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You must be looking for an easy solution to expand your contact list. A wonderful way to go about it is to add an email subscription sign up form to your site as it easily lets people sign up so that you can communicate through email.

Have you ever thought about the time spent by your visitors towards your email subscription form? It’s only a matter of a few seconds that are of profound worth as within that time span either your email subscription form gets filled or simply ignored as with different forms. All your painstaking efforts to craft an article, build an email subscription form, do its configuration and achieve no result in the end, but only a zero subscribers list and users leaving your site.

All this happens, as you are committing some common mistakes that hampers your site visitors from sharing their email id. Here in this post, you will know about the 10 highly common email subscription form mistakes and how to troubleshoot them.

1. You Do Not Pay Attention Towards The Timings

Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes
Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes

Everyone likes to be uninterrupted when they are focusing elsewhere. This also holds true of your site visitors.

Just think that your email subscription form shows up at the very moment when your readers are getting engrossed into the content. If we carry out the same request at this moment of making you sign up even when you are in the midst of going through the content. Surely, it would annoy you and also your visitors. So make it certain that your subscription form pops up at the appropriate time.

What then is the appropriate time? It can be ideal if a subscription form is kept at the end of the page. Though in some cases, where an audience arrives at your homepage, a discount popup viewed instantly can be enough. You have to plan the right time for the appearance of your email subscription for your audience.

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2. You Bring Subscription Forms In Excess

Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes
Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes

Here excess means many forms.

You may be concerned about building your email list and in the long run finish creating an excess of email subscription forms. You may hold the opinion that having many subscription forms tends to raise the list of your email subscribers. But the reality is, it does not.

Keeping subscription forms in excess spoils the user experience and ultimately makes them feel disinterested in your content even if it is of high quality. The best way is to restrict the number of subscription forms and there is no need to exhibit them all across your webpage.

3. You Missed Out On Communicating The Value To Your Audience

In present times, simply presenting flashy email subscription forms is not sufficient. You have to perform a bit more. For getting your visitors to share their email address with you something worthy and useful has to be offered to them.

Tell your audience the way you would resolve a problem or address their questions. Make it certain to show the changes that can happen in case they subscribe. It can be done through one or two sentences or using a bulleted list. Articulating value to your subscribers in the type of content sent makes it resourceful for your visitors. So make 8it sure that you are offering something valuable by providing discount coupons, pdf’s for free, cheatsheets, templates, or checklists.

Many websites have been catering to all th8is, but to remain a frontrunner, you have to present your users something that concerns them and seems very relevant. If your audience is viewing something related to healthy diet and nutrition, offer them a pdf that contains tips and tricks related to the intake of a balanced nutrition and diet.

The greater the value offered to your audience, higher are the chances of their signing up for your email subscription forms.

4. You Inquire A Lot Of Information

Email address can be Okay.

Contact Address and Mobile number? Not at all, Never!

It irritates your visitors if you seek a lot of information, Rather, you should express your gratitude that your visitors are bothering themselves to leave their email address only for you as they find your offer helpful to them.

Therefore, do not use your very first opportunity to inquire much. In fact, many marketers regard an email subscription form having two fields as the maximum number. The main purpose of your subscription form is to gain emails and let it stay that way. For some time,at least!

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5. You May Be Applying Poor Colors And Visuals

Common Email Subscription Form Mistakes

Colors impact people hugely as they get influenced by visuals. An eye-grabbing branded form for signing up can perform better in communicating your brand value and gain more email subscribers. Sign up forms containing images higher views than the ones without images.
When colors are used properly in email subscription form, it turns into an amazing email capturing tool.

In fact, blue offers a soothing user experience and enhances trust. See to it that the color used in your subscription form reveals the content inside and completely merges with the background of your site. At the same time, it should also be visually captivating.. In fact, 90% of first impressions are centred upon visual or color perceptions only.

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6. You Compose A Headline That Is Weak And Not Concise

Your headline should be approved and liked as well. Often a subscr8ipt8ion form fa8ils to address one aspect that is very vital – A Compelling Headline
A compelling headline does not contain fancy words but has clarity and makes the user connect with the topic instantly. Blog titles are what you read first when you access a web page and sparks your interest in going on with the post as it appears purposeful.

Some of the headlines that are catchy, is powerful and drives attention can be:

  • Little-Known Ways to do …..
  • Must-Have Trends for
  • What No One Tells You About X
  • XX Best Tips To Drive More Website Traffic
  • X Surprising Ways To Prepare A Healthy Salad
  • This should be the way you craft a headline of your email subscription form!

7. You Create A Difficult Closing Process

You make the procedure for closing off your subscription form difficult for your site user so as to leave them with no other alternative but opt-in. But do think about the button for closing that is present on the tab of the browser. Certainly, that is the recourse taken when you create difficulty for your visitor.

You should refrain from driving your users to take such a step. If they decide to close the opt-in form, allow them to do so. Your sole goal should be on generating quality content and producing subscription forms that have no defects. The rest will follow on its own.

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8. You Retain Excessive Text

You visualize the need to bring more clarity for your users in the email subscription form and in the process end up by adding vast textual paragraphs. This causes a dip in attention and that’s why you should keep it concise, brief, and relevant to the subject. As your users have a limited attention span, you need to perform within that.

9. You Missed Out On Using Images

It has been found that users hang around for a few seconds more on a subscription form that contains certain visual elements. A survey has revealed that an image based email subscription form had higher conversions compared to subscription forms that had none.

Images hold the attention of a user which helps to spike conversion rates. So, let your subscription form leverage on the effectiveness of images. Let few relevant images attract the attention of the audience and turn your email subscription form stunning.

You Overlook The Testing And Tracking

On an honest note, do you really perform the testing, optimizing and tracking of the performance of your email subscription forms? Surely, not many? These forms are not a make and forget stuff, and you have to fix goals and watch whether the subscription forms are delivering the same. It can be the conversion figures, or rates of click-through or any yardstick for that matter.

Making alterations to your opt-in form, analyzing its performance metrics and retaining the best is must to make your form stand out. You can utilize analytics tools such as A/B testing for comparing two versions of the forms, and various third party tools to measure metrics.

If not, evaluate where there are shortcoming as even a slight change of colour in your subscription form can lead to a big changeover in metrics. At times, using a red button in place of a green button can bring higher reader conversions.

You must have now realized the worth of improving and tweaking your email opt-in forms regularly.

Final Words

Everything becomes important when you make an email subscription form from performance metrics, asking for less information at the point of sign-up, color contrast to display time. What eventually matters is how you strike the perfect balance between the various elements that goes into creating a flawless and ideal email subscription form.

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