WordPress Management Solutions

Managing multiple sites together is quite difficult. And, when these are the websites of your clients, you surely need a solution that can manage your workflow. For this, you can opt WordPress Management Solutions.

These solutions allow you to manage your work with ease from one dashboard and obviously save a lot of time of yours.

This post covers some of the best WordPress Management Solutions that you can find in the WordPress market and fit well in your niche.

WordPress Management Solutions

  1.  JetPack
  2.  Infinite WP
  3.  Manage WP
  4.  MainWP
  5.  iControlWP
  6.  iThemes Sync
  7.  WPRemote
  8.  CMS Commander

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1. JetPack

JetPack is an ideal WordPress Management Solutions that you can take advantage of to manage your WordPress website securely. You can sit back and relax with Jetpack as it prevents your site from unwanted intrusions with effective brute force attack protection, malware scanning, and spam filtering. Moreover, it allows you to backup your site in real-time. Even there is no limit on storage and you can restore your site content with just one click.

How JetPack helps you

  • Serve your images and static files from its global network.
  • Enhance your site speed.
  • Make your site SEO friendly
  • Hundreds of professionally designed WordPress themes
  • Code-free Customization for Home Page, Blog Posts, Sidebars, and Widgets.
  • Schedule your latest posts for social media promotion
  • Add automatic links to your related content
  • Prevent from unwanted intrusions
  • Get alerts about downtime via email and push notifications.
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2. Infinite WP

Infinite WP is another WordPress Management solution for all your WordPress websites. It provides you with a powerful admin panel to manage sites for your clients. Its 1-click admin access and Updates, backup and restore functionality provides really a great solution for WordPress developers.

You can choose a package for an agency, freelancer, developer, or starter. They also recommend you install their installer plugin to install the admin panel.

How Infinite WP helps you

  • Manage bulk operations
  • Migrate an existing site
  • Automatic, off-site backups
  • Regularly monitor your website performance
  • Regular, automatic security checks
  • A detailed breakdown of work done and insights.
  • 1-click admin access and updates.

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3. Manage WP

Manage WP is another best option to manage your WordPress sites easily and efficiently. Setting up and manage your WordPress websites on Manage WP doesn’t take much time. Even, you can run updates with just one click. ManageWP offers its first backup free to its users.

It allows you to add unlimited WordPress sites for free. You can create collaborators and also group them. The White Label feature allows you to rename or hide the ManageWP Worker plugin. In this way, you can easily hide from your clients what you are using to manage their websites.

How Manage WP helps you

  • You can automate your daily tasks with our one-click log in.
  • Bulk updates for all of your websites
  • Reliable backups
  • Regular security checks
  • Uptime Monitor, SEO, and Google Analytics
  • Collaborate tool allows switching between the accounts in one click
  • Accurate client reports and White Label tool
  • Optimize your website performance

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4. MainWP

MainWP is another WordPress Management Solution that you can use to manage all your WordPress websites. Its Version 4 is currently in beta testing that provides a smart way to manage sites. Getting started with ManageWP is easy.

You just need to create a WP site and install the MainWP Dashboard plugin. After that, install the MainWP Child Plugin on all your WordPress sites.

How Main WP helps you

  • Connect with Unlimited WordPress Sites
  • 1-Click Admin Access
  • Centralized Management
  • Multiple Backup Solutions
  • Plugins and Themes Management
  • User and Content Management
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security and Vulnerability Checks
  • Self-hosted and Open Source

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5. iControlWP

Now, take a look at iControlWP. It is also another WP site management tool that saves your time a lot.

It comes with centralized backups, security, updates, and more features that help you manage all your sites at one place efficiently. To know deeply how it works, you can take a 15 day free trial for all your sites. Try it and manage all updates, themes, plugins, databases backup and recovery, new sites, old sites, premium themes and plugins, and anything else necessary to your website!

How iControlWP helps

  • Provides One Central Dashboard
  • Daily Automated Backups
  • Scan your sites
  • Manage important security settings
  • Automatic Plugin Manager

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6. iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync allows you to manage 10 WordPress sites in its free plan. You have to install it on your site first. Further, log in to your iThemes Sync Dashboard and then, you can see the available updates. In this way, you can remotely update to the latest version of WordPress for all sites.

Sync allows adding up to 100 sites depending on your plan. Besides, you can also combine your plans into one.

How iThemes Sync helps

  • One-click WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Post & Page Manager
  • WordPress Database Optimizations
  • SEO Checker
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console Reports
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Manager
  • Remote WordPress Backups
  • Reliable WordPress Security Actions
  • Customize WordPress Dashboard for Clients

And, a lot more!

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7. WPRemote

WP Remote is a free option where you can add unlimited WordPress sites for Free. It allows you to update all WordPress sites, themes & plugins with one click. For security reasons, they use API keys to manage your sites.

WP Remote is now a part of making it which is a great platform for all web designers. make it has made it easy to manage all websites under one roof.

How WP Remote helps

  • You can easily monitor unlimited sites for free.
  • Update with one click all WordPress plugins, themes, and core.
  • Download a snapshot of your site
  • JSON based RESTful API
  • In-built invoicing and payment system

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8. CMS Commander

Another best solution to manage WordPress sites in CMS Commander that can save your time by managing your sites in one place. its premium plan starts from $8/month for starters and $30/month for Business.

Besides, they also offer content marketing tool that allows you to do bulk content posting, auto-posting & schedule content, Import Content, Rewriting And Article Spinning, Affiliate Network Integrations, and insert ads option to monetize your blogs.

How CMS Commander helps

  • One Dashboard for all sites
  • Manage everything in bulk
  • Monitor uptime, backlinks, and traffic statistics
  • One-Click Updates
  • Site Cloning option
  • Automatic Backups
  • Offers content marketing tool
  • Secure SSL, 2-Factor Authentication, Malware Scanner

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Final Thoughts on WordPress Management Solutions

So, which solution you’re going to opt for? Leave a comment below with your opinion.

Is there anything that I’ve missed? Feel free to recommend your suggestions. Be with us we’ll get back with some more useful article.

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