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Email verification has become a standard practice for many businesses, especially those that send emails with transactional content or offer free trials. It’s also becoming increasingly common in the B2B space as companies look to improve their customer experience by making sure they are reaching only real customers.

Are you struggling in choosing a suitable email verifier? Well, it is hard to find email verification tools that suit our needs. You need to look for various features, price, accuracy, etc. Worry not! We have a list of the best and most used email verification tools. Please go through them and select the one as per your need. 

What are Email Verification Tools?

An email verification tool lets you check the existence and validity of a single or bulk email list. It ensures the delivery of emails and enhances the email marketing campaign. Further, it wipes inactive users and bots from the email list and makes sure that business emails reach real and active users.   

Most businesses use email verifiers to maximize their reach. Mass emailing services charge according to the email list. So, removing inactive accounts helps businesses in utilizing the money they spend on mass emailing. 

Benefits of Email Verification Tools

Email verifier aids you in checking your email list without sending any messages to the people. This checking lowers the chances of hard bounces as emails sometimes remain undeliverable. The fewer hard bounces reflect higher deliverability. Using an email verification tool helps you in sending emails to active inboxes and increases your business reach. 

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Features of Email Verification Tools

  • Email verification
  • Bot detection
  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Email campaign tracking
  • Mail list cleaning 

Working of Email Verification Tools

Email Verification Tools
Email Verification Tools

Email verification tools let you automatically verify your email list without sending any email. However, you can also choose the manual process by selecting and verifying your email list. Firstly, an email verifier inspects the syntax of every email address, such as @. Further, it confirms recipients’ domain (DNS records) and mailbox (SMTP protocol). This verification process helps you in identifying active and inactive mailboxes.

Things to consider while selecting an Email Verification Tool 

Accuracy – What is the verification capacity of the tool?

Pricing – The price of the tool and features included in the price. Also, the pricing model such as subscription or pay-per-use.

Free trial – Does the tool offer a free trial?

GDPR – Does the tool meet GDPR guidelines and standards.

Multi-user – Can multiple users work with a single account?

Reviews – What are its reviews by different users? 

After a brief into email verification tools, it’s time to look out at some of the top-rated email verification tools. Review them, compare them and select the one which fulfills your needs. 

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1. ZeroBounce

Email Verification Tools

ZerBounce is among the most popular email verification tools used by brands such as Comodo and TripAdvisor. Multiple verifications and various other features make it the best tool in the market. 


Single email verification – Verify individual email.

Bulk email verification – Uploadand verify the entire list

Customer data – The tool appends customer data to an active email address. The information includes customer name, age, gender, and location.

Real-time verification – Connect the tool API with your website form to eliminate bots and inactive emails. 

  • Accuracy – 97%
  • Pricing – $16 per 2000 emails 
  • Free trial – Yes
  • GDPR – Yes
  • Multi-user – Yes

2. NeverBounce

Email Verification Tools

Created in 2014, NeverBounce today is used by brands like Uber, Harvard Medical School, and Dell. It focuses on bulk and single email affirmation. Further, it validates emails and removes the ones that are duplicate and full of syntax errors. 


Email verification – You can verify tons of emails along with the registration form, CRMs, contact, and lead forms.  

Bulk verification – The tool allows users to verify and clean the inactive emails from the list. 

Integrations – You can easily integrate it with any popular email marketing tool or software. It is good to go with Zapier if you are looking for your integration. 

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  • Accuracy – 99%
  • Pricing – $8 per 1000 emails
  • Fee trail – 1000 free credits when you start
  • GDPR – Yes
  • Multi-user – Yes

3. Mailfloss

Email Verification Tools

The simple tool integrates easily with various email marketing service providers such as Drip, Mailerlite, MailChimp, etc. Mailfloss lets users automatically verify their bulk email list so that users can concentrate on their business. 


Automatic cleanups – The tool daily cleans your list and removes duplicates and inactive accounts.

Bulk verification- Either connect to your email marketing provider or upload your email list through a CSV file. Next, the tool will ensure the cleaning process. 

Manage deleted emails– Mailfloss allows users to choose the emails they want to delete. It prevents you from saving valid emails. 

Blacklist and whitelist – Go to the settings to create your black and white list. 

  • Accuracy – 99%
  • Pricing – $17/month for up to 10,000
  • Free trial – 7 days free trial
  • GDPR – Yes
  • Multi-user – No

4. MailerCheck

Email Verification Tools

With around 1 million customers, MailerCheck is something you need to try. It originated from MailerLite, one of the most renowned email marketing enterprises in the world. The tool is best for checking typos, syntax errors, inactive mailboxes, and bots. 


Bulk verification – You can validate multiple email addresses with the association with an email service provider. 

You are reporting – A detailed report after verifying your email list. 

API integrations – The API integration with email providers such as ConvertKit or GetResponse, lets you easily import your subscribers. 

  • Accuracy – 98%
  • Pricing – $10 for 1000 email
  • Fee trail – Yes
  • GDPR – Yes
  • Multi-user – Yes

5. Clearout

Email Verification Tools

The clearout tool offers different ways of verifying email lists. It eliminates duplicate, fake and temporary accounts from your list. Further, it quickly identifies spam and email among hard bounces. 

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Single and bulk email verification – From a single to 1 million, Clearout instantly verifies the list.

Lead generation – The tool collects specific data from the email list. The data helps users in finding quality leads.  

Integrations – Clearout integration with Zapier allows users to upload their email list for validation. 

  • Accuracy – 98% +
  • Pricing – $24.50/month for 5,000 emails
  • Fee trail – Yes
  • GDPR – Yes
  • Multi-user – Yes

6. AeroLeads

Email Verification Tools

Founded in 2015, AeroLeads claims to be the most trusted B2B Lead generation software with their +100 million databases of professional email addresses. It thoroughly checks email formats, bounces, and webmail addresses.

Now reduce your bounce rate with their email verifier tool. You can validate emails at different stages with a guaranteed rate of 95% verified email addresses.


Email Verification- Aeroleads lets you verify your email at different stages- format, domain information along with the response of mail servers

Bulk Email Verification- With their tool, you can verify multiple email addresses

  • Accuracy- 95%
  • Pricing- $49/month for 1000 credits
  • Free trial- Free trial starts with 10 credits
  • GDPR- Yes
  • Multi-user- For Climb and Cruise plans

Final Words 

These are a few email verification tools that yReign GeoDirectoryou can use for your business. Look for each detail and select the one that fulfills your requirement criteria. Email verification tools are essential as it saves your time and labor. 

Compare the given tools and search the web if you want any other feature in your email verification tool. Let us know your email verification tool and its features.

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