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In today’s corporate world, meetings are a must since they enable a constant flow of communication. Approximately 60 million meetings are held in the United States each week. More than a quarter of the time spent by a typical American employee working in a company is spent in meetings. In the following section, we’ll discuss 5 of the best meeting management App that you’ll want to use in 2022, and that will make your workdays a little bit simpler.


In what ways does Meeting Management Software differ from traditional methods?

Meeting management solutions aid in setting the circumstances for planning and holding meetings, organizing the communication within teams, managing the relevant data, and sharing information.

Top 5 Meeting Management App

Using meeting management software, employees can openly express their thoughts, have a clear mutual understanding, and debate current topics.

1. BeeNote

BeeNote- Meeting Management App
Meeting Management App

Beenote is a meeting management solution for your Board and Committees. A SaaS Mode indicates that the Beenote platform manages your meetings. You pay for the services you require with a SaaS. Beenote is an excellent alternative for preparing a Board or committee meeting. You can quickly and efficiently handle all of your meetings while saving time and money.

What makes Beenote the ideal meeting companion? It combines the key functionalities of different applications into a single user-friendly program. It enables you to record, document, and distribute meeting minutes to anybody in your organization. You can also share these remarks with others, including other team members or businesses. The advantages of Beenote are numerous. It enables you to arrange more effective meetings, boost team productivity, and promote knowledge exchange.

Beenote makes it simple to manage meetings. Its simple features let you determine what you want to cover and who has to be present at the meeting. You may choose themes, participants, and objectives, as well as how long you want to talk about them. It interacts with your business calendar, allowing you to capture critical moments from meetings. This will enable you to share the agenda and minutes with others, which can help you close more transactions and please more customers.

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2. Google Meet

Google Meet- Meeting Management App
Meeting Management App

Google Meet is an excellent tool for organizing virtual meetings. When you call someone, they will immediately join your meeting when they answer the phone. When you call individuals, they will see their names and come to the meeting. You may change several parameters to make it more productive. You may also show the current speaker and presentation and attendees, depending on the purpose of the meeting.

Google Meet also lets you see the screen before starting a meeting, which is helpful if you want to tweak the camera or microphone before the meeting. You may also check the participants and change the arrangement of the program. You may even mute, delete, or pin people to concentrate on the meeting. And also share the recording’s link with other participants so they can see it later. It’s not only great for meetings, but it’s also convenient for distant employees.

Google Meet is a fantastic tool for hosting meetings if you operate a business. You may host meetings for up to 30 people. The service is accessible through computer and mobile devices. You must send a link to your attendees to join in a meeting. If you wish to keep the dialogue private, you may use a gray background to obscure the background. You can erase the connection once your meeting has ended.

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3. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM
Meeting Management App

HubSpot Meeting Management Software is an excellent option if you want to manage all of your meetings in one location. It’s a fantastic tool for scheduling meetings and sending follow-up emails. It’s simple to use and has a lot of functions, and it can help you track leads in addition to meeting scheduling. There are various tools available to assist you in configuring your meeting management software, including a calendar connection.

To move scheduling pages from one user to another, you must link each person’s calendars. If you have many users, make one for each individual attending the meetings. Check that the person in charge of the calendars has a paid seat in either the Sales Hub or the Service Hub. Similarly, removing a user will result in the removal of their scheduling pages. As a result, you should transfer ownership before removing a user.

The HubSpot meetings tool is straightforward to use. You must have a calendar connection to utilize this meeting tool. Then, decide whether you want your meetings planned in HubSpot’s scheduling dashboard or your Google Calendar. Then you can choose whether each user should be allowed to book meetings with various members. Individual meeting scheduling pages can also be created. You can guarantee that each prospect has access to your meeting management software by synchronizing your calendars.

4. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
Meeting Management App

Using Microsoft Teams Meeting Management Software to simplify your company meetings is a terrific way to save time. The program has an easy-to-use interface and allows users to create and amend meeting items. They can also include start and finish dates, discussion comments, and links to crucial tasks. Users can give tasks to team members while scheduling meetings. Simultaneously, they may delegate tasks to other team members and track their progress. This makes workflow management simple for teams.

Users may have meetings and video/audio conferences using Microsoft Teams, and they can even use the program to host webinars. The program also includes note-taking, screen sharing, and attachment forwarding capabilities. The program allows all attendees to participate in decision-making, whether they are in a meeting or online. It is free with the Basic plan, but you’ll need to upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription if you want more sophisticated capabilities.

With its numerous capabilities, Microsoft Teams Meeting Management Software may be incredibly valuable to your organization. In addition to assisting, you in meeting organization, this program also helps you communicate with your team. You may send emails, share screen sharing, and create polls using the user-friendly interface. Individual participation in polls can also be tracked, and unique characteristics can be included. One of the finest features of this tool is that it is simple to incorporate into Microsoft Outlook.

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5. Zoom- Meeting Management App

zoom- Meeting Management App
Meeting Management App

The Meetings Calendar makes it simple to schedule meetings and invites attendees. It also has features like screen sharing and a separate comments area. Its comprehensive features enable team members to collaborate and communicate, and it connects with third-party apps such as Google Docs, Trello, and Slack. Furthermore, you may add specific properties to your meetings, such as the meeting subject or the attendees. This will help to speed up the entire procedure.

If you have a team that meets frequently, you may use the Zoom Meeting Management Software to fulfill your demands. It integrates with your Google calendar and allows you to plan meetings from anywhere in the globe. It captures meetings and generates searchable transcripts for your records. You may also use the tool for co-annotation and real-time screen sharing. You may also create private and public groups and communicate with your team to ensure that only pertinent information is discussed.

While there are several meeting management software solutions, Zoom offers the finest integration. For example: It’s easy to start a meeting with Hive by just typing “/zoom” in the chat box. It may also be integrated with other programs, such as Coda, to help you speed business meetings. Aside from that, the combination of Zoom and Coda is convenient, and it enables you to view the same screen as other players.

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The list of meeting management software has come to an end. With all of this information in hand, we’re certain you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you. The meeting management tools listed above are all excellent choices. We are confident that you will be able to conduct and manage your meeting efficiently with the help of any of these tools.

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