posted, and the initial few lines of personal topics. The Simplified layout displays a neat overview of parent forums, topics, and subforums.

Lastly, the Q&A layout affords a better view of the questions and answers placed in topics and forums.

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Member Profile System

The WPForo plugin is equipped with all the tools required to manage your members. For beginners, you can configure various user groups that have separate permissions and separate managing options. This implies you can possess a user group for forum admins, one for regular members, and one for your clients or customers.

Apart from user groups, every member receives their individual profile page that displays their forum activity, bio, and forum subscriptions.

Finally, you can allocate every user a separate access role that permits them to handle user groups for every parent forum and subforum.

Gamification Features

Another standalone feature of the WPForo plugin includes the gamification features. This forum plugin contains the capacity to afford your users and forum members badges depending on the level of their reputation. You can even customize the titles and the colors for every reputation level and also set the number of posts that are required to proceed to the next rank.

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Moderation Tools And Forum Hierarchy

The WPForo plugin includes total moderation tools for your forums. You can conveniently shift topics into various forums and subforums, delete topics and comments, merge duplicate topics, administer users, besides more.

SEO Features

Review Of WPForo Forum

The WPForo plugin contains inbuilt SEO features that aid you ensure your forum displays in the search engines and ranks nicely. You can employ beautiful permalinks, configure custom page and forum titles, and insert your individual meta data.

Moreover, WPForo supports smart headings, Open Graph tags, and the forums can conveniently be crawled by the search engines. All of these settings can be activated or deactivated in the Settings region of the WPForo administration screen.

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Forum Customization

Finally, the WPForo plugin contains a group of customization options. You can select between different color schemes and you can simply customize them to match your branding. The forum is equipped with a plain theme pre-installed and if you are adept at coding, you can build your individual theme.

Additionally, WPForo Forums also includes 5 amazing premium add-ons. These add-ons comprise Advanced Attachments, Private Messages, Embeds, Blog Cross Posting, and Ads Manager. Ultimately, you can utilize this plugin to create an awesome community.

To create WordPress forums employing this plugin, install the plugin from the official WordPress plugin reservoir and activate it. Then, the plugin will ask you to synchronize users and build the user profile if you already possess more than 100 users. Next, you can simply add ‘Categories and Forums’, pick a layout, and customize more settings from ‘Forum Settings’.

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Peepso Learndash Integration

The area of online education is quickly expanding and learning management systems are developing to render the online learning process more effective and precious than ever previously. Course designers are continuously on the lookout for latest strategies to render their content more useful, engaging, and interactive. Including social learning to your present LMS set-up comprises a smart strategy you can employ to develop your website’s community and promote the learning process.

You can conveniently construct a complete social network around your LearnDash courses employing the PeepSo plugin.

How Does PeepSo Integrate With LearnDash?

Review Of WPForo Forum

PeepSo presents an extensive set of social features that can be useful for e-learning websites utilizing LearnDash. These tools can be utilized in different ways to advance course activity. A few cool ideas you can attempt employing the PeepSo and LearnDash integration comprise:

  • You can design course-based groups for students for group assignments, collaboration, etc.
  • Polls can aid you evaluate user satisfaction among students and discover what kind of courses students would prefer in the future.
  • You can conveniently share video, audio, and live stream, whole of which are precious tools that can be utilized to offer educational content to others. For instance, if your students are grappling with certain questions, you can rapidly exchange a video tutorial or even take on a live stream and reply to doubts in true-time.
  • PeepSo has numerous add-on features that are worthy in a learning environment. For instance, their WordFilter plugin can be employed to sort out bad language from the site, maintaining the content and user engagement educational.

Some of the most exciting features of the PeepSo-LearnDash integration include:

  • User Profiles
  • Activity Streams
  • Chat
  • VIP Icons
  • Notification System
  • PeepSo Widgets
  • Groups

LearnDash WPForo

Configure a forum on your WordPress LMS to build a social learning website employing the feature-loaded LearnDash add-on – LearnDash WPForo

Employing forums on your e-learning website will grow the engagement of your learners with your courses. All you require is the integration of WPForo Forum and Learndash WPForo.


  • Admin can permit students to enroll in any or all of the associated courses.
  • Provides a dedicated widget – Course WPForo Forum to view the forum list connected with a single course.
  • Admin can permit Read-Only Access to students while accessing forums.

Options For Single Forums

WPForo offers you an inbuilt option for whom your forums will be displayed.

You can choose whether a user must be enrolled in all of the correlated courses versus any of the correlated courses.

If you choose ‘ALL’ then the learner needs to be enrolled in all courses prior to their being able to access the forum.

If you choose ‘ANY’, then the learner is required to just be enrolled in any one of the correlated courses for accessing and participating.

You can add a custom message to show access restriction. This field promotes HTML markup so if you are vending courses you can add a link to your sales page!

Permit Read-Only Access

The default is that anyone who tries to access a course forum who doesn’t satisfy the connected Courses criteria will be delivered an access denied message.

Nevertheless, there may be some situations where you desire to permit non-enrolled learners the capacity to still read across the forum content, but not afford them the capacity to post.

For the marketing viewpoint, it will aid to direct learners to the course sales page. If you are vending your courses, you are motivating them to read the discussion and conduct a purchase to take part.

Final Thoughts on WPForo Forum Plugin

If you are on the lookout for the finest WordPress forum plugin it takes little time to know that WPForo is unsurpassable.

This is the finest WordPress forum plugin due to the following reasons:

It is free.
It is completely functional like paid forums.
Simple to install and use.

Installing forums on your site aids your SEO and it builds a community around your site. A plugin like WPForo renders it easy to make forums with WordPress, so download the plugin immediately and give it a go.

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