5 Best SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site in WordPress

SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site Default URLS or the Permalinks

For maintaining the reputation of your WordPress eCommerce site, it’s important to rank higher than the other competitors in search engine results. You won’t be able to improve your SEO rankings, until unless you don’t know about the SEO tricks. No matter how attractive your eCommerce site looks or how excellent your products are, without SEO rankings, your site is equal to not existing at all. Here are the 5 SEO tips for your WordPress eCommerce site.

Important SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site

Performance of Website Pages

Along with the responsiveness of an e-commerce site, the performance or the speed of page-loading is considered to be a crucial factor by the popular search engines. The performance of your eCommerce site does matter to a great extent in determining its position on the search engine results. If you don’t increase the loading speed of your site, then start considering it to be doomed. For maintaining the SEO of your eCommerce site it is essential that you opt for high-performance plugins and site designs.

Quality of the Product Images

SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site

It’s quite natural that an eCommerce site will have a lot of product images. Well, it is often the size of the images that decrease the speed and performance of a website. The product images of your eCommerce site have the power to drive in more traffic; similarly, it can turn out to be the reason for your site’s performance slowing down. Therefore, optimize your product images or rely on plugins like Lazy Load XT, WP Smush Pro plugin that can enhance the performance of your eCommerce site by boosting the ‘time-to-first-byte’.

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Titles of the Product Pages

Titles of the product pages of your eCommerce site also play a significant part in ensuring the success of your site. Just like the product images, you can also optimize the title of your product pages with the help of the core features of WordPress. Be specific, be precise and focus on points like the model numbers, brand names etc. while framing the product page titles. There are also plugins like Yoast SEO that can help you in automatically generating suitable page titles based on the content of your eCommerce page.

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Default URLs or the Permalinks

SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site in WordPress

The more comprehensible the default URLs or the permalinks of your product pages will be the better usability your WordPress eCommerce site will achieve. And better usability of your site means an increased number of users. Permalinks play a significant part in attributing relevance to the pages of your eCommerce site also. WordPress has a built-in feature through which you can easily customize the permalink structure of your product pages.

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Turn Posts into Website Pages

If you are sure about a post that it may drive a hell lot of traffic to your eCommerce site, then make sure you publish it as a page, rather than as a post. By publishing your post as a page you can maintain the relevancy by keeping the keywords density untouched. An active comment page can help you create better audience engagement and lets you their views about your services.

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Conclusion On SEO Tips For Ecommerce Site

If you follow these tips properly then, these simple SEO tips can help your eCommerce site in ranking higher in the results of the search engines. If you have any question related SEO for ecommerce site you can ask in the comment section.

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