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When you are launching a new website, you might believe that designing the website first is the go-to method before you insert any constructive content. You may want to think twice about this approach and instead (create content before website design) create your content first before plotting out how your website should be designed. Even if your website is barebones and doesn’t have a polished look.

The Content First Method Will Benefit You In Many Ways

Here are some examples:

Content Guides the Website Format

Your content will be what directs the layout of the website. When you populate your website with your blogs, press releases, news updates, deals, and other marketing campaigns, you can see how the font looks when published. This allows you to tweak the site according to the font size and format it by paying attention to the length of the content post. You may also want to feature content on your first page if you already have a subject matter that gets a lot of traffic. For example, designing your website first may leave less room for content in the beginning; most likely you’ll only focus on brief website copy summarizing your business services. Later on, you might change your mind and want to feature blogs or other notable updates on the front page. Instead, see how well already posted content looks and design your website around that before you have to redesign it again.

Creating Content First Saves Time

When you insert your content first, this helps create consistency across your website and will lessen the coding workload. When you have marketing pages, a FAQ page, and blogs, you can design your website to feature these pages to prevent any mistakes in the design process. You won’t have to go to your website designer to make additional changes and updates later on. Every time you revise the copy that’s already in the design, the web designer has to perform additional work.

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Content Gives You a Vision

You may not know what direction you want to take with your website. Perhaps you want to provide a long list of resources or you want to show off your testimonials from clients on the front page. Whatever your goals are, you will want to identify how you want your content to be conveyed and featured. The website can follow the design of the content. For example, if you want to feature a FAQ page but think your website is too complex and makes it difficult to find, you can consider inserting a tab or a large button to guide people to that page. Your clients are mostly seeking information, so your website should cater to the needs of your client and make it easier for them to discover what they are seeking.

People Remember Content Before Design

When your potential customers arrive at your website, the most important component of it is the content you provide. Website visitors should feel that they found what they were looking for, that the information was interesting, or that they find the content valuable. How your website looks helps to make a good impression and shows off the professionalism of your business, however, all the bells and whistles aren’t as important as what the website has to offer. If visitors find that there is difficulty discovering the content, the site was hard to navigate, or they couldn’t find the resources they need, they might go elsewhere to find what they need.

Once website visitors find the information they need, they either contact you or leave. Your content will be the reason visitors stay on a website as they read through all of the information you provide. This is why your website should be centered around your content instead of focusing on design alone. If you make your website easier to navigate and the font formatting easy to read, then your visitors can fully appreciate the information on your site.

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Additional Ideas for Law Firm Website Content

LearndashYou might be excited to launch your law firm website, but remember that content is the most important key factor to successful traffic. Your domain authority and search engine ranking will help you get discovered online. You can make targeted campaigns that funnel your ideal customer base right to your email list. First, create your law firm website content, then design a website that helps potential clients find the exact information that they need. Content should be helpful, so making your website useful to readers will increase your chances of conversion. If you want a great website with useful content, you can work with an experienced team who can get you started.

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