7+ Best WordPress Domain Checker Plugins In 2024

Best WordPress Domain Checker Plugins

Domain Checker Plugin is a tool that can be used to check domain names. It is a very useful tool and is required from time to time. You will be allowed to search for any kind of domain using these plugins. WordPress provides its users with some of the best WordPress domain search plugins. You can integrate these plugins and get the best results. Some of these plugins can be integrated using a single shortcode. Given below are the eight best domain checker plugins.

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Plugins Name Rating Price
WP Domain Checker 5 / 5 $29
Domain Checker Shortcode and Widget Plugin 5 / 5 Free
Domains Names Checker for WordPress 4.70 / 5 $17
Domain Check 5 / 5 Free
AJAX Domain Checker 4.77 / 5 Free

WordPress Domain Checker Plugin

1. WP Domain Checker

Domain Checker Plugins

WP Domain Checker is a very useful WordPress plugin that gives domain checker capability to your WordPress website. It allowed the users to search for any kind of domain like.com .net .org .gov. You will also be able to search for country code top-level domains.

WP Domain Checker comes with premium AJAX search box options which allow the viewers to check the availability of a particular domain. It will also help to secure your website from bots. WP Domain Checker has WHMCS integration. A huge variety of shortcodes are also available so that you can use them whenever required.

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2. Domain Checker Shortcode and Widget Plugin

Domain Checker Plugins

Domain Checker Shortcode and Widget Plugin is a very popular WordPress plugin that can be added to the search bar of your website. Using this plugin, you will be able to check the availability of a particular domain name that a user is willing to buy.

You will get 32 domain extensions and you will also be able to add any number of domain extensions to your website. Domain Checker Shortcode and Widget Plugin also come with domain checker integrity. You will be able to integrate other plugins as well. You do not need to pay any extra charge for these plugins.

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3. Domains Names Checker for WordPress

wordpress domain search plugin

Domains Names Checker for WordPress is a very useful WordPress plugin that is used for checking domain names. You can add this plugin to your blogs as well by using simple shortcodes.

You can use this plugin in two different search modes which are instant search and AJAX search. To use this plugin in AJAX search mode, you will have to press the submit button to search the domain name. Using the instant search option, you will get instant results as soon as you type the domain name. You need not click on the submit button.

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4. Domain Check

WordPress domain checker plugin

Domain Check is a very useful WordPress plugin that allows you to check domain names and SSL certificates. You will also be able to find out the expiration date of the domain names and SSL certificate.

You will be able to add the email addresses of your visitors to your website and send reminder emails to them to renew their plugins. You will also be able to get information regarding various coupon codes from your domain registrars before you renew your domain. This plugin is compatible with all the WordPress versions. The users can add this plugin to any blog or page by using shortcodes.

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5. AJAX Domain Checker

WordPress domain checker plugin

AJAX Domain Checker is a WordPress domain checker plugin that has a free as well as a premium version. Using this domain checker, you will be able to check generic top-level domains and country-code top-level domains.

This website has over 2,000 users from all across the world. You will be able to use this plugin with simple shortcodes. You will be provided with an admin dashboard which is quite easy to use. This admin dashboard will enable you to alter various settings. You can also carry out multiple domain searches using this plugin. AJAX Domain Checker also supports various useful integrations like.com .gov .org.

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6. NamePress

NamePress is a versatile domain management and registration plugin for WordPress. It offers a comprehensive set of features for users looking to check domain availability, register domains, and manage their domain portfolios directly from their WordPress site. The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular domain registrars, streamlining the domain registration process. With a user-friendly interface, NamePress provides a smooth and efficient experience, allowing website owners to offer domain-related services to their users.

It also supports customization options and is designed to enhance the overall domain management experience within the WordPress environment. NamePress is a valuable tool for those seeking a robust solution for domain-related functionalities on their WordPress site.

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7. DomainsBot Domain Search

DomainsBot Domain Search is a robust WordPress plugin designed to enhance the domain exploration and registration experience on your website. This feature-rich tool not only enables users to check the availability of specific domain names but also provides intelligent suggestions for alternative and relevant domain options.

With its user-friendly interface seamlessly integrated into your WordPress site, the plugin ensures a smooth and efficient domain search process for visitors. DomainsBot Domain Search supports a wide range of domain extensions, allowing users to explore various TLD options. The smart domain suggestion feature is particularly valuable, assisting users in finding suitable alternatives if their desired domain is already taken.

Overall, this plugin is a valuable addition for website owners aiming to offer a comprehensive and intuitive domain search solution within the WordPress environment.

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8. Easy Domain Checker

Easy Domain Checker is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to simplify the domain availability checking process on your website. With its lightweight and straightforward approach, the plugin provides an uncomplicated solution for visitors to search for the availability of specific domain names.

Integrated seamlessly into the WordPress environment, Easy Domain Checker offers a clean and simple user interface, making it easy for users to perform quick domain searches. The plugin supports various top-level domains (TLDs), allowing users to explore different domain extension options.

As a practical tool, Easy Domain Checker is ideal for website owners who want to offer a hassle-free domain-checking experience without unnecessary complexities, catering to users looking to secure their desired domain names efficiently.

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All these above-mentioned plugins are equally effective and easy to use. You will not require any expertise to use these plugins. If you wish to search for a domain name, which plugin will you use?

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The WordPress Domain Checker Plugin stands as an indispensable tool for website owners, developers, and businesses looking to streamline the domain search process and enhance their online presence. By offering a user-friendly interface, real-time domain availability checks, and comprehensive domain management functionalities, this plugin facilitates a seamless and efficient domain registration experience. Its ability to integrate with various domain registrars and domain management platforms further amplifies its utility, enabling users to find and secure the perfect domain name effortlessly. With its robust feature set and easy integration into WordPress websites, the WordPress Domain Checker Plugin is a must-have for anyone seeking to establish a strong and memorable online identity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a WordPress domain checker plugin?

A WordPress domain checker plugin is a tool that enables users to check the availability of domain names directly from their WordPress websites.

2. How does a WordPress domain checker plugin work?

These plugins typically connect to domain registrar APIs, allowing users to search for domain availability and even purchase domains directly from their WordPress site.

3. Can a WordPress domain checker plugin suggest alternative domain names?

Yes, many domain checker plugins offer domain name suggestions and alternatives if the desired domain is not available, helping users find suitable alternatives for their websites.

4. Are WordPress domain checker plugins customizable?

Yes, the best WordPress domain checker plugins often come with customizable options, allowing users to adjust the appearance, search settings, and integration with various domain registrars according to their preferences.

5. Can a WordPress domain checker plugin help with domain management?

Some domain checker plugins offer additional features for domain management, such as domain transfer, renewal reminders, and DNS management, providing a comprehensive solution for handling domain-related tasks within the WordPress dashboard.

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