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Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the best plugins to help you create a digital store for your products. This plugin comes with a variety of options that lets you sell products such as Ebooks, Images, Digital Products, Music, etc., online. You can also sell services such as consultation services, beauty services with the help of this plugin. One of the best parts of this plugin is it offers various add-ons that add more functionality to your store. You can purchase these add-ons separately or in a bundle offered by EDD. One such bundle is the Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle that 0ffers a good deal of add-ons to the users. Let us know more about this.

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review
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Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle – An Overview

EDD is an amazing plugin with some great features. It offers a bundle of extensions that have been combined especially for users who wish to set up a complete marketplace with EDD.

This bundle costs $499 which is a saving deal. These extensions have been chosen especially to help you create an online marketplace.

This bundle includes:

  • Acquisition Survey
  • Commissions
  • Frontend Submissions
  • Reviews
  • Recommended Products
  • Wish Lists
  • Wallet

Let us know more about these add-ons and how they help create an online marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads.

Acquisition Survey

Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle

Acquisition Survey is a very useful plugin for any online marketplace as it allows you to collect information from your customers regarding How did they hear about you. This add-on works during a purchase. Acquisition survey adds a new “How did you hear about us?” on the checkout screen.

It also allows you to customize your acquisition screen. Store admins can also view reports on what the customers are selecting from the options provided on the acquisition screen giving store owners options to know their customers in a better way.

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Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle

Commissions add-on is made for those who wish to create a marketplace system to receive on a commission basis.
This extension provides the functionality to record user commissions when a sale is made. This extension also allows splitting revenue between multiple users.

The commissions recorded will be listed on the new Commissions page added under the main Downloads menu.

You can also generate a CSV file of all unpaid commissions, and then you can pay them as you wish. It also displays a commission paid-per-month graph on the Reports page that displays the rest as to how much you are paying out in commission over time.
This add-on provides some shortcodes as well which increases the functionality of commissions payouts.

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Frontend Submissions

Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle

Frontend Submissions is another great add-on to add more multi-vendor capabilities to an EDD website.
It provides the following:

Vendor Dashboard:

Vendors can create new products, update existing products, view orders, access earnings stats, communicate with customers, and edit their account details from the dashboard itself.

Commission Tracking:

This add-on integrates with the commission add-on to allow store owners to track and record vendor commissions.

Email notifications:

Frontend Submissions also include complete email notification options so that an admin can be fully aware of a new product, registrations, updates, and more.

Other features of this add-on are:

  • Drag-and-drop form builders.
  • Bookings integration.
  • Vendor and customer communication and more.


Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle
The reviews add-on provides an option for your customers to add a review to the products they purchase from your marketplace.

You can enable or disable customer reviews on each product individually. Reviews can also be limited to verified customers, logged-in users or can be left open to everyone. Features of this add-on are:

  • Incentives to reviewers
  • Request a review
  • Integration with Frontend Submissions
  • Additional features include HTML5 Microdata, Easily embed reviews, etc.

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 Recommended Products

Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle

This add-on shows a cross-sell of recommended products when viewing downloads or the checkout screen, with just a couple of checkboxes. These products are chosen based on your stores’ sales. The recommendations are refreshed every night to include the day’s sales.

Significant features of this add-on are:

  • Fully Template.
  • Imports pre-existing sales.
  • Restrict to only paid items.
  • Cart Integration.
  • Fully Template.
  • User Specific Capabilities etc.,

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EDD Wish Lists


This is another great add-on that allows customers to save the products they love. This add-on lets customers save and share their favorite products.

Customers can quickly add the products they like to their wishlist. An unlimited number of wishlists can be created. These wish lists can also be shared or can be kept private with privacy controls. This add-on gives different abilities to customers, Shop managers, and Developers separately.



This add-on adds a deposit system like a wallet to your website. Customers can purchase store credit and can redeem it at a later point to purchase the items from your store.

Customers who make deposits are given a wallet on your site that holds their balance. Funds can be added to the wallet at any time and used at checkout for purchases on your site.

Various features of this add-on are:

  • Anytime deposit of funds in the wallet.
  • Deposit confirmation email.
  • Anytime purchases.
  • Balance report and customer details.
  • Integrated with all payment gateways and more.

Wrapping Up! on Marketplace Bundle

Therefore, EDD Marketplace Bundle is one must have bundled to create a multi-vendor marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads. Thus giving you more power for your store. You can easily sell digital products such as ebooks,mp3s, documents, digital art, zip files with EDD. These add-ons enhance the functionality of your website and help you to create a complete marketplace of your own.

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