What Are E-Commerce Solutions_

Tired of finding the best e-commerce solutions? Don’t worry, here is a complete overview of 3 best e-commerce solutions to create an online store.

But, before understanding it, let’s get to know what are e-commerce solutions!

What Are E-Commerce Solutions?

What are e-commerce solutions
e-commerce solutions

Think about Amazon, what do they do?

Amazon is selling products and services. In a physical location? Obviously not! They have a virtual store on the web where they showcase their products. But how do they do it?

They use a solution, known as e-commerce solution which makes it possible to sell products and services in an organized way.

In short, solutions for e-commerce are the way which allows selling products and services in electronic form. Here, you don’t need to store products in stock, rather you just have to upload the images. As and when an order gets placed, you can ship the products to the required destination.

Now, you’ve understood the e-commerce solutions, time to know how to choose the best e-commerce solution.

How to choose the best e-commerce solution

There are many e-commerce solutions in the market. And, choosing the best one is a confusing task. Since each business has its own requirements, so saying one the best e-commerce solution will not be good.

Still, here I’m mentioning some important features that every best platform must have-

  • Integration ability with your websites as well as the social media platforms
  • Easy navigation structure
  • Easy Payment method
  • Product Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mobile-friendliness

Try focusing on every element if you want to provide good value to your customers.

3 Powerful eCommerce Solutions for Your Online Business

Let’s understand some powerful solutions for e-commerce that you can choose to set up your online business.

Here we go!

1. WordPress e-commerce solutions

WordPress Marketplace Theme
Reign Storemate Dokan

WordPress e-commerce solutions are best for those who want to create online stores like Etsy, Amazon or eBay but don’t want to learn to code. Being an open-source platform, it doesn’t cost you more!

If you’re also one of them, then, choosing WordPress e-commerce solutions is the smart decision of yours. Just 2 simple steps and you’re all set!

a.) Install a WordPress marketplace plugin on your WordPress e-commerce site. I found Dokan plugin the number one multi-vendor plugin to create WordPress e-commerce websites.

b.) Choose a WordPress e-commerce theme if you want to extend some functionalities and improve the appearance of your WordPress e-commerce store.  I found StoreMate Theme the best WordPress e-commerce solution as it is a multi-vendor e-commerce theme for WordPress and comes with amazing store features.

2. Shopify e-commerce solutions

Shopify e-commerce solutions

Shopify is another e-commerce solution available today in the market to create a site like eBay and this platform is trusted by many trusted brands too.

The basic plan cost to set up an e-commerce store is USD $29 per month. And, if you want to extend your business with some advanced features, you have to choose its another premium plan.

Another best part is that it also provides you with 14 Days Free-Trial so that you can explore how your Shopify e-commerce store will look like.

3. BigCommerce


Besides Shopify, you can go with BigCommerce too. It also allows you to create differentiated commerce experiences by setting up an online shopping business.

You can choose different theme-based templates on BigCommerce Platform. Like Shopify, you can get free trial also to explore its features.

4. Magento


Magento is a fully-functional open source e-commerce development software used to create websites that extend the functionality and flexibility for the user. It offers a unique cloud eCommerce solution that is highly scalable and practical. Magento is a user-friendly platform which is focused on the delivery of rich customer experience for your users.

Magento offers various features such as it is highly flexible and scalable, SEO and under-friendly, multiple payment gateways, inbuilt tools for marketing and promotions and more.

5. PrestaShop Ecommerce

What Are E-Commerce Solutions

Another fully-featured, freely accessible open-source, e-commerce software, PrestaShop allows you to create an online store to sell your products effectively. This e-commerce software lets you choose the theme that best suits for your online store.
Some advanced features of this software include high reliability, advanced backup schemes, google rich snippets, free and open-source, payment gateways and more.

6. Squarespace


Squarespace is a drag and drop website builder which can be used to create different types of websites including e-commerce websites. It not only allows you to built a website without coding or setting up a web host but it also offers various themes to build a website. You will also get features like style customization, rich product display, automatic inventory management, sell unlimited products, schedule appointments, easily embed maps and more.

Checkout Squarespace Review

7. 3dcart


3dcart allows you to build an online store that ranks higher and sells more. Other than giving you a builder to create an online store, it also helps you increase your visitors and sales. With this SEO software, you will get access to over 200 built-in features, 50 free themes to choose from, 100+ supported payment processors.
Other features of this software include shopping cart, store design, order management, product management, marketing & SEO, secure hosting and more.


eCommerce software

Weebly is an eCommerce software by Square that gives you access to various customizable webpage designs and tools to build your online website. This software offers a builder that can be used to create beautiful websites with drag and drop features.
Features of this software include fully integrated shopping cart, secure checkout, track your inventory, Powerful Filtered Product Search, Free Ecommerce Hosting and more.

9. Volusion


Volusion is an all-in-one eCommerce software that allows you to create your store, sell products and grow your business online. With multiple smart themes to choose from, you can create beautiful eCommerce websites with full ease.
Other useful features of this solution include inventory management, payment collection, unlimited product options, Variant pricing, Import products via CSV and Built-in SEO.

10. Yo! Kart


Yo! Kart is a multi-vendor marketplace platform that you can use to create an online marketplace with ease. This platform offers various powerful eCommerce features with hassle-free user and order management. It also offers Search Engine optimization, Localization Settings, discount coupon management, subscription module, Reporting/Analytics, Features, Design, Features and more.

Design your e-commerce store with the best e-commerce solutions!

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