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Wondering why you should look for an alternative to Facebook groups? Separating from the crowd, forgetting about privacy businesses, taking back control, and setting up your group your way, are just many of the benefits of doing so. Facebook has over 2.6 billion yearly active users. With a large user base, it might look like Facebook groups are the obvious result of hosting your community website.

So why are so numerous leaders, creators, and business holders seeking an alternative to Facebook groups?

The reason is that there are a lot of disadvantages to using Facebook Groups, as you’ll discover in this article.


The benefits of creating an alternative to Facebook Groups

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Community Website Outside of Facebook

1. Separate from the Noise

It’s important to remember the business you’re competing in on Facebook. It’s filled with distraction. An announcement from your group can fluently be lost in a sea of friend’s baby pictures or family vacation updates. On top of that, you’re constantly bombarded with countless advertisements.

It’s fair to say that Facebook Group users are frequently in a state of endless distraction.

Facebook group replacements separate your community from the noisy world of Facebook and lead to higher engagement. It’s like watching your favorite band on the main celebration stage. At their gig, they’re no longer playing passive followership, multiple of whom happen to be where – the crowd is filled with people who laboriously chose to be there. So which followership do you suppose your followers want to be a part of?

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2. Avoid the privacy scandals

It’s safe to say it has been difficult many times for Facebook. Privacy concerns surrounding Facebook users’ data were realized in the Cambridge Analytica disgrace of 2018. With millions of users’ data taken without clearance and used for political advertising.

To show the scale of their data abuse, in July 2019, Facebook was taken to court by the Federal Trade Commission over personal data breaches and settled for the unknown amount of $5 billion.

Facebook group alternatives offer data guarantees to prevent third-party access.

3. Take control back

When using Facebook groups, they’re in control.

  • You’re at the mercy of their algorithm and how it builds users’ feeds.
  • Changes can be made to the platform at any time without warning.
  • They enjoy all the data from your community.
  • You only receive face-position analytics about your group.

Using an alternative to Facebook groups puts you in control of your community rather than allowing Facebook to decide what’s and isn’t acceptable. It’s not uncommon for Facebook to filter and ban content. Also, you could spend time building up a thriving group only for Facebook to take it down on a whim. Do you want to risk losing all your hard draft and your hard-won members?

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4. Customizations-community website

When creating a Facebook group, there are many options for customization. All communities are different, and it would be good to use a platform that reflects it.

With a Facebook group replacement, you can design it your way with features that suit you, similar to live streams or personalized sub-feeds, or threads of content. For instance, a chef could create multiple sub-feeds of different cuisines that people can enter and subscribe to.

5. Monetization

Facebook groups don’t give any built-in monetization functions. So companies and other communities have to redirect people to a different position for monetization, similar to subscriptions or eCommerce. However, you can lightly monetize your followership to produce an excess profit stream by tapping into people’s passions.

Community Platforms

Why use Facebook as a mediator to get to your followership?

A community platform is a website builder that allows you to produce an online community with features similar to feeds, private messaging, announcements, media and content sharing, etc.

Community platforms like BuddyPress empower you to make an alternative to Facebook groups. You can directly engage, manage, and monetize your community with your venue on your terms.

Produce your one-step community platform that’s completely branded and independent. First, gather all your followers or fans who participate in the same passion in a space you control. Then, design it your way, with functions you want similar to feeds, live streams, community moderation, analytics, and monetization.

That’s the beauty of setting up your community platform. It’s your community – your rules!

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List of Community Websites to Create Facebook Alternatives

1. BuddyPress

BuddyPress- Community Website Outside of Facebook
Community Website Outside of Facebook

BuddyPress is the best community plugin you can get on WordPress. It is an open-source and free plugin used to create social media websites. With the help of BuddyPress, you can create a social media platform and create a synergetic atmosphere for your friends, family, and colleagues. Since it is an open-source plugin, it is very flexible to use. BuddyPress features include creating user profiles, groups, activity streams, chats, and much more that you expect from a social media platform.

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2. Reign Theme- community website

Reign theme
Community Website Outside of Facebook

Reign is a BuddyPress WordPress theme Presented by Wbcom Designs that has been designed to assist you in developing a social network or community website. Because of the features of BuddyPress, you can utilize a wide range of social networking options for the WordPress website.

All of these social media features are wrapped in the elegant style of Reign. If elements of the Reign style don’t feel suitable for your particular project, You can easily modify these features. Reign also provides plugins such as Gutenberg Page Builder and the Elementor Page Builder plugin to provide more extensive modification.

Reign includes the BuddyPress social community WordPress Themes network page designs your website will likely require. In addition, there are other options to give you more options. If you’re a brand novice to WordPress as well as an expert web creator, Reign should be suitable for you. There’s an excellent set of helpful online tutorials to aid you in making the most of the theme. In addition, experienced users can benefit from the customization options to customize the theme using CSS. This theme is also compatible with the most up-to-date BuddyPress Nouveau Template and offers customized customization options specifically for it.

The theme can also gain access to a robust eCommerce feature. So if you’re looking to set up an online store or even sell a few items through your website, Reign could be a good choice.

Benefits of using Reign

  • Versatile theme with unique BuddyPress website templates.
  • Integrated with Elementor page builder.
  • Woo-Commerce compatible.
  • Suitable for all community and membership websites.
  • Front-end form supported.
  • Unlimited color options.

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StoreMate Dokan

Conclusion of Community Website Outside of Facebook

There is a plenitude of reasons to look for a Facebook group alternative. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, sick of trying to bellow over everyone differently, want to be suitable to monetize and manage your community directly.

Community platforms like BuddyPress offer you the result you’re looking for. Design a customized app that contains all the features you know your community will love and take control into your own hands.

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