Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

If you are willing to sell a digital product on your website, then you must install a plugin which offers digital product store. Easy Digital Download plugin is the most well-considered plugin for anybody who wants to set up a digital product store. Thus this plugin provided by WordPress provides you a pool of options for digital product store development. Today we are going to see how much this plugin is fit for selling Digital Products with WordPress. Let’s Check out how you can get started selling your digital products in this Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review.

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Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Digital Downloads do not only refer to selling ebooks online. It includes a wide variety of products that you can sell online. You can sell Ebooks, Digital Music, Graphics, Photographs or Images, Any sound such as ringtones and caller tunes, services such as consultancy, beauty and a lot more.
A few days back, I was searching a plugin to sell digital products online and came across with a fantastic plugin to create a digital store. Easy Digital Downloads is a great plugin to set up an online shop for Digital products with WordPress. This plugin is completely free and easy to configure and use. It allows you to Add a digital product, Set the price for those products and set up payment Gateways.

Features of Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

  • Create Discount Codes for customers.
  • Allow your customers to download products an unlimited number of times or restrict the downloads to a certain amount.
  • Rest API that lets you quickly access sales and product information.
  • Shopping Cart functionality available.
  • Monitor all the Download Activity by tracking the date, time and IP address of all purchased and downloaded files.
  • Built-in reporting platform for viewing stats, making custom reports and much more.

This plugin also offers some paid add-ons that you can use to add more features to your store. You can purchase these add-ons as per your need.

2. Sell your products with EDD

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Once you install the plugin, the first and foremost thing is to set your payment gateway. Go to Downloads>> Settings and Select the Payment Gateways Option. Here you can click on the payment gateway you wish to choose and set it up. By default, EDD offers PayPal Standard inbuilt support. Also, select the Payment Methods that you want to add.
Make sure you choose the correct payment gateway. Choosing a right Payment Gateway depends on various factors, such as your country of residence, your audience’s location so you should pick a payment gateway which supports that location.

3. Adding a New product

Easy Digital Downloads Review

To Add a new product, you can just go to Add New in the Downloads section of your Dashboard.Add the product title and description.
Here you can add the Download Price, Upload the file you want to sell. Here you can select the Product Type Options between Default and Bundle.You can also add Download Notes if you wish to add any.
You can limit the number of times a customer can download a file. You can also add categories and set tags for your products.


Easy Digital Downloads review

This plugin also provides you a Download Stats Option where you can get a record of your sales and Earnings.

 Other Settings:

This plugin provides you various additional features besides just selling a digital product online. Let us check out these features one by one:

Payment history

Easy Digital Downloads review

This option shows you details of the items sold, their amount, customer and the status of the product. You can also select the start date and end date as well as the payment gateway to track your purchase history.

Discount Codes:

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

This option lets you set discount codes for your products. You can easily set discount amount, its uses, its start, and expiration date.

EDD Reports:


Easy Digital Downloads review

Another amazing option that lets you track your reports earnings by downloads, by payment methods, by Taxes, by category. You can check your earnings by the days you set.

EDD Tools

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

This option lets you set Banned Emails, Reset Store Stats, Generate API Keys, System Info, Import/Export Payment History.

Email Setting

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Email Settings lets you choose email template, upload your logo, Set From Name and Email.


Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Here you can choose to enable or disable styling options such as of Button Style, Button Color, Checkout fields, etc.


Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

This setting lets you add taxes as per your country, state/ province, rates, inclusive or exclusive of taxes and much more.

Misc Option

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin Review

Under Misc option, you will find options such as Redirect to checkout, Cart Item Quantities, Debug Mode, Checkout, Button Text, Downloads, Terms of Agreement, etc.

You can also easily browse other paid add-ons from the Extensions options.There are more than 100 EDD extensions to choose. Some of these extensions include Recurring Payments, Stripe payment gateway, Software licensing, Frontend Submissions, All Access, MailChimp, ConvertKit and much more. EDD also provides detailed documentation and their support is just outstanding.

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Final Verdict

Easy Digital Downloads was my best bet. This plugin is easy to use and configure. With tons of features, this plugin just stands out of the crowd. I will recommend using this plugin if you want to set up clean and quick Digital Store without much hassle.
Also, the support that this team provides is something that always makes it a win-win situation for the plugin. Being a free plugin, EDD has much more to offer than expected.
You can download this plugin easily from WordPress Repo.

Download EDD

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