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It’s a rage these days. Gamification is what everyone is trying to include in their classroom or corporate environment in some shape, way, or form. When performed correctly, “gamifying” elements of learning certainly has its advantages, but you should not get carried away.

For numerous people, adding some type of gaming seems like much the task – though, for a WordPress LMS, it is really quite easy. As most of you know, there are plugins out there for nearly everything – certainly, there is one for including a simple gaming layer to your learning management system.

CubePoints is a simple and free WordPress plugin that immediately creates a reward system for users communicating with your LMS. Utilizing this nifty tool, you can reward users for logging in, leaving comments/answer questions on your lessons, besides more. You can also show point leaders and administer contests!

Sounds simple huh?

Frankly, to include this kind of gaming would require either time or money in most other learning management systems. This is the power of WordPress and its huge support community. If you wish to expand your LMS? Click a few buttons and you get gamification, chat features, forums, and so on. In the present social learning environment, it simply makes sense.

What Is It?

Gamification is the application of game elements in any context that is non-game based, generally by offering rewards and by promoting user interaction with the learning material.

The form of rewards can differ, but the more popular ones include:

  • Points
  • Leaderboards
  • Levels
  • Badges
  • Challenges

Some of these are implemented in combination with others (i.e. points and leaderboard). In almost all cases, badges/points/levels are awarded for effectively engaging with the content at hand. There are usually 4 ways to promote this user engagement:

Write an exciting narrative
Speed up feedback cycles
Outline clear rules and goals
Present challenging (but attainable) tasks

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Benefits Of Gamification

Despite a few of the challenges, the benefits of gamification are definitely tangible. It has been analyzed that users will devote nearly 30% longer on sites with social login games. This solely can fuel advertiser revenue for apps or sites that are free for use by supporting the user-base to draw higher paying ads.

It has also been discovered that companies can hope for a 2-4% rise in revenue in the first month of gamification use – though other results are also probable. Simply by using gamification…

Deloitte lowered training times by 50%
Autodesk raised conversion rates by 15%
Cisco raised sales by 8-12%
Bell Media increased customer retention by 33%

How To Get Started

There are numerous ways to implement gamification, the following are a few simple methods:

  1. Use virtual currency within web games
  2. Use a progress bar to show course advancement
  3. Award points to users when they achieve a specific task
  4. Utilize leaderboards to show high scores on quizzes

As a learning management system, it is ensured that LearnDash quizzes provide for leaderboards and awarding of points. Even taking it one step ahead by permitting the awarding of badges with the BadgeOS integration.

Integrating Gamification Into Your LearnDash Website

How To Add Gamification To LearnDash Website

There are various gamification plugins out there for you to pick from. When you imagine of gamifying the teaching experience, you could insert a rating plugins for courses – like Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback. Student ratings and reviews might be a guiding factor for course sign-ups.

Nevertheless, in the matter of learning, GamiPress is an extensive solution for your LearnDash LMS (Get LearnDash Plugin).

The reasons are the following:

  • It comes loaded with powerful features that permit you to insert reward systems like achievements, points, and ranks that grow your learner’s engagement with your course material, inspires them, and helps in improving productivity hugely.
  • You are also enabled to decorate and design your gamification elements and offer a quirky appearance to your elements.
  • And, it’s free GamiPress, together with its smooth integration capacities with LearnDash also contains an extensive variety of events that you can include and even allows you to attach rewards to those events.

Take a look at a few events and how you can attach rewards:

  1. Quiz-related events – Awarding points to learners on finishing any/definite quiz or rewarding badges on completing a quiz with a minimum percent grade.
  2. Topic-based events – Rewarding ranks or points when a learner completes a specific topic or any topic.
  3. Assignment-based event – You could also reward points for simply uploading an assignment or reward when the assignment becomes approved.
  4. Lesson-based event – Award points on finishing a specific lesson or any lesson based on your rules.
  5. Course-based event – Rewarding your learners with ranks or badges on finishing a course or a specific course.

You can evaluate more such events after you begin using the plugin and set your rules for rewards accordingly.

There are a few benefits that can accrue from the use of GamiPress add-on:

Benefits Of Utilizing GamiPress With LearnDash

Healthy competitive environment – Whether it’s badges, points or ranks this gamification technique certainly builds a healthy competitive environment compelling the learners falling behind to introspect as they view the top performers on the leaderboard and ultimately prod themselves to do an improved job.

Setting up a gamification environment – The integration includes drag and drop feature that permits you to set up the gamification environment on your LearnDash website in minutes without any problem.

Range of reward systems – You can set up as many Points types (Credits, Coins, Gems, etc.), Rank types (Level, Grade, etc.) and Achievement types (Quests, Badges, etc.) as you wish in order to encourage and engage your learners.

Configuring dozens of triggers – GamiPress permits you to easily set triggers for the award which can be as easy as watching a video or simply commenting on the forum. You can play with a range of trigger options.

User-friendly interface – GamiPress, with its easy and user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate and create rewards for your LearnDash courses.

These are only a few of the benefits of employing GamiPress with LearnDash and these benefits will grow in the immediate future. Integration of Instructor Role plugin with GamiPress is also planned so that instructors can design rewards for students rather than the admin.

Engaging Learners With Interactive Content

Engaging Learners With Interactive Content
How To Add Gamification To LearnDash Website

Presently, keeping people involved with content in the eLearning space is a challenge and offering content employing the same medium time and again, can become boring.

There are some plugins such as Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate that permit you to design interactive course content, which is however quite expensive.

However, if you are seeking something that’s budget-friendly and arrives with just sufficient interactive HTML5 content, you are recommended to try out the H5P integration for LearnDash.

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H5P Integration

The H5P integration allows you to create, share and reuse the HTML5 content to design rich and interactive content through:

  • Games
  • Interactive video
  • Presentation
  • Memory games
  • Flashcards
  • Timelines and much more.

Further, this plugin is free and integrates smoothly with your LearnDash LMS.

Badges can be awarded to students utilizing BadgeOS plugin, which integrates with LearnDash and employs Credly to award badges.

LearnDash Needed Steps For Badges

Make any LearnDash activity an accomplishment worthy of a digital badge.

Storing And Sharing Lifelong Credentials That Matter

Storing And Sharing Lifelong Credentials That Matter
How To Add Gamification To LearnDash Website

Digital badges earned employing the BadgeOS LearnDash Add-on can smoothly be sent to Credly where learners store and administer lifelong achievements, and share badges on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, their personal blog and different sites – aiding to market your courses and programs.

Earned badges are Mozilla Open Badge compatible and exchangeable through built-in Credly support. Credly is the free web service for displaying, collecting and managing lifelong credentials and badges.

Version 3.2 or higher of the free BadgeOS plugin is needed.


Gamification initiates a level of extrinsic motivation, with regard to learning. The tests and course material are more application based than information based. With plugins like LearnDash, BadgeOS, Paid Membership Pro, you can build a full-featured e-learning website on WordPress. Designing a Gamification based Learning Management System does not imply adding games to lessons. Instead, it involves offering an interactive and engaging experience to a student, while learning.

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