Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook has always been considered as the King of Social Media. The traffic it drives daily is much more than any other social networking sites on the internet today. Facebook not only connects people of different corners of the world but it also provides the brands and businesses the opportunity to grow their audience. In this article, we will discuss an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Let’s give a look at some amazing facts about Facebook:

  • It has over 1.5 Billion active monthly users.
  • Above 1.15 Billion daily active monthly users.
  • 5 new Facebook Profiles get created every second.
  • 300 Million photos get uploaded on Facebook every day.

What does Facebook do?

Facebook brings together people of different corners and provides them the platform to express themselves. It is a medium that helps people communicate with each other. It provides a unified platform for people to share their views and thoughts with others.

How to use Facebook?

Facebook can be used in many ways. These ways include:

  • Personal Profiles that is Individual user’s profile on Facebook.
  • Facebook Pages that is the official profile of a business on Facebook.
  • Facebook Groups that is gathering of like-minded Users.These are mostly not owned by anyone.
  • Community Pages that is gathering around different topics.
  • Place Pages that are pages dedicated to physical locations.

Various Campaign types on Facebook

There are many opportunities on Facebook to promote your business using campaigns of various types. These campaigns include:

  • Brand Awareness Campaign: Using this campaign, you can introduce your brand to the new audience in order to increase your reach and awareness. This campaign lets a brand to focus on a large set of audience.
  • Engagement Campaign: You can resort to this campaign in order to increase the number of Likes, Comments, Shares, view etc.
    You can also promote your events on Facebook using this type of campaign.
  • Lead Generation campaign: This campaign lets you get new audiences, customers to increase your sales.
  • Traffic Driven Campaign: Increase store visits by driving customers to your offline stores. You can also drive traffic to your website using this campaign.
  • Conversions Campaign: This campaign gets people to take a specific action on your website.

Marketing Strategy for Facebook

Before designing an effective marketing strategy for Facebook, it’s highly important to keep these points in mind

  • Decide on the goals that directly affect your business
  • Study your users, their demographics, likes, dislikes, preferences etc.
  • Choose and Schedule your content keeping in mind all the goals as content is the king and compelling content always drives huge traffic to your website
  • Engage with your audience and interact with them. Engagement is the key factor for effective Social Media Marketing and it becomes highly important to interact with your audience from time to time and keep them interested in your site.
  • Enable your entire workforce to use Facebook. Ask your employees to join Facebook so that they can give positive comments and reviews on the website.
  • Follow up is highly important. Always monitor your website on a timely basis and update your content.

Various types of Facebook ads

If your business is in paid advertising then Facebook provides some amazing types of ads to make your business grow by leaps and bounds. Here are few popular types of Facebook ads that can be used by a business:

  • Domain Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Offer Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

What to measure on Facebook for your growth?

Doing a task is not all. If a business wants to gain something from Facebook, it will require measuring its effectiveness. Facebook is a huge platform and to increase your chances to be noticed and promoted requires timely monitoring of your content. Below given are some metrics that can be used by a business to measure its performance on Facebook.


Action on your page: What people are going through and clicking while visiting your business page
How much engagement i.e likes, comments etc your particular post has received.
Click through rate


Conversion refers to the actions taken by visitors on your website such as viewing a particular page, adding items to shopping cart, wishlist, registering on your website.


Reach refers to How many people have seen your post.
How many people have seen your videos.
Likes and Page Views.

Audience Profile

Audience refers to the type of audience that is taking interest in your website. It’s highly important to know whether your audience is target specific or not.


Positive is not always the case. it’s also important to know the ones who have not liked your website or have given negative feedback on your business profile. This helps a business to plan their future campaigns more effectively and avoid the mistakes.


To do an effective social media marketing for Facebook is not an easy task. Knowing your audience and then working accordingly reaps good results. Every day businesses try to reach top searches using various techniques. So in order to draw more audiences, a well-defined marketing strategy is a must for every business.



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