Are you are looking to build a social media website like Facebook? Then you are in right place. We at Wbcom Designs  develop WordPress themes and Plugins. Recently we have released a WordPress theme dedicated to BuddyPress. Reign is a WordPress BuddyPress Theme compared Facebook like features. We will not call it WordPress BuddyPress Facebook Theme as it has a resemblance to Facebook features but not a copy of it.

Reign BuddyPress Theme allows to create Groups and provide a various layout for Group Directory, group page group headers. Reign theme designed all the activity pages (walls on Facebook ).

We have developed several free Premium BuddyPress add-on plugins to strengthen you community Social Network website you can check them here… BuddyPress Plugins

This theme provides multiple layouts for the headers of Groups, member directory layout, member header layout. The various layouts that are provided in Reign are:

  • Group Header Layout: You can easily change a group header layout from multiple layouts available in the theme itself. This theme has 6 different layouts to choose from. You can check this article in order to change the Group Header layout.
  • Group Directory: You can as well change the Group Directory from different Group Directory layouts available in the theme.
  • Member Directory Layout: Members can pick which type of directory layout they want to display for their member. There are also different layouts available in order to help you customize your Member Directory. You can easily change your member directory layouts in this theme.
  • Member Header Layout: Members can also change the header layout of their profile from different layouts in the theme. There are 6 different layouts to customize the member header. To know more about it, check this article.

Check Out the complete article here  BuddyPress Theme

Here is the video BuddyPress Facebook Theme

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