Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes – Which One Is Best For Your Upcoming Project

Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

In the previous few years, the trend of multipurpose WordPress themes has progressed like a wave of the tsunami, and plenty of business managers utilized all-in-one design to forge their online presence. But what precisely is a multipurpose theme? How does it vary from a regular one? Which one do you require to buy?
Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes offer different advantages and cater to specific website requirements, so it’s crucial to understand their distinctions before making a decision.

A multipurpose theme, as suggested by the name, is designed to suit different purposes. It contains a big number of pre-designed pages, widgets, shortcodes, and extensions, is compatible with the most prevalent WordPress tools, and can be employed to design almost any kind of website. Whether it is a landing page, a business website, an online store, a magazine, a portfolio, or nearly any other site you think about. Obviously, such mega themes are not designed equally. The types of sites you can build with a multipurpose theme are based on the theme itself. Nevertheless, the prime selling point stays the same – you can possess an all-in-one website creator tool for as meager as the price of an ordinary theme.

A niche theme, on the contrary, is developed with a particular purpose in mind. Such themes might not have big quantities of pre-built pages, and you can rarely discover a great variety of contained plugins in there. But even then, it sports a niche-oriented design and may contain tools appropriate to your business.


Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

1. About Niche WordPress Themes

Niche WordPress Themes

As suggested by the name, niche themes have been carefully developed to promote a specific website type. You will be able to discover numerous themes for each industry under the sun such as real estate, consultancy, health, etc. As an example, a theme developed to manage a yoga website is pre-designed to contain a BMI calculator, light colors, a daily schedule, etc. You must pick a relevant website theme kind based on the below-mentioned points.

2. About Multi-purpose WordPress Themes

Multi-purpose WordPress Themes

Consider multi-purpose WordPress themes like an elastic framework that adapts to everything a developer might desire for. Such themes are mainly favored for eCommerce stores, blogs, news sites, and portfolios. The category can be subdivided into 2 sub-sections: a simple one-page WordPress theme and themes that arrive with freedom of functionality.

The most prevalent WP themes belonging to the latter section such as Divi, Uncode, and Avada employ a complicated web of functionality that relies on drag-and-drop page builders, multiple sliders, and grouped premium plug-ins. Conversely, you can also use themes like the Genesis framework of StudioPress which besides being strong and flexible is also relatively lightweight.

3. Which One To Choose?

With all the excellent options and alternatives WordPress can perplex people, particularly beginners. Deciding on a theme among thousands is quite an uphill task. People frequently spend countless hours searching this extensive marketplace loaded with premium and free themes. They open multiple tabs, check demo sites, test theme pages, and ultimately conclude their quest with a compromise.

Nevertheless, if you are familiar with some basics regarding the kind of themes existing in the market, then the process will get fast and smooth. Themes are mainly categorized into niche and multi-purpose. Niche website themes are built to supplement a particular website type whereas versatile themes adjust according to the conditions.

Choosing the correct theme depends on the following criteria:

4. The Kind And Complexity Of The Website

Choosing a multipurpose or a niche theme rests on the complexity and the type of the project. If you wish to build a huge website with plenty of options then you should select a multipurpose theme.

However, if you seek a decent website simply to allow people to know that you and your business are online then a plain niche theme can serve better (where there’s one for your specific niche).

For example, if you wish to initiate a web design blog, you should pick a multipurpose theme. Over time, you might wish to include sections to offer your best works and/or else to sell works, courses, or different types of services. To put it differently, your blog may change into a portfolio or an online store.

5. The User’s Skills

Another aspect to consider is your individual level of confidence while customizing a theme and making it function.

If you discover yourself more on the “starter” side of the spectrum then a niche theme is going to suit you. They are generally much simpler to get going and don’t present an excess of unnecessary options.

For more experienced users, multipurpose might be apt. A few of those themes are more complicated and may place some users in trouble. But all of them carry reliable support, with the WordPress community being indeed helpful.

6. The Duration Invested Into The Pre-launch Phase

Another essential factor to consider in the crisis of multipurpose vs. niche is the investment itself.

Configuring a WordPress website is a critical task, and it involves a decent investment of time. Even the most skillful WordPress users assign time to examine all the features of a theme before introducing it online.

Generally, a niche theme is equipped with fewer options, and it signifies a briefer period of time spent in the customization task. On average, niche themes also register fewer sales in comparison to multipurpose themes, so the risk of resembling different websites is quite low.

