Why To Use Dokan To Create Your Own Online Marketplace Using WordPress?

The online marketplace is a platform that acts as a common medium for third-party sellers to sell their products, services and communicate with their buyers. All the transactions that take place in a marketplace are facilitated by the marketplace owner and this can be seen in the marketplace demo. MarketPlace Demo is currently the best thing to do in the market because as the owner of a marketplace you neither need to own inventory nor stock products beforehand to deliver to your customers. All you have to do is showcase your sellers’ inventory to a user and facilitate a transaction. Amazon is the most powerful online marketplace, that allows sellers and buyers to interact and transact in a professional environment.

StoreMate Dokan
Try WordPress Marketplace Theme Demo

You can also easily set up and implement your Amazon-like marketplace on WordPress with the powerful Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin within minutes. To simplify the process, even more, we have explained how and why to use Dokan below. Take a look.

Easy Marketplace Creation With Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin

Dokan Theme Demo
Marketplace Demo
Dokan Theme Demo
Marketplace Demo

Powered by WooCommerce, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace is the best plugin to create an effective and easy-to-operate Multivendor marketplace on WordPress. Easy to install and implement, you can use Dokan to set up your marketplace like Amazon and eBay in just about 30 minutes. In simple words, Dokan is the best way to earn through commissions and dominate the market without taking much stress. The best thing about Dokan is that you can sell all types of products ranging from digital downloads to physical products and even variables without the need for any other plugin. Moreover, Dokan comes with the time-saving and simple Multistep Wizard for a faster start.

Some of the features that make Dokan the first choice of WordPress users are:

Multiple Commission Types For Vendors

MarketPlace Demo
Dokan Selling Option

Earning revenue is the primary objective of any business. What’s great is that Dokan allows you multiple ways to do this. Hence, to earn without investing a lot, you can start with multiple types of commission on Dokan for all orders, products, stores, and even product categories. The different types of commission that you can earn with Dokan are:

  • Global Commission applies to all Vendors.
  • Vendor Wise Commission that applies to individual Vendors.
  • Product Wise Commission that applies to individual Products.
  • Category Wise Commission that applies to individual product Categories.

All these commission types are easy to implement. You can find them directly in Dokan Settings, Vendor Profile Edit Page, Product Edit Page, and Product Category Page respectively.

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Featured Products And Sellers

MarketPlace Demo
All Products Setting

One of the best things about Dokan is that it provides the admin the ability to highlight the best products and sellers on their website. This means you have an opportunity to earn greater commissions and establish trust among your users by promoting products that are of good quality, in high demand, and preferred by more users. You can make any product a featured product simply by going to the Products/Sellers Page and clicking on the star as shown in the image below.


Marketplace Demo
Set Up Announcement

Marketwide announcements are a very strong medium to propagate important news, offers, and deals related to your marketplace to your vendors. Dokan allows you to do that with just a few clicks. Hence, next time you want to spread any information, no need to employ mass mailers, messages, or any other tedious message sending tasks. Simply, go to the Announcements Tab in Dokan, and add a text message or web link to display on every vendor’s dashboard on your marketplace.

Back Ordering System

MarketPlace Demo
Products Stock Status

Backorder is an effective way to retain customers by indicating your company’s ability to fulfill orders for products that are out of stock. This feature is extremely helpful to hold back customers that were looking for a particular product on your website but could not get it as it was out of stock. This doesn’t let them go to other marketplaces for the same products and instead buy it from your marketplace itself if they can wait for a day or two. Not only this, but you can also mark products that are out of stock and in stock from the same option. You can find this option under the ‘Inventory’ Tab of individual products. You can select the stock status and it will be automatically changed on the front end.

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Frontend Order Tracking Module

MarketPlce Demo

Dokan is all about enabling users to do everything from the front end. Hence, it provides a simple Frontend Order Tracking Module that allows vendors to view and make changes to all the details of individual orders easily.

Moreover, the tracking module is interactive and professional and is equipped with advanced features. This is what marketplace owners and vendors on a marketplace need as this not only reduces the work but also saves time and undue stress.

Storefront Widgets

Extra Widgets

Both good and bad reviews are important for any business. It not only helps establish trust among other users but also is one of the most interactive and reliable customer retention techniques. Hence, a detailed rating, ranking, and reviewing section is an extremely important part of your marketplace. These together work as the best guide for your customers before conversion. This is why Dokan offers multiple storefront widgets to allow you to put these in the right place for maximum interaction. Dokan offers built-in widgets for vendor verification, social profile linking, store location, and vendor reviews to enable you to create the best marketplace and reap maximum profits. If you need more widgets, you can get exclusive widgets for Vendor Listing, Vendor With Products, Category, and Category With Sub-Category with the StoreMate theme.

Store SEO

Dokan has Store SEO integrated with important elements of your marketplace like vendors and stores. Not only this, but Dokan also provides you with features that allow you to handle the SEO of your complete marketplace. This means you have a better chance than your competitors to attract potential customers through search results. Also, without SEO, marketplaces cannot create an online presence. Since Dokan believes in making things simpler and easier for users through the frontend, it supports dedicated Store SEO for your marketplace.

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Shipping Options

Shipping Options

If you’re planning to serve users across different countries, then it is important to ensure customer satisfaction and ensure everybody gets the right price. Hence, Dokan allows vendors on your marketplace to provide special shipping rates to their customers. Even though this is a core feature of WooCommerce, not all marketplaces provide you with this functionality. However, with Dokan you get this feature at the front end without the need for any third-party plugins or extensions.

Theme For Dokan

MarketPlace Demo

Recently our development team created a professional theme based on the powerful Dokan Multivendor Marketplace plugin. It was well received and people loved the clean design, widgets, and the simple interface the theme enabled them to achieve. The name of the theme is StoreMate for Dokan and it is the same theme that we will be using to highlight some of the incredible features and functionalities of the Dokan Multivendor Marketplace plugin in the article below. Take a look at the marketplace demo

Conclusion on Marketplace


All the features of the Dokan Multivendor Marketplace plugin listed above help you be ahead of your competitors and establish your customized marketplace with ease. If you want to set up your WordPress marketplace or be the next Amazon or eBay, use the Dokan Multivendor Marketplace plugin with the ‘StoreMate for Dokan’ Theme and explore new possibilities in terms of design and functionality. If you want to have a hands-on experience with Dokan, you can work in the Sandbox mode or try any of the live demos of our StorMate for Dokan theme.

Tell us what you think about Dokan or if you have a marketplace idea. Share your ideas, opinions, and feedback in the comments below. We will be happy to know your thoughts.

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