Six Best Opt In Form Plugin For WordPress In 2024

Best Opt In Form Plugin For Wordpress

Anyone operating an internet business needs to focus on building an email list as soon as possible. Whether a blogger or an e-commerce entrepreneur, building a fan base for your business is easier with an email list.
While developing an email list isn’t always as simple as it appears, several excellent plugins can help you get the most out of your efforts. In this post, you will learn about some of the Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress. Buddy X

Opt-in Plugins for WordPress in 2022: The Best Plugins

You need a robust WordPress plugin to quickly and easily add any of these opt-in forms to your site.
Here are six of these plugins; you can amass an email list by collecting emails from site visitors.
Most widely used WordPress list-building plugins.

1. Bloom- Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress


Get this plugin: Bloom

Bloom, an opt-in plugin from Elegant Themes, helps you design popups, slide-ins, inline opt-in forms, and sidebar opt-ins. Bloom forms enable you to choose from pre-designed templates and customize the style and feel. In addition, the targeting choices are among the best available on the market. Advanced triggers like “trigger after commenting,” “trigger after purchasing,” “trigger after a click,” or “trigger after a period of idleness” are all available, as well as primary triggers like “scroll percent.” The Bloom dashboard also provides A/B testing between different designs.

In exchange for Bloom’s more excellent capability and creative flexibility, it comes with a steeper learning curve than some of the other plugins mentioned here.

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2. Thrive Leads


Get this plugin: Thrive Leads 

A robust WordPress opt-in solution similar to Bloom, Thrive Leads offers many features at the cost of a lengthier learning curve. Thrive Leads, available as a standalone plugin or as part of the Thrive Membership, lets you construct the following types of forms:

  • In-line/in-content
  • Lightbox (popup)
  • Post footer
  • The Ribbon (opt-in bar)
  • Screen filler
  • Scroll mat
  • Slide-in
  • Widgets for the sidebar are available.

A wide variety of design templates and a high degree of design flexibility are included with each form. When it comes to premium opt-in plugins, Thrive Leads has all the features you’d expect, such as the ability to show opt-ins on specified pages, articles, or categories.

The A/B testing capabilities are also quite broad. Thrive Leads, in contrast to Bloom, allows you to test a variety of form kinds, triggers, and more. Thrive Leads gives you complete control, so you may experiment with anything you want.

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3. Popup by Supsystic

popup- Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress
Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress

Get this plugin: Popup by Supsystic 

This plugin is an excellent choice if your goal is to create popups. In contrast to other opt-in methods such as inline or sidebar forms, this one focus exclusively on popups. The Popup plugin lets you create a wide variety of forms. From the basic email opt-in form or contact form to social buttons, popups with video, PDF, or iFrame embeds, and notification bars, there are many options.

A popup that requires a person to verify their age or sign in can also be used to keep material from being accessed until they do so.

Other plugins on this list offer a broader range of features. However, this is the best option for you if you’re looking to construct popup opt-in forms.

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4. Convert Pro

Convert Pro

Get this plugin: Convert Pro

Convert Pro; As a plugin, it provides many of the features of subscription-based services like OptinMonster and others. Allows you to set everything up in the WordPress dashboard, saving you time and decreasing the load on your site’s performance (a common problem when using SaaS tools with WordPress).

Inline/after-post opt-in forms, widget & sidebar opt-ins, info/opt-in bars, and full-screen pop-ups may all be created with Convert Pro. A drag-and-drop design editor is included with each form type, allowing you to personalize the available templates further.

A variety of advanced trigger settings are also available, such as:

  • Posts and pages that are specific
  • Desire to leave
  • Duration of visit
  • Inactivity of the user
  • After scroll
  • Welcome trigger
  • After content
  • A/B testing of various designs is another feature included.

Convert Pro is a premium opt-in plugin without SaaS bloat.

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5. Icegram- Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress

Icegram image- Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress
Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress

Get this plugin: Icegram

Aside from opt-in forms, Icegram has several other features that make it useful for a wide range of tasks. If you don’t want your consumers to sign up, you can utilize Icegram to generate call-to-action sections that direct them to your chosen website or action. It’s also possible to use popups (sidebar widgets, notification bars, etc.) to point visitors to your store or a recent post instead of merely asking them to join your mailing list.

It’s a terrific tool for promoting sales and repurposing items left in shopping carts online. Icegram is a top WordPress email plugin. It’s an excellent plugin for building your email list because of the variety of design templates and triggers it offers.

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6. OptinMonster

OptinMonster- Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress
Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress

Get this plugin: OptinMonster

For those who want to establish an email list, this plugin is a monster because it’s packed with features you’ll adore. The drag-and-drop editor in OptinMonster makes creating forms a breeze. With this plugin, you may develop a variety of different opt-in forms, including:

  • Popup
  • Slide-in
  • Timer with a countdown
  • Scroll mat
  • Sticky ribbon
  • Sidebar form
  • Streamlined
  • Locker of content
  • Coupon wheel
  • Step-by-step procedure

OptinMonster’s forms are highly customizable because of their design options. In addition, you can use Monster Effects, which are bespoke animation and sound effects, to further enhance their appeal. You may set up more complex campaign triggers in OptinMonster, as well. With so many trigger possibilities, it’s easy to get the form in front of the visitor’s eyes at the correct time. Referrers, page-level, geolocation, device, cookies, and more may all be used by OptinMonster to narrow down your audience.

All of the major email marketing platforms are supported by OptinMonster, as well as intelligent tagging, lead sharing, and tracking scripts that make it easy to gather leads and convert them into paying customers.

A list of OptinMonster’s features is presented below.

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Editing using a smartphone
  • Types of opt-in forms
  • Animated features
  • Smart Trigger
  • Smart targeting
  • In-depth reports

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Conclusion Of Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress

That concludes our look at the Best opt In Form Plugin For WordPress. Using these plugins, you can quickly and effectively develop opt-in forms that are visually appealing and have a high conversion rate. There are many factors to consider while selecting a plugin. If you decide to use any of the plugins on this page, make sure they satisfy all of your needs.

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