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Looking for the best ways to duplicate WordPress pages or posts on your website? There might be several reasons you need to clone pages or posts on your WordPress site. It might be to fasten up your website building process to get your website live quickly or save your time from adding the same information again and again.

However, it is more than simply copying and pasting the entire content of a webpage. Want to learn the various ways to clone your pages or posts without ruining the existing website structure? Here we have this entire blog to help you learn the several ways to duplicate them in the easiest way possible. Let’s have a look at them!


Duplicating Pages or Post With Plugins

If you are not much into coding, adding a plugin can be an excellent method to duplicate WordPress pages or posts. Plugins offer a user-friendly experience to website owners as they can do almost anything or everything using a plugin. However, it is essential to choose the right plugins that don’t hamper your website performance. Here are some recommendations to make your choice easier.

1. Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page
Duplicate page setting

The Duplicate Page plugin offers some extraordinary features that many other plugins don’t provide. It is an excellent plugin to help you duplicate posts, pages, and custom post types. Additionally, it allows you to save the final copies as drafts, pending, public, or private.

To use the best features of the Duplicate Page plugin, you just have to follow the simple steps below:
Install the plugin using your WordPress dashboard and activate it from the plugins section.
Now configure the settings as per your needs to get full advantage of the plugin.
Go to your WordPress Dashboard>Pages > All or Posts > All to select the content you wish to duplicate.
Click on the “Duplicate” option to complete the process and publish.

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2. Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post WordPress plugin

One of the most widely used plugins for duplicate WordPress pages or posts is called Duplicate Post. It also provides a suffix and prefix option to help differentiate between original and duplicate pages or posts.

Using this plugin to duplicate is a rather simple operation than performing manual coding. Here are some quick steps to duplicate pages or posts using the plugin :

  • Go to the “Plugins” section and activate the Duplicate page plugin.
  • Now go to the posts section on your dashboard to duplicate pages or posts.
  • Navigate to post type for duplicate and click on bulk action to clone all at once.
  • Then click Publish to make the copy live.

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3. Yoast Duplicate Post

This is yet another get stunning option to duplicate WordPress pages or posts. The plugin allows website owners to create exact copies of their posts or pages. Moreover, it also enables you to duplicate a post or page without making changes to the original pages or posts.

To use this plugin at its best, simply follow the steps given below:

  • Install and activate the Yoast Duplicate post plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard>Plugins>Add New plugin.
  • Now customize the settings to make exact copies of the various pages or posts.
  • Start cloning the pages or posts you want by hovering your mouse on the pages or posts and publishing the changes.

Duplicate WordPress Pages or Posts Without Plugins

Adding duplicate WordPress pages or posts is easily possible with plugins. However, you don’t necessarily need to install a plugin in case you don’t want to add another plugin to your site. Instead, you can simply add them manually either by editing the functions.php file or simply copying and pasting the code in the code editor section. Both ways, we will help you out. So shall we begin?

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1. Editing functions.php Section

WordPress offers several ways to edit website structure and functionalities. However, functions.php is an excellent option you can choose to make the changes efficiently. Editing the code in your functions.php file is one of the manual ways to copy a WordPress page or post. Although it may be simple to implement, you should take caution and first take a backup of your site.

You will need to use Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or any means you prefer to access your functions.php file and open it for editing to allow cloning for posts. Then, you must add the following code to the end of the file.

add_filter(‘page_row_actions’, ‘rd_duplicate_post_link’, 10, 2);

After that, you can save the file and reupload it to your server. Then you can head back to your WordPress dashboard. A Duplicate button should now appear when you hover over a page or post you want to clone.

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2. Manually Copying and Pasting the Code

As explained above, WordPress allows several options to help you duplicate WordPress pages or posts as per your needs. If you do not want to go with the functions.php file process, you can manually copy and paste the code of the pages or posts you wish to duplicate. Follow the below steps to make exact copies of your pages or posts:

  • Select the page or post you want to duplicate and open it to start cloning.
  • Now, click on the More Tools & Options menu to select the code editor option.
  • There, you can copy the code for the page or post.
  • Click on New Post or New Page and open the Code Editor.
  • Now, Paste in the code and click on the More Tools & Options menu.
  • Select Visual Editor where you can see the new page or post is duplicated.

You can easily duplicate WordPress pages or posts by copying and pasting manually. However, the entire process can be a little longer as you’ll have to do it individually for each page or post you want to copy.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you have learned the various ways to duplicate WordPress pages or posts. Duplicating pages or posts is not a tough task with WordPress as it offers plenty of options to save time and energy. Therefore, we advise you to choose plugins to duplicate pages or posts smoothly. You can choose the most suitable option as per your needs. Also, several plugins are available to help you duplicate pages or posts easily and without wasting time. Keep reading our blogs for more information and tips on duplicating pages or posts on your WordPress website.

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