The success of any business, whether big or small, depends on its reputation in the customer’s eye! And, Online Reputation Management Tools helps a lot to do so.

In today’s dynamic business environment, no business can overlook the importance of customer feedback available online. Online Reputation Management (ORM) can revolutionize the way your brand is seen by potential customers. And, it is now considered as an integral part of a company. This is not just for e-commerce businesses, but also for the companies that do not use a web portal to promote their business.

Around 45% of customers stop doing business with a brand, based on some negative information available online. There are millions of articles, press stories, reviews, and videos related to different brands that circulate on search engines and social media. These information contents spread quickly among the stakeholders, people and affect the reputation of particular brands.

Quite often, the competitors try to damage their rivals brand reputation by throwing dirt on them. Online platforms provide a perfect playground for these dirty tactics. Usually what is said on the internet stays there forever. 4 out 5 people go against a recommended purchase solely based on the negative information they found online. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for brands to monitor, manage and repair the online reputation by building trust around the business. ORM demands lots of time and effort to be effective. But with the availability of various online reputation management tools, the process has become much easier for the brands.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business, online reputation management tools

The world’s #1 search engine in terms of usage offers businesses a unique tool called Google My Business. By creating a profile in this tool, businesses can easily connect with their customers. You can post your business hours, pricing information, location, sharing of pictures, and even a virtual tour. All of this information will be shown to your audience in Google’s search results. A complete Google My Business profile will also help you in increasing your website’s overall SEO ranking.

2. Radian6

Radian6, online reputation management tools

Radian6 is an online reputation management tool that helps you to monitor and manage your brand reputation through different online platforms. It also enables brand engagement, tracks user conversation, and gives you an exact estimate of user sentiments on different social channels. It is a paid tool and businesses that require large-scale monitoring can benefit from its additional wide range of features. It provides an Excel add-on, engagement console, real-time dashboards, online conversation management, and salesforce chatter support.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

To know about the success of your marketing efforts in converting leads into purchases. You first have to find out about how and from where your target audience is accessing your website. Google offers you an amazing free analytics tool that helps you gain insights about your website’s traffic. It helps the small business owners in determining what is working and what is not in their marketing plan. With this tool at your disposal, you can effectively analyze and make changes to your marketing strategy.

4. Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics, online reputation management tools

This tool helps you monitor and track your brand mentions across the web, including through articles, blogs, and forums. Based on the results of the review will be categorized into three segments: negative, positive, and neutral. This tool will also give you a graphical breakdown of the customer demographics, including age, gender, and locations. It’s a paid tool and quickly notifies through email whenever any negative comments are made about the brand on the internet.

5. Rize Reviews

Rize Reviews, online reputation management tools

Rize Reviews provides a host of customized features that will not only improve your brand reputation but also make your website look better.

This reputation management tool can be integrated with over 150+ major review sites and bring everything together in one place. It encourages your customers to leave positive reviews about your brand, through email & text messages in an extremely professional way. It’s a paid tool with a free two-week trial available for everyone, to test its exciting features.

The custom design feature allows you to promote your unique brand voice on pages where your reviews are gathered. It also helps you to receive the customer’s feedback instantly via a customizable dashboard. You can also showcase your reviews to gain a customer’s trust by using a website widget.

Your customers will automatically receive a professional email asking for their valuable reviews. But don’t worry, it won’t annoy them. Moreover, you can also send a link to the client’s number and ask them to leave a review on the given link.

6. Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

This tool is ideal for repairing your brand image if your business is constantly receiving negative reviews online. This ORM online reputation management and SEO search engine optimization tool help you in showcasing your best image to your target niche. It let you search negative mentions about your brand over 40 sites in one go. It let you surpass the negativity surrounding your brand and create a wholesome image. Through this tool, you can easily create and promote new content across the web. It comes with both paid and free services to benefit from according to your requirements.

7. Canva


We all want our brand’s marketing materials, blogs, and so on to have a professional touch in it. But, not all of us have the extra budget required to hire the services of experts. Canva provides you with free pre-formatted templates for creating marketing flyers, blog graphics, social media banners, and much more. Canva will turn your amateur, low-budget marketing content and turn them into a masterpiece. Checkout Canva Templates

8. Yotpo

Yotpo, online reputation management tools

Yotpo is an ORM tool that helps businesses in improving and enhancing their brand reputation. This tool encourages your customers to leave positive reviews about your brand. It is available in both paid and free to use versions. The free version allows the company to automatically generate and send review requests via email to customers after purchase. It also offers creation and customization of product review widgets on the brand’s website. The premium version offers unique features like creating rich snippets for search engines, and many others.

9. DesignCap

create social graphics
If you are looking deep into the content of your infographic, DesignCap is undoubtedly one of the best tools! The tool guides you through the entire process of creating the infographic, and its creation interface is all drag-and-drop, making the whole process even easier! What’s more, it has several templates ready, where you just add the information and customize a part of the design. Besides, you can create Facebook covers, reports, posters, banners, business cards and more. With it, you can create infographics quickly to make it easier to understand information.

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Final thoughts on online reputation management tools

In today’s business world, it is mandatory for companies to carefully monitor and manage their online reputation. Negative reviews damage the brand’s reputation, and people don’t prefer doing business with them. With the help of ORM tools, companies can effectively monitor, manage, and repair its brand reputation on social media platforms.


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