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If you are planning to create an online venture, then this is the right time. The concept of a multi-vendor market is not just for the local farmer’s market but now also is an available platform that has spawned many internet success stories. There are several commercial website tools and plugins that can transform a basic WordPress website into a custom marketplace.  WC Marketplace is one of these robust tools. This plugin is the one-stop solution for all your needs. So, today we are going to tell you about WC Marketplace plugin ad how easily you can create your own Marketplace with the help of this plugin. So, let get started-

What is WC Marketplace Plugin all about 

WC Marketplace is a WordPress plugin that works with WooCommerce turning your WordPress site into an online marketplace. The core functionality of this plugin comes free and you can download the plugin from WordPress repository. However, if you need to add advanced features like product frontend editing, frontend reporting etc, you need to buy WC MarketPlace Plugin premium add-ons.

Features of WC MarketPlace Plugin

WC Marketplace review

  • This plugin is much like WC vendors in features having support for Stripe and PayPal instant payment, payment threshold, frontend product editing for vendors, vendor approval function, custom commission settings for different products (that override global commission for select products)

WC Marketplace review

  • Provides Vendor Dashboard– A user-friendly dashboard for your vendors to offer a snapshot view of their entire store. The feature-rich dashboard helps them to manage their products, commission, track orders and plenty more. All that from one place.
  • WC Marketplace comes with even more options in admin control panel such as automatic payment scheduling for vendors, PayPal mass pay option, payment on withdrawal request etc.

  • Ability To Enable Users To Register As Vendors/Sellers: It’s quite obvious what the extension is for but we’ll still dab into this feature because it is what the extension is based upon. If you host a WordPress e-shop site running WooCommerce then you can allow users to register as vendors/sellers. These vendors’ requests will then show up in your To-do List tab where you can approve/disapprove them as vendors. The same To-do List tab will also list the products for review submitted by the approved vendors.
  • Customizable Email Notifications For The Marketplace: The extension provides 12 customizable email notification templates for the marketplace that the admin can change as per his/her needs. The email templates available are New Vendor Account, Admin New Vendor Account, Approved Vendor Account, Rejected Vendor Account, Vendor New order, Notify as Shipped, New Vendor Product, New Vendor Product By Admin, Transactions (for Vendor), Commission Paid (for Vendor) by BAC, Withdrawal request to Admin from Vendor by BAC.

How Simple Is It?

The truth is, while plugins like WC Marketplace do take hundreds of hours of coding out of the process of launching a site like this, there are still some steps to get your marketplace making money.

You’ll need to:

Decide what your marketplace is about. What will users be selling?
Choose categories
Set up payment options
Create a help system for sellers and buyers
It will take some time to get your marketplace ready for public use. But compared with doing it from scratch, it’s practically nothing.

Who Should Use WC Marketplace Plugin

You’re probably not going to knock Etsy or Upwork off their spot in the internet hierarchy. But if you have a great idea for a new twist on the marketplace idea, then WC Marketplace is a great place to start. Well worth the small investment, and easy enough to figure out if you have basic web design and internet skills.

My Recommendation

WC MarketPlace Plugin is one of the best WordPress plugin that adds marketplace and multi-vendor functionality to a regular WordPress site or blog that is already using WooCommerce for e-commerce on the site. If it comes to my opinion then this is the best plugin to create a marketplace.  Not only this WC MarketPlace Plugin is all free you don’t need to spend money to buy it. You are looking for a multi-vendor e-commerce solution you can manage, this is one to consider! You can also check the Review of Wc Vendors Plugin.

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