How To Pin Posts On Your BuddyPress Community Website

Pin Posts BuddyPress

Ensure your community members don’t miss important updates. Pin Posts BuddyPress community members profile with BuddyPress Sticky Post

Sometimes there is a requirement to announce something important to the community members. Not just for the announcement, sometimes you also focus on how to get attention of your members on an important update. Whatever it is, the point is to make it stick at the place where it first catches the eyes of your audience. And, that’s where the importance of pinning posts comes. If you’re running an online community Powered by BuddyPress, you also want to post something that stays on the top of all posts every time. Hence, with a new update, I’m here to make you understand how to pin posts BuddyPress Community Website.

What It means To Pin Post

Pinned posts are posts that stay static on the top of members’ profile. Whenever someone visits the profile, the pinned post catches their attention first, regardless of the time when you have posted it. It is one of the smartest features that every brand needs to grab importance for their products or services.

For all BuddyPress users, there is a surprise— BuddyPress Sticky Post

This BuddyPress plugin adds a feature that offers amazing advantage to make your important posts highlight on your membership website. Let’s get to know how to pin posts on BuddyPress community website.

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About BuddyPress Sticky Post

BuddyPress Pin Posts

BuddyPress Sticky Post is a WordPress BuddyPress plugin offered by Wbcom Designs that comes with a feature to pin posts on the top of your BuddyPress community website. Hence, community administrators can prioritize certain activities over others.

Through BuddyPress Sticky Post Plugin, community admin can pin-up site-wide and groups activities to the top of the BuddyPress activity list.

Let’s see how this plugin works:

Features Of BuddyPress Sticky Post

  • Allows BuddyPress community owner to pin a post to the top of the activity or a group page.
  • Only community admin can pin and unpin posts.
  • Posts can be pinned on the common wall of community members as well as on the group wall.
  • By default, the ‘Pin post’ label or ‘Unpin Post’ label will appear while hovering the mouse on the pin button from the front end.
  • Community admin can change the Pin label by navigating to the settings from the backend.

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Can You Pin Post In BuddyPress Groups?

Yes, BuddyPress Sticky Post plugin allows you to pin posts in BuddyPress groups. Select to which group you want to pin your posts. And, pin it there.

Note: Whatever you pin to the group wall of your BuddyPress community, it will get pinned neither on the common wall of community members nor on other BuddyPress groups.

What Can You Do With BuddyPress Sticky Posts?

You can use this plugin in many ways. Let’s take a look at one by one:

1. Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

BuddyPress Plugins

This is an important reason why every business is getting online. The more the traffic on the website, the more are the chances to convince site visitors.

You can pin your blog posts or some other information on the top of your community members profile. Hence, a better way to drive traffic to your business websites organically.

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2. Promote Events And Contests

If there is an event or a contest that you would like to promote among your community members, just make a post and pin it. It makes your task easier for event promotion.

And, the best part is the chances to miss such an opportunity to win become less.

3. Promote Your Products Or Services

If you sell your services online or offline or sell products, getting attention of target prospects becomes easy when you promote your product on your own social network.

A new creative way to get your product noticed among your target prospects is to create posts and pin it to your community members profile.

But make sure you have written your Business Service Page in such a way that converts your visitors into happy customers.

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4. Important updates

Is there anything that is important to know for your community members? Is there anything that makes a loss to your community members if they will not know about?

Make sure anything that is important and relevant for your community members, they won’t miss to notice it. Just pin that information to their profile.


Pinning a post on your BuddyPress social network is a great way to bring more visibility to your posts. In other words, it makes pinned posts a simple yet excellent marketing opportunity on your social community.

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