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If you want to sell products online, whether physical items or digital downloads, there are plenty of plugins available for WordPress that can help you do just that. However, if you want to sell services through your website, then the options are not limited. But Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin proves best on all terms.

Easy Digital Downloads was built to provide an easy way to sell digital products with WordPress. With EDD Sell Services we have added the feature to add an extra layer for Peer-2-Peer conversation between vendor and customers.


Services are, of course, not products at all. However, they are very commonly sold in the same way digital products are. They are often sold one of two ways:

  1. As fixed-price services. The cost of the service is predefined and known to the customer before needing to engage with the service provider.
  2. On a case-by-case basis. The required work is scoped by the service provider, quoted to the customer, and the cost is agreed upon by both parties.

All services could technically be sold through Easy Digital Downloads, as long as you utilize the right plugins and extensions. However, some services come to mind that seems ripe for setting up a site and allowing customers to put those services in a shopping cart.

For example, you might consider selling services like:

  • Graphic designers/Photographers- Who want to create logos, graphics, images based on customer requirements.
  • Web designers- You can take input from the customer to solve their bugs, do the quick software installation and lots more.
  • Copywriters- Who wants to sell their services.
  • Legal professionals- Who want to sell their advice based on some questions.
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Translators
  • Consultants

And that’s barely scratching the surface! This is another segment of digital products we have seen on the rise, with more than three times as many people selling services using Easy Digital Downloads now compared with a year ago.

Once you decide that you’d like to sell your services online, follow the steps below to configure a beautiful, secure and user-friendly ecommerce store.

You can sell Ebooks, Digital Music, Graphics, Photographs or Images, Any sound such as ringtones and caller tunes, services such as consultancy, beauty and a lot more. Even with EDD Digital Downloads, you can sell web-based services, website templates, mobile apps, video games and much more.

When we talk about its plugins, EDD Sell services Plugin is the best. So, let talk about this plugin in brief-

About EDD Sell Services Plugin

EDD Sell services allow the vendor and site owner to sell his services and also adds impressive conversation section with requirement submission from the customer after order.Many Easy Digital Downloads users sell WordPress plugins and themes and choose to offer installation services. While the sale of a plugin or theme is instant and does not require the store owner to be involved in most cases, installation services need that special attention is given to the customer.

Features of Edd Sell Services Plugin

Edd Sell Services comes with bundles of features let us discuss one by one-

Adding a new Product–  Once you download this plugin. You will get an option to create a New product type called ”EDD Services” to sell services. This option appears in the product type dropdown when you add a new product.

Vendors can add questions– Like Fiverr, this plugin had allowed sellers to add set of questions which should be asked to the buyer to start with service order. EDD Sell services can allow vendors to add questions that will be required to process service. Customer will be able to submit requirement details to start order processing.

Managing orders and Tabular form – With the help of this plugin customers and vendors can efficiently manage their orders in a tabular form. They can quickly set up their orders whichever they want to.

Manage Services - Easy Digital Download

A dedicated Conversion Section– EDD Sell services allow you to add a separate conversation section for each order. Vendors and customers can easily communicate through this section. Can attach files and can continue replies to the same thread. EDD Sell Services makes it incredibly easy. For many, having the ability to communicate directly with previous customers one-on-one is the key to selling services with Easy Digital Downloads.


Conversation Trigger Option– EDD Sell services not only lets you sell services but also gives a vendor an option to conversate with his customers. It provides an option to a vendor as well as customers to receive emails for each conversation trigger that takes place between them.

EDD Sell Services - conversation

Add Reviews and Ratings– EDD Sell services plugin adds a feature to provide reviews and ratings to show the satisfaction level. Customers can add reviews and rating to the services they received.

EDD sell services - rating and review

Pricing of EDD Sell Services Plugin

This plugin is quite impressive when it comes to selling your services online. With loads of features, I have mentioned above can let you build a robust relationship between you can your customers.  You can quickly get this plugin-


$81 – Developer License: EDD SELL SERVICES


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