17 Simple Ways To Hike Your Pinterest Following

Ways to increase followers

Pinterest constitutes a game-changer for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and also big corporations. It’s mind-blogging how numerous businesses and bloggers are getting huge success with this advertising gold-mine. It’s no surprise when 70% of total pins saved on Pinterest emerge from businesses. If you’re not powering Pinterest to increase your business – you’re omitting out, big-time. A massive 300 million people are presently on Pinterest, as of September 2019. That’s above 100 million greater than they numbered in 2017.

Like different platforms, greater followers match greater dependability and authority in your niche. Though with Pinterest, a visual search engine – it implies a plenty more.

Reasons To Build A Following On Pinterest


Due to the extensive Pinterest user base, there are a lot of reasons to highlight this social media platform:

  • A quick increase in website traffic
  • Develop trustworthiness and authority in your niche
  • Free advertising for your business
  • A rise in email members
  • An elevated income and bottom line for your business

Let’s delve into 17 guaranteed plans to obtain greater Pinterest followers.

Ways To Hike Your Pinterest Following

  1.  Be Dynamic And Engage On Pinterest
  2.  Follow Your Rival’s Fans
  3.  Use The Search Bar
  4.  Begin Utilizing Pinterest Segments
  5.  Benefit From Promoted Pins
  6.  Latch On The Hashtag Bandwagon
  7.  Utilize An Older Account
  8.  Begin Your Individual Group Board
  9.  Craft Forcing Infographics
  10.  Give Pinterest A Push
  11.  Upgrade Your Profile Name
  12.  Employ The Correct Tools To Draw Pinterest Followers
  13.  Delete Bad-Functioning Pins
  14.  Pin Solely For Your Target Audience
  15.  Win Awesome Branding
  16.  Restore Older Pins
  17.  A/B Check Your Pins

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# 1 Be Dynamic And Engage On Pinterest

Success on Pinterest comes partly down to forming friends with the Smart Feed. Outfox the smart feed for followers to come swarming to you.

Employing a pin scheduler such as Tailwind is critical to acquiring followers and soaring your blog traffic with Pinterest.

But the victorious combination includes being present and interacting physically on Pinterest, also. This can consolidate your Pinterest ranking.

How can you be dynamic and involved in Pinterest?

  • Manually pinning on a frequent basis
  • Go to the “Trending” and “Explore” pages and re-pin from there
  • When you view a “Board to Follow” within your feed, follow them if they’re appropriate
  • Pin different people’s pins manually

Another successful tactic to interact with Pinterest is examining your Pin Activity and re-pinning what different persons have pinned of yours.

Locate where it displays “X of your pins were saved”. Click on them.

When you click on one of them, it’ll direct you to your Pin Activity:

  • Scroll down your Pin Activity, and see in every board for your pins. Re-pin your pins to your individual boards, or group boards you’re a subscriber of (on condition the pins are appropriate).
  • If you’re not a subscriber of any group boards till now you can discover a lot to connect by employing PinGroupie. You can also begin your individual group boards.
  • These schemes will display Pinterest you’re actually on their platform. And they’ll award you by displaying your pins more often.
  • That’s when the magic occurs, and the followers start to gather.

# 2 Follow Your Rival’s Fans

If you’re sitting expecting followers to come to you, you’ll be waiting for long.

A potent tactic to create followers is strategically following your rival’s followers.

As both of you possess the same target fans, odds are, if they followed your rival – they’ll follow you, also.

A fast way to locate rivals:

  • Search for words that might be on your rival’s profiles within the search bar.
  • For instance, if your content concerns blogging, you may search for “blogging tips”.
  • 4 separate options will display – click on “People”.

    Anyone who possesses “blog”, “blogging”, or an associated term within their profile will display under “People”:

  • Start viewing your rival’s profiles, one after another. From there you can begin following their fans, and you’ll start to view many of them will joyfully follow you back.

# 3 Use The Search Bar

It’s well-known that keywords are precious on Pinterest. Keywords aid searchers locate what they’re seeking.

However, most vitally: they make it simpler for followers to locate you. Never undermine the potential of Pinterest SEO.

2 billion searches are conducted each month on Pinterest. And 87% of pinners purchased something due to Pinterest.

Don’t you wish for a portion of that pie?

The finest way to locate proper keywords that you’ll employ in your board titles, pin descriptions, board descriptions, and in your profile – is to employ the search bar.

Let’s say your blog concerns earning money at home. To discover proper keywords you could type “make money” into the search bar to begin:

  • You’ll get plenty of suggestions. You should become as specific as possible – by picking a general keyword and converting it into a long-tail keyword.
  • For instance, the general keyword you started with: make money. You can design superb long-tail keywords, like “make money at home”, or “make money blogging”.