A multipurpose theme needs more effort to set up, as it includes more features. Further, the risk of resembling other websites is more against niche themes.

Finally, however, the countless features offer you the capability to design stunning creations.

7. Design

The design will possibly be the most vital aspect when selecting a theme. You can select one design over another simply because you like a specific color scheme or a theme layout. Fortunately, the quantity of themes available for your selections is extensive and does not restrict you to just some options.

Multipurpose themes often tend to carry an extremely neutral, corporate design. As they wish to appeal to different businesses, the theme designer frequently opts to employ green or blue accent colors, a font of sans-serif, and clean layouts with plenty of white space. The prime benefit of a plain design is the ease of personalizing it and adapt to various niches. In the majority of cases, the theme features permit to customize it easily.

Another prevalent thing with multipurpose themes is a mix of existing layouts and elements. For instance, you can locate a theme with different footer and header layouts, or multiple designs for the home page. As an example, the Grecko theme features eight separate header designs.

Niche themes are inclined to place a special emphasis on brand identity and design, as they deliver extra value to the client in this way and highlight their brand uniqueness. Such designs opt to employ colors linked to a particular industry. In multiple cases, a theme designer thinks across the theme’s layout and emphasizes the site’s UX.

Reign PeepSo Theme

8. Functionality- Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

The assortment of tools and plugins that accompanies a theme also exert a large effect on our choice. If a theme has withstood the ‘design test’ and seems sufficiently great, you wish to explore it further.

Multipurpose themes are inclined to contain lots of tools within their package. Some people might view the surplus of widgets, plugins, and theme options as overpowering. Nevertheless, if you invest some time in knowing a theme and fiddling with its settings, you’ll become accustomed to its toolset and may even miss it if you alter your theme in the future. As regards the plugins, those unused can always be deactivated, and activated in the future, if required.

If you select a niche theme, getting used to your theme also involves a little learning curve. Nevertheless, the alternatives are generally more user-friendly in comparison to a multipurpose theme. As you possess a niche theme, it isn’t necessary to cover all probable theme uses, so you can modify only the aspects linked directly to your business.

Niche themes contain plugins and functionality that can be handy for your industry, like the appointment manager plugin within Jacqueline.

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9. Speed- Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

A popular problem associated with multipurpose themes relates to speed. Big themes tend to load gradually since a big number of database queries a theme dispatches to the server. The theme options, styles, plugins, and other components use time to load and can be truly annoying to users sometimes.

The reason for slow loading is that a shared hosting environment might be restricted to some themes. If you’re utilizing inexpensive shared hosting, you may desire to upgrade to an individual plan for your theme to do better. Further, you may desire to invest in a CDN service and a caching plugin, which will accelerate the loading of your content.

The problem of speed with the multipurpose theme is certainly solvable.

Depending on its type, niche themes tend to load quicker than mega themes. However, if you wish to employ them to their total potential, a dedicated server would suit them better, with a caching plugin and a CDN.

10. Copy- Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

The tendency of the previous several years is deviating from “Lorem ipsum” texts within the templates. The whole text in the template should be appropriate to the topic. As you can comprehend, this is particularly important for niche templates. When you purchase a niche theme, you don’t need to write your personal copy, simply modify and optimize the available texts for your project and it can take off.

Multipurpose themes also display custom texts. Nevertheless, as they are built to fit different kinds of projects, the texts there may need greater customization.

Final Decision On Niche Vs Multipurpose Themes

Reign BuddyPress ThemeIn the majority of cases, the option between a multipurpose and a theme is based on your requirements. If you regard flexibility and plenty of options, a multipurpose theme may be perfect. Being a complete tool for website builders, it can be effectively employed by developers to build themes for customers rapidly.

Niche-based themes suit those who value simplicity and require a focused solution for their requirements. If you are clear about what you desire from a theme, and you’ve discovered simply the ideal one for you, why extend and opt for multipurpose? Niche themes frequently arrive with specific functionality developed to serve the needs of your industry, and may, therefore, benefit your project more.

Finally, multipurpose as well as niche-specific themes can adapt to your project nicely, when you reveal their design, and offer you the required functionality. So proceed, grasp that attractive theme you’ve been yearning to purchase, and begin building your project immediately!

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