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February 4, 2019
BuddyPress Email notifcations,BuddPress Notification Widget

Send Notifications To Your Members with BuddyPress Favorite Notification

Remember when someone expresses his reactions or comments on your Facebook and Instagram posts, you immediately receive a notification stating that X person has liked […]
October 25, 2018
Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website

Ban Profanity on Your BuddyPress Website Today

Profanity comprises of all the words that are socially offensive. Sometimes referred to as swear words, it is anything that is rude, offensive or strongly […]
October 24, 2018
Extend Your User Profiles

Extend Your User Profiles | BuddyPress Powered Community WordPress Site

BuddyPress is considered to be the one-stop solution to create your own social community on WordPress. In simple words, BuddyPress lets you create an out-of-the-box […]
October 1, 2018
My Post 43

Top BuddyPress Plugins for Growing Online Communities

Building a stunning website comes easy with WordPress and powering an online social community that belongs to your website is the job of BuddyPress plugins.
June 30, 2018
Activity bump

BuddyPress Activity Bump-Bring Your Activities On Top

There are many types of activities that you can post on your BuddyPress Activity such as comments, likes, friendships. To add a new feature to your BuddyPress Activities, Wbcom Designs brings to you a completely new and free BuddyPress add-on called BuddyPress Activity Bump.
May 25, 2018
bp profile pro

Add Repeater Fields With BuddyPress Profile Pro Plugin

BuddyPress Profile Pro Plugin gives you the power to extend BuddyPress Profiles with repeater fields and groups. It offers an awesome feature that will be highly required by BuddyPress Community to add Repeater Fields or groups of fields dynamically to front-end forms, without having a predefined number.
May 24, 2018
display individual member resume at your BP profile page

BuddyPress Resume Manager Plugin

BuddyPress Resume Manager Plugin allows adding a separate BuddyPress Resume menu at a user’s BuddyPress Profile Page. This plugin offers this function to display individual member resume at your BP profile page.
May 17, 2018
BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin

BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin

BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin incorporates BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin by creating specific tabs in employer’s and candidate’s profiles. This plugin also allows candidates to add multiple resumes, using BuddyPress Resume Manager.
May 17, 2018
BuddyPress User Todo List Plugin

BuddyPress User Todo List Plugin For Members To Add Tasks

BuddyPress User Todo List Plugin is a wonderful and feature-rich plugin that allows BuddyPress members to add their tasks in the todo list. This plugin also allows to delete, edit the task from todo list if required.
May 16, 2018
BuddyPress Activity Filter

Filter Activity with the BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin

The BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin helps to set a default filter option in BuddyPress Activity where the site administrator can remove some specific activity types from their BuddyPress Activity. Admin can set default and customized activities to be listed on the front-end.