# 4 Begin Utilizing Pinterest Segments

Pinterest launched the latest feature known as ‘sections’, which is primarily categorized boards inside aboard.

Sections permit you to arrange your pins in a manner that attracts your target audience.
It’ll ensure your audience discovers precisely what they’re seeking, without requiring to run through hundreds of pins.

Simply reach the board you want to organize into sections, and select “Add Sections”:

Build as many sections as you wish. Place the most appropriate categories for your target audience on the top.

# 5 Benefit From Promoted Pins


If you’re already employing Pinterest for advertising reasons, you perhaps already possess a business account. It’s the initial bit of advice Pinterest pros offer, for a nice reason.

Among the perks of possessing a business, the account is getting enabled to advance your pins.

Supporting pins is when you spend to operate ads on Pinterest, to obtain more exposure and viewability on your pins. Same as operating Facebook Ads.

Ready to begin disseminating your content far and wide?

Enter your Pinterest feed and select the button that says Ads:

There onwards, you can build your first promoted pin, and view your number of followers begin to speed up.

# 6 Latch On The Hashtag Bandwagon

Pinterest currently altered its tune on hashtags, with hashtags popping up on feeds everywhere. They’re a method to view what pins are the latest and most appropriate – now that we can’t view re-pin counts.

If you wish to be discovered by followers who belong to your target audience, now’s the moment to plunge into the hashtag bandwagon.

# 7 Utilize An Older Account

The Smart Feed of Pinterest views an entire group of components to ascertain if a user is a “worthy pinner.”

In Pinterest’s eyes, the longer you’ve possessed your account – the more dependable you are. If you’re regarded as a well-trenched pinner, your pins will display in the feeds more.

Employ any ancient Pinterest account you possess and transform it into a business account. This display Pinterest you’re an authoritative pinner straight off the bat.

Build a fresh business account. If you don’t possess an aged account, you’ll simply have to work extremely hard to construct your followers. Use the strategies you’re learning presently. It’s a difficult feat, but it’s wholly possible!

# 8 Begin Your Individual Group Board

Group boards are the entire craze and can become marketing power-houses – if utilized properly. And they’re recognized for growing website traffic like nobody’s business.

But do you know their potential to increase your followers?

To begin a group board, you can achieve it any of 2 ways:

  • Begin afresh board
  • Utilize a board you already manage

Once you have a board built, select the plus sign to begin including contributors.

Mention explicitly in your board terms (within the description) that to connect they should follow the board and yourself. This is common among group board designers and is among the fastest ways to gather followers rapidly.

# 9 Craft Forcing Infographics

Craft Forcing Infographics

There’s a nice reason for the infographic fad in content marketing. They’re enchanting and humans are attracted to them.

Why infographics are successful:

  • Infographics are 30 times more probable to be read than text blog posts
  • They transmit data is a visually-enticing manner
  • Infographics dominate Pinterest feeds
  • 40% of people respond better to visual detail than basic old words
  • Include viral infographics into your Pinterest scheme and you’ll observe your number of followers starts to maximize – together with your click-through rate to your website.

# 10 Give Pinterest A Push

Pinterest has been established to be intelligent – but in the matter of recognizing and categorizing your pins, it can employ a dash of help.

It can identify a few features of your pins – such as size and colors. Though it requires assistance in the case of categorizing them.

The remedy is that when you pin your latest blog posts into Pinterest, pin it to a proper board first.

Let’s mention your pin concerns influencer marketing. Post it onto your board that’s clearly associated with influencer marketing. Obviously, ensure it’s maximized with keywords within the pin description – to further aid Pinterest to recognize your pin and its context.

This will aid to categorize your pins so that when people employ the search bar, you’re more probable to come up. Leading to more followers.

# 11 Upgrade Your Profile Name

If you’re not using the room in your profile name by maximizing it with keywords – you’re omitting a huge opportunity to increase your Pinterest followers.

An optimized profile name helps followers to easily locate you through the search bar.

Conduct some research and choose 1-3 quality keywords for you to include in your profile name.

# 12 Employ The Correct Tools To Draw Pinterest Followers

When tools regarding Pinterest are spoken of, you probably instantly think of pin scheduling tools – such as TailWind. But, there are really more tools you must know about your Pinterest strategy.

To acquire Pinterest followers, there are various tools that’ll aid lay the foundation:

  • TailWind to plan your pins and conserve your substantial time. Whereas manually pinning is crucial – it’s just as important to pin at different times during the day to group days and to your personal boards. That’s where a pin scheduler is important.
  • Designing software such as Venngage, Canva, or Photoshop to design striking pin graphics.
  • Plugins for social sharing to render it easy for your fans to exchange your posts on Pinterest. The social exchanging plugin Social Snap is particularly ideal for Pinterest users and It permits you to upload Pinterest-oriented pictures and also descriptions (besides different features).
  • For succeeding on Pinterest, and in your business generally – investing is mandatory.
  • If you don’t intend to invest in yourself and your business, why should someone else?

