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Online Shopping is quite common today. Even it became a new trend among youngsters. In today’s world, everyone is curious to sell his or her products online. So, on-demand WordPress developers thought to are multi-vendor websites a single community marketplace for numerous vendors. Building own Online WordPress Marketplace becomes quite easy now. Let us check out how.

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WordPress Marketplace?

An online marketplace is a type of eCommerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. Online marketplaces are the primary type of multichannel eCommerce and can be a way to streamline the production process. Online marketplace brings that much convenience to you and also maintain their quality.

Living in this digital era WordPress is no longer remain just a blogging platform. Our talented developers all over the world have been adding features and improving this CMS platform. Seeing as how the market becomes so large. WordPress is completely transformed into a fully-fledged digital shop.

Most WordPress users are familiar with the fact that WordPress can be used to create an eCommerce store on their website. But not all may be familiar with the distinction between a store and a marketplace.

Whereas a store is typically just one vendor selling their goods/services, a marketplace is a collection of stores with many vendors.

The marketplace of your own

Have you ever thought of yourself as the vendor, or the site owner rather than the customer? Didn’t? It might be a complicated process. But nowadays this process has become quite easy. Just with the help of WordPress plugins you can easily create and manage your own entire marketplace.

Necessary tools to create Marketplace Using WordPress

An eCommerce plugin solution with marketplace functionality such as vendor signups, vendor store management tools and commission management

A theme that supports said marketplace functionality with custom templates, styles, and perhaps a few minor functions of its own.

Today in this article we are going jot down some of the best plugin and themes which helps you to create e-commerce marketplace. So, let get started one by one-

Plugins to create an online multi-vendor shop

When it comes to building an online marketplace with WordPress, these are the best plugins for providing the needed functionality.

1. WC Vendors

As the name suggests WC vendors is one of the best plugins to create a multi-vendor shop. This plugin allows other sellers/vendors to sell tangible products, virtual products, or downloads on your site. With this plugin, your vendors receive commissions you set on products they sell from your store. With 20,000+ installation, this plugin is growing rapidly. It has unique features which include- Vendors can submit products for admin review, or send new products to live on the site immediately. Vendors manage their own media gallery/library.

Price- Free


2. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin

Dokan Plugin


Dokan Multivendor is a complete multivendor eCommerce solution for WordPress. This plugin lets you create a complete online marketplace with WordPress. Dokan provides various features such as Product Management, Order Management, Independent Store, WooCommerce Compatibility, Earnings in Commission, Multiple Product types, Coupon Management, and much more. This plugin comes in Lite and Premium Version.

Price- Lite version: Free

Premium Version: Starting $149


3. Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle

Online WordPress Marketplace,WordPress Marketplace

The Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle is probably the best option for non-physical products. If you’re selling ebooks, videos, themes, plugins, audio, or anything similar then this bundle is exactly what you’re looking for.

The extensions included in this bundle have been specifically chosen for their relevance to the creation of online marketplaces.

Easy Digital Downloads itself is a massively popular free plugin for selling digital products as a standalone vendor. The bundle, which is actually seven extensions, is everything you need to expand into a full marketplace. Each link below will open up the details of the extension.

Price– $673


4. WooCommerce + Product Vendors

Online WordPress Marketplace,WordPress Marketplace

If you are looking to turn your eCommerce website into complete multi-vendor marketplace then this plugin is for you.  With Product Vendors for WooCommerce, you can instantly turn a WooCommerce powered store into a marketplace complete with multiple vendors, products, and payout settings.

Allow multiple vendors to sell via your site and in return take a commission on sales to cover the costs of managing the site while you focus your efforts on building a community. You can easily Continue selling your own products.Get an overall view of vendor sales, commissions and earnings per month by the vendor.

Price $79 (Singe site) $199 (25 sites)


5. WooCommerce Multi Vendor

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin is developed to switch your WooCommerce website into a multivendor platform that will let you earn from commissions without you to lift a finger.It has some useful features that let you create an online multi-vendor shop. Advanced management of WooCommerce related products. You can get “New order” and “Cancelled order” email system for a vendor. Shortcodes for a list of vendors. Each vendor can create his/her own coupons.

Price- Free


6. WC Marketplace

Online Marketplace Using WordPress

With 8000+ installations this plugin is best. It is free and that will matter a lot to some people. WC Marketplace looks like a pretty cool plugin with a lot of useful features. At the moment it has a solid review average in the WordPress plugin repository and a surprisingly robust amount of functionality.

It comes with unique functionalities which helps you to manage your online shop. It controls all marketplace access, payouts. You can simply create Simple shortcodes.

Price- Free


MultiVendor Themes

This is all about the plugins which help you to manage your online shop. Managing online shop it ok, But on the other hand it necessary for you to make your eCommerce shop looks attractive as that user get intend to click on your shop. It can only be possible when you are having a beautiful theme for your shop. I’m going to make your work by mentioning top best themes for an online shop. Lets get started-

1. StoreMate Dokan Multivendor Theme

StoreMate Dokan is the latest WordPress Theme that allows you to build your own Amazon and eBay Instantly. This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and is based on the Dokan Multivendor plugin.

It supports WooCommerce, Dolar Core and Dokan Pro. Key Features of this theme include Vendors Management, Online Store, Easy to use design, Shop options, multiple grids and listing layouts, Incredible Dokan Page Designs, Exclusive WooCommerce Page Designs, Unique Single Product Page Customization and a lot more.

Price $99


2. Multimarket WordPress Marketplace Theme

Multimarket is a WooCommerce theme. it comes with four homepages with a different scenario. Three type post format. With 4 footer template and you can build your own footer with king composer. It has a fully responsive design. This theme having built-in styles for WooCommerce plugin, you can create three shop style variation. This theme comes with WooCommerce and Dokan Multivendor Plugin that allows you to turn your conventional store into a marketplace with many vendors inside.

Price- $37


3. Stocky WordPress Marketplace Theme

Online WordPress Marketplace,WordPress Marketplace

Stocky is photography WordPress Marketplace theme with beautiful design. This theme allows you to sell your photos just the same as any giant online marketplace. Not only can you sell your products, but with the available extensions in the Marketplace Bundle, you can allow anybody to upload their photos and sell through your site. Stocky comes with page template for some of your more important pages. It has the fully responsive design.

Price- $62




If you are interested in creating your WordPress marketplace then the mentioned plugins and themes are always the best options. These plugins and themes come with unique functionalities and themes and merely transform look and feel of your online shop. I hope you liked my listing, if I missed any, please feel free to comment below.  Thanks for reading.

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