As a business enterprise owner, can you guess the number of hours an enterprise generally spends in taking online appointments and managing them to keep a thorough record? Scheduling meetings and emails should never be this cumbersome if you have access to a service company scheduling software and apps.

Online scheduling software has made scheduling important meetings and emails a bit easier with new app integrations that allow the user/enterprise to book the meeting, send an email automatically at the prescribed or scheduled time. This awesome feature eliminates the additional time spent by enterprises to maintain a thorough record and track of sales inducing emails to be sent making the business utilize that time in increasing the productivity of the entire business. Here is the list of some of the most popular online scheduling apps to make your business run smoothly and easily.


Top Online Scheduling Software For Businesses

Gone are the days of manually entering details of sending work emails and seeking appointments with important investors or prospects. Online scheduling software as the name suggests is highly proficient in managing and sending automated responses to such emails, as well as customer email scheduling to keep the business afloat and prompt in their proceedings. Some of the most popular online scheduling apps are given below:

1. Calendly


Calendly is one of the top-rated apps when it comes to online scheduling and is the most sought-after app that delivers automated and customized online scheduling. The app is enriched with features such as selecting the time and preference as well as the type of meeting an enterprise will be conducting. Calendly will coordinate all relevant information and form an availability schedule according to the preferences set by the user. The app will also segregate the meeting preferences according to the type of meeting a user will be conducting, whether it’s a one on one meeting or a group chat, calendly accommodate all sorts of schedules in an organized manner.

Key Features:

  • Calendly can be integrated with emails, websites, social profiles, and text chat to automate and schedule meetings and emails
  • Its allows the users to set their preferences and meetings will be scheduled only when the user is available and free.
  • Calendly facilitates meetings based on the virtual setup as well as meeting the person at different locations.
  • It can be easily managed on phone with its inhouse mobile application
    Automation assistance to periodically send reminders

2. Setmore


This is another important scheduling app software that allows the users to create meeting schedules, send online reminders, and helps manage all-important booking by integrating those elements in the business enterprise’s calendar to manage the tasks promptly. Setmore facilitates a customization option where an enterprise is free to integrate the software with their website, email, or social media, and later send reminders and manage appointments using customized blog URLs and logos to make it look more unique and distinctive.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive bookings can be made using the set more inherent calendar to facilitate group or one on one bookings and calls
  • Allows the option of self-booking by other client’s
  • Option to display reviews and feedback to boost more bookings
  • The facility of sending automated reminders, email, and text are both included.
  • Staff login facility for other members to book clients from different locations
  • Class bookings to host bulk appointments

3. Picktime

Picktime, Online scheduling software

Picktime is another elegant app that allows users to easily schedule their meetings and reminders to minimize stress and pressure on work. The pick time software offers a sync facility with all available calendar apps to make sure that the business is on time with their scheduled meetings and updates. The software also facilitates online booking features where the clients can make bookings with your website. Similarly, the software also hosts video call facilities through which people can connect from different locations and countries.

Key Features:

  • Class booking feature to allow users to host classes at a scheduled time.
  • Picktime allows users to send periodical notifications to clients as reminders
  • Personal calendars to keep a track of all online scheduling and bookings
  • Team booking option to manage the enterprise bookings as a whole in an efficient and sophisticated manner
  • A booking widget that allows easy booking and scheduling facility.


Online scheduling software is an easy, user-friendly booking and online scheduling app where the users can book appointments with the portal at any given point. The software can be integrated with the social media, website, or any email software to send reminders and notifications to the associated clients as well as offering meeting time schedules to keep the business updated and working smoothly. Simple book. I offer customization features where the business can customize and personalize all business-related emails, texts, and notifications with the company’s logo, vision, and style.

Key Features:

  • Customization option for all business emails, reminders, notifications, and messages.
  • Calendar sync to update enterprise’ bookings and online appointments
  • Business analytics to track progress, meetings stats, and overbooking.
  • Facility to send reminders and email notifications for others to accelerate bookings

5. Acuity Online App Scheduling

Acuity scheduling, Online scheduling software

Acuity is a sophisticated and multifunctional scheduling software that allows users to manage their online appointments from multiple locations. The app also allows the users to sync and manage their calendars to set availability preferences and micromanage appointments at a steady pace. The software also offers a client intake form to keep the database updated with useful information to schedule the meetings in a prescribed manner.

Key Features:

  • Customized scheduling pages for the enterprise to work well and efficiently
  • Real-time availability option combined with self-booking feature
  • Option to manage and book appointments according to availability preferences
  • Acuity offers complete organization of meetings in terms of cancellation, reschedule, and sending automated responses.

Create Online communityConclusion of Online scheduling software

For an enterprise to work efficiently, timely responses and segregated timelines to accommodate each client with equal care become a priority. To establish a steady stream of work, a business must make extensive use of online appointment software to deliver the best results and keep a track of all important bookings and appointments to make a business move ahead and thrive further. Hence making use of online scheduling software can alleviate the pressure to some extent and also will add a more systematic approach in conducting work meetings and conferences.

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