# 13 Delete Bad-Functioning Pins

The point is to make as many views as possible on your pins.

Usually, it is. However, if the pins aren’t functioning nicely, or you’re not posting quality content – it’s not bringing any favors for you but Actually, you might be penalized by Pinterest.

You would delete pins:

  • If you have copies of the same pin, but a few have excessively low re-pins
    They’re not functioning nicely
    You have old pins that aren’t cohesive with your brand
  • How to find out which pins need to be dumped?
  • Go through into your Pinterest analytics
    Utilize the Pin Inspector feature of TailWind to view the pins that are functioning well and the ones that need to be deleted.
  • If you are a BoardBooster user you can use the Pin Doctor feature.
    It’ll inform you precisely what pins require to be done away with, also
    Be ruthless while deleting your pins. They have the capacity to boost your website traffic, followers, and income.
  • However, they also have the capacity to make or break your strategy for Pinterest.
    Bad-performing pins can plummet your Pinterest ranking substantially.

And if you’re not ranking nicely on Pinterest, targeted followers aren’t going to locate you.

# 14 Pin Solely For Your Target Audience

Zooming in on a particular target audience is important for Pinterest.

Something that’s quickly forgotten is your Pinterest profile requires to be appropriate, helpful, and wholly for your audience.

You would be inhuman if you didn’t discover different content on Pinterest attractive and wish to pin it, even though.

You can – on secret boards. Secret boards operate the same as regular boards and the sole difference is you’ll be the sole one to view them.

So offer your audience what they are seeking. Build outstanding content that straightly resolves their pain points or presents important information. Then transfer that over to Pinterest with your profile, boards, and particularly your pins.

# 15 Win Awesome Branding

Allocating the time for eye-grabbing branding is vital to Pinterest. After all, it’s a visual search engine, not to bunched alongside social media platforms.

Your focus should be on:

  • A professional profile photo
  • Cohesive board covers
  • Enchanting Pinterest graphics

When choosing a profile picture, select something professional that brightens your personality, and displays your brand well.

It’ll require time to locate your feet when building the perfect pin.

You can make your pins stand apart from day one in the following ways:

  • Utilize tall images. By employing PicMonkey or Canva you’ll gain access to Pinterest templates.
  • Design many pins for every blog for optimum exposure
  • Adhere to 1-3 fonts that mesh nicely together.
  • Don’t apply human faces. The study mentions pins minus faces obtain 23% more repins.
  • Employ greater white space within your images
  • Always brand it with your logo or website URL
  • Call to Action (if you possess a freebie for that post)
  • Always brand it alongside your website URL or your log

# 16 Restore Older Pins

Sometimes we become dragged designing fresh content, so we don’t remember our older content. Even though it’s evergreen content that’s fetched numerous blog traffic, social shares, and also income.

It’s important to maintain your most common content alive on Pinterest.

The lifespan of pins is over a week – which renders Facebook pale when compared, as it has a lifespan of just 80 minutes. This is why at times you’ll view a pin only begin to acquire traction on Pinterest months or just a year later.

How can you restore your aged common pins?

  • Re-pin those pins continuously to group boards and your personal boards
  • Design many pins for those common posts
  • You just don’t know when a pin will become viral – that’s Pinterest’s beauty. To continue putting your finest content ahead of their eyes, as much as possible.

# 17 A/B Check Your Pins

Same as designing many pins for your posts – A/B testing is a certain way to view what resounds most with your fans. And you won’t receive your pins in front of many eyes if your followers don’t re-pin them. Checking your pins out is an excellent plan so you can discover what functions best for your fans.

How to A/B check your pins:

  • Design 2-4 separate pins for a post
  • Become creative! Attempt various colors, images, and fonts
  • Use separate variations of headlines in every pin – attempt using different power words
  • Provide them with a minimum a week to view how they work
  • Utilize Pinterest analytics to view how they’re working


Increasing your Pinterest following may appear like a challenging task to catch in the beginning but like anything – it becomes much simpler with time.

Currently, there have been many changes occurring around Pinterest. Which renders it critical to maintain the newest strategies.

After you implement a few, or whole, of these tips – you’ll be swarming with followers.

And as entrenched, increasing your Pinterest following will open numerous doors that you’ll build huge trustworthiness and authority within your niche, a burst of blog traffic, greater email subscribers, and your business will convert into a money-turning machine.



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