You must have a lot of ideas regarding how to improve your website but the best way to get detailed information regarding our website is from the viewers. Your viewers will be able to tell you what they like and dislike about your website. You will get to know what exactly your website lacks. You need not have to spend hours thinking about how exactly you can grow your website. 

In this way, you can eliminate the problems and give the people what they actually want. However, before asking the people for their opinion, just figure out what is the best way to do so. There are various ways by which you can get feedback from your customers.  We have listed a few of them below.

Send a survey form to your customers


 It is very important to make your customers know that you care about what they think of you. In order to do that, you can send a survey form to your customers. This will allow your customers to interact with you and also take a keen interest in your business or company. The survey form should be attractive and simple. You should ask precise and simple questions to your customers through the survey. There are a number of ways by which you can set up a survey. You can either use a plugin on your website or you can also use a survey website. 

Different survey websites are available like SurveyMonkey which allow you to send a survey via email and social media platforms. You should also keep your survey short so that the customers need not have to spend a lot of time in filling up your survey. You can also offer different kinds of services to your customers like access to password-protected content and a chance to win a gift. However, before preparing a survey, you should be clear about what exactly you want from your customers. Based on that, you should frame your questions and grab the attention of your viewers.

Organise in-person events for your customers


Events are the best possible way to interact with your customers and also promote your brand. You can also communicate with your customers via email and social media platform but the best way to do so is an event. You can have a face to face conversation with your client and get to know what they feel about you and what opinion they have about your business. A heart to heart conversation will also help them to gain your trust.

The types of events you organise will definitely depend on the budget of your company. You can offer light refreshments to your customers. You should be clear about your goals and your motives before you organise an event. You can also thank your customers later on for attending your event and ask for their feedback regarding the happenings of the day.

Monitor all your social media mentions

You can use a social media management tool to monitor what your customers are saying about your website on various social media platforms. It is an excellent way to learn what people think about your website, their likes as well as their dislikes. You can also respond to their issues and show your members that you generally care about their concerns.

Various social media management tools are available. One such tool is Hootsuite. You should also make it a point to respond to the questions as soon as possible. Also, keep a track of all the positive and negative feedback in a document so that you can work on them later. You can also make changes to your website based on the data that you receive.

You can add a forum to your website 

Ways to get feedback

The forum is the best place where your customers can interact with you. All the customers can also interact with each other through your forum and exchange their ideas. However, the conversation must have a clear purpose and value. Using a forum, you will be able to grow your community to an enormous extent. 

Adding a forum to your website is also quite an easy task. It can easily be done using bbPress or Discourse. This will engage your customers to your website for a considerable amount of time. You will also be able to learn a lot about your customers and attend to their needs.

Monitor the analytics

Ways to get feedback

It is very important for you to keep track of the amount of time your customers are spending on your website, which pages they are repeatedly visiting and which pages are driving them away from your website. You will also find out the cause of traffic and who your actual audience is. All this information will allow you to understand the type of customers who are investing time on your website. 

All this information will prove to be extremely advantageous in increasing the number of customers and will also help you to find out ways in which you can keep your customers glued to your website for a longer duration of time. This analysis will also help you to make different kinds of improvements to your website which will benefit your business at large.

Place a feedback form on your website 

Ways to get feedback

Feedback form is an easy way by which your customers will be able to share their thoughts and feelings with you. You can then use these ideas to bring an improvement to your website. Feedback form is very similar to a survey. It will give you insight and will also help you to invade your customer’s mind.

In the feedback form, you may write simple questions. The questions should be short and precise and also easy to understand. You can also add the form to a widget on all the pages of your website. The forms should look attractive and should grab the attention of yours. Placing the form at a proper position on your website is also quite important. It should be placed at a position which is easily noticeable by your customers.


So, these were some of the best ways by which you can take feedback from your viewers. All these ways are extremely effective in converting your viewers to customers. There are various other ways as well. Do let us know if you have any such ideas in mind.

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