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BuddyPress Post Background Image

Make a difference how post gets noticed through BuddyPress post background image.

When it comes to catching the attention of the audience on social media, colorful backgrounds are of great help. As a community owner of your BuddyPress site, you always look for ways how to make your site more interactive and engaging. After all, the more are the features, the more likely your community members engage!

What if your community members can also post on their timeline using different background images or solid colors? This is now possible through the latest BuddyPress Plugin– “BuddyPress Quotes”

First, let’s take a look a brief about BuddyPress community website.

Create A Powerful Social Community With BuddyPress

create community online

BuddyPress is a powerful social network plugin to create a social community website on WordPress. You can create a community of your club members, corporate members, college members, or for anyone that matters to you most. No need to learn coding language. Whatever features are necessary to create a fully-featured social network including members, groups and activity, are offered by BuddyPress.

Check out the features of BuddyPress Plugin here.

About BuddyPress Quotes

BuddyPress Quotes add a feature on your site that allows users to add background images or colors to their activity posts. This plugin offers different roles to both community owner and community members:

  • Community Owner: BuddyPress Quotes allow community owner to add multiple images and colors from the backend. Whatever posts and colors he adds, can be chosen from by their community members. And, there is no restriction on the number of images or colors to upload for the background of activity posts.
  • Community Members: Community members can utilize the images uploaded by the site owner to change the background of activity posts.


Let’s see how this plugin works:


How BuddyPress Quotes Plugin Makes A Difference

Let’s take a look at how this amazing BuddyPress Plugin helps community owner as well as community members:

1. Create Posts With Attractive Background Images

BuddyPress post background image

If I ask what allure your eyes the most? A simple text or a text with an attractive background? I’m pretty sure you’ll first notice the one that has an attractive background. Actually, people tend to notice first what’s more eye-catchy than a simple one. That’s what you can do with your BuddyPress powered online community. With BuddyPress Quotes, you can allow your members to post with attractive background images. It actually encourages them to be an active member of your site.

2. Add Solid Colors To Activity Background

BuddyPress post background image

Just like beautiful image backgrounds, solid colors also add superb look to the activity posts. As an admin, you choose what colors your members can choose from.

A post with a solid background-color appears like a beautiful quote. on timeline.

3. Supports Both Legacy And Nouveau Templates

Templates are meant to improve site appearance. No matter which BuddyPress template you are using either it is BuddyPress Legacy or BuddyPress Nouveau, BuddyPress Quotes Plugin is compatible with all these templates.

4. Make Posts More Visual

You always noticed that the audience has a limited attention span. Hence, more competition. So, you need to cope up with all that make it more competitive to grab their attention. Colors have the power to catch the audience’s interest. So, allow your community members to create cheerful, cool or energetic posts using different color backgrounds.

5. Best For Posting Quotes

People often like to update their timeline on social media with inspiring or motivational quotes. Posting simply with a white background won’t grab attention. It will look like a simple post. Hence, BuddyPress Quotes, you can add more personality to the quotes that you are going to post.

Infuse Personality In Your Social Media Posts

Things like colorful backgrounds and beautiful images are a smart way to infuse a bit of newness and personality to your activity posts. Not only for your own timeline but also in other members newsfeed, such things make posts stand out.

Download BuddyPress Quotes Now

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