Secrets to Build a Successful Ecommerce Channel: Options and Tactics

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Online trends are changing rapidly, and it can be hard to predict the future. You can quickly examine the demands and experiences of customers by following the latest trends. Social commerce is one of the latest trends in social media platforms that benefit businesses. It facilitates brands to increase sales, enrich the user experience, and optimize marketing strategies. In this article, you will get fascinating options and techniques to hit the brand image. And also to grow your eCommerce channel. 

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What is Social Commerce

The term “social commerce” was named by technology blogger Steve Rubel and venture capitalist David Beisel around 2005/2006. Social Commerce is the latest global trend forming retail and e-commerce. It is an esoteric solution to promote your business according to the consumer’s interest and attention. Social commerce is the way to implement social media to trade online. 

We have seen the progressive shifts of eCommerce businesses involving the changing behavior of customers. Social commerce is continuously adapting to the changing consumer trends and facilitating online business. It is responsible for the dynamic development of any business. 

Advantages of Social Commerce

Social ecommerce
Ecommerce Channel

The arrival of cheaper smartphones and fast internet has changed the aptitudes of online trading. It is the best way to simplify the buyer journey from interest to purchase. 

People prefer mobile versions of the websites with easy accessibility of the sales page. Nowadays, brands are directly selling products by using social media platforms. 

People in Social commerce are selling products directly within social media platforms. An advantage for buyers is that they only need to register once and can shop anytime. They may not find it tricky to purchase the items. On the other hand, it is easy to drive traffic from social media to a website. Once a customer gets engaged with your online store, you can easily pop up on their scrolling pages to catch their attention. 

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How it works

Let us look at how it works. Social media platforms are successful among customers and brands. It has too many options that enable every type and size of business to sell its products directly to consumers.

In this way, companies can encourage new potential customers by employing web-networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and co. In essence, social commerce represents a form of advanced recommendation marketing. The following points will help you to understand how it works.

  • Customers can participate in active communications through comments, and they can like and share the products and relevant pieces of information. It can easily convince more people.
  • Straightforward integration of the customer helps to develop the strategies and design of the goods.
  • Communication among customers establishes a connection between them. It forms a community platform that is particularly important to increase engagement. It also helps to boost the sale.
  • Shares and likes help to identify the target audience.
  • The personal and emotional connection between the customer and the brand builds a loyal relationship. A genuine customer improves brand image among his family and friends that ultimately enhance the sale.
  • Social conclusiveness tends to make more sales and better the visibility of the brand.

Social Networking Channels

There are various social commerce channels to advertise your business. Here are some leading networks of the industry.

Business on Facebook

Ecommerce Channel

Facebook is a powerful platform to sell your products and services. The algorithm of Facebook is to suffice the experience of users with relevant posts and ads. Sellers can easily monitor user’s reactions and customize the content according to priority. You can load the product page with the fonts, images, and graphics to catch the attention. 

You can also import a current catalog of products from your website. By applying the right tools like dynamic ads, you can encourage customers to purchase the product just in a few clicks. It is a comprehensive tool to automatically accommodate ad content and ad campaigns to specific target audiences.

Business on Instagram 

Ecommerce Channel

Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide. Instagram is gaining pace in social commerce at an incredible rate. Earlier it was an imaging application that started with photos and short video clips. Now it has turned into an exceptional platform that highlights opportunities for those who want to boost their reach. 

One can use various advertising tools, including shopping ads, stories ads, video ads, and many more. Instagram consists the

influencer marketing activities with live streaming that is tremendously influential among youngsters. It predominantly engages the audience and enhances the traffic promptly.

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Business on Pinterest

Ecommerce Channel

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social commerce platform. Around 2019, more than 300 million users use Pinterest as an online pinboard for graphics and photos. Now, Pinterest is the shopping inspiration with a 442 million monthly audience. It is a basket with varieties of products and services, where 83% of users made a purchase, and others landed to explore the relevant products. 

The best advantage of this network is the brands can pin their prominent aspects with high-quality images. Sellers can connect these pins to their website that drive the traffic.

Business on Twitter

Ecommerce Channel

Twitter is a leading micro-blogging platform with more than 330 million monthly active users. It supports brands to get fame by always staying up to date. Twitter is interesting for retailers and brands to target the existing audience of the platform. Twitter lets businesses drive campaigns and product videos. It does not provide to purchase directly, but it leads customers to the website. Retailers can engage with the latest trends and present their brand and products using tweets and hashtags.



Social media continues to evolve, and the atomic growth in e-commerce. Every year it generates more opportunities for brands to enhance social commerce experiences. It is a frictionless shopping platform for customers. 

Therefore, businesses are serious about improving engagement plans. Social commerce strategies should be clear with the selection of the distinct channels. It allows you to connect with an accurate target audience.

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