How to Boost Conversion Rates Using Interactive Emails


In 2020, more than 300 billion emails were sent and received daily due to the internet’s increasing accessibility, even in remote parts of the globe. This number is expected to increase to 376 million daily emails by 2022. Interactive content is uploaded to the cloud almost every minute. You need to include interactivity in your email marketing in order to boost conversion rates with email and make sure people look at your messages.

Martech Advisors studies revealed that interactive email newsletters have 73% more open rates than conventional email marketing. Many of the hottest design trends today incorporate interactive features to increase engagement between the message recipient and the sender.

A simple video can increase click rates by as much as 300%. Imagine how much higher those numbers could be if you added interactive elements such as gamification to your emails! The bottom line is that the more interactive emails you create, the more you can make and the more you will earn.

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What is interactive email marketing?

Email marketing - Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

An interactive campaign for email marketing is an email campaign that produces and distributes interactive content.
On the other hand, interactive content requires direct user involvement to be fully viewed and used. It includes clicking a link, moving the mouse cursor across an image, filling in a form, tweaking, etc.

These materials are designed to encourage people to actively engage with the content promoted by companies. They also provide a lighter, more engaging, and fun user experience.
Interactive emails are amazing because they allow you to interact with others.

How to make emails interactive

email marketing- Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

You can make emails interactive by combining elements such as GIFs, videos, and surveys to create engaging emails. This encourages recipients to participate in the reading process by clicking on links, tapping on videos, or simply watching a clip.
Engagement equals higher open rates, which means better conversions and sales.

Benefits of Interactive emails

These are just a few benefits that interactive emails offer clients and businesses.

1. Get more subscribers

Great businesses thrive on creating content that resonates well with their customers. Emails can get monotonous due to the volume of information that you send. Interactive presentation of your data can break up the monotony and increase visibility. This might help you to attract more and more subscribers.

2. Customer retention

Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

Emails can get lost in an inbox. But if you know how to engage customers through your emails, they will be more likely to receive more content from you.
Clients will always appreciate your constant efforts to keep in touch with them and that you give them value for their time.
This keeps the conversation going and encourages them to buy from you again.

3. Higher click-through rates

The interactive email encourages the reader to participate in the entire email reading process.
This will help you increase your click-through rates and visibility and convert more customers.

4. Client insights

Gather Valuable Customer Insights
Boost Conversion Rates With email

Interactive email makes it easier to gain meaningful insights into the client’s mind and the entire market.
Send out a brief survey with GIFs/loop video. Add some great email copy and keep the questions clear and simple. Because they enjoy answering your survey, clients will often give you all the information you need.

5. Better Communication

Smoother communication is key to building great brands. Communication can make things easier. It makes communication smoother if you can communicate with customers regularly.
It allows you to speak directly with your client and get essential feedback. This will also help you improve your content strategies.

6 Types of Interactive Email Solutions That You Must Use

Interactive emails allow for actions and conversions. These are six types of interactive emails that you can use to interact with subscribers and convert them into prospects while lowering entry barriers.

1. Interactive Customer Feedback Forms via In-Email

customer reviews- Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

Emails can ask prospects for their opinions about your product/service, sales staff, or any other division.
You can reduce the number of follow-up messages to prospects by including a submittal buyer suggestion form in your email.
They will send you suggestions via email while their expertise is current.

2. In-Email Net Promoter Scoring Surveys

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)- companies determine how loyal prospects are and whether they’re willing to refer them to their family and friends.

Insert the survey in an interactive email to increase the response rate for your NPS survey emails. If you can get their response within an email, getting someone to tell you how likely they are to promote your company is much higher.

Razorpay used Mailmodo to send her NPS survey emails to understand their prospects’ journeys better. Razorpay observed a 257% increase in response fees by using interactive emails. The form was embedded within the email.

3. Register for an In-Email Event

You can register for the events whether it is an online webinar or an in-person convention.

Mudrex, an online platform for crypto trading and buying, saw a 2.8-increase in webinar registrations after switching from traditional emails to interactive emails that included the webinar registration.

4. Interactive In-Email Cart Recovery & Checkout

Was a registered individual able to overlook a product in their shopping cart?
Do not send a simple reminder. It is up to the customer to visit your store. Use an interactive email shopping cart to let them choose where they want to go.

5. In-Email Demo Booking Functionality

Include a form that allows them to e-book demos with your gross sales team immediately via email.

HobSpace was looking for an easy way to reserve demos, so Mailmodo was the right choice. It resulted in a 20% conversion fee, compared to only ten calls out of 10,000 SMS messages.

6. In-Email Rating & Review Forms

Review Forms- Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

You must want to know how your subscribers feel about your latest email, webinar, or weblog submission. To see how well your emails have been received, you can include interactive emojis and star scores at the end of each email.

Interactive campaign

An interactive campaign for email marketing is simply an email campaign in which the production and distribution of interactive content.
On the other hand, interactive content requires direct user involvement to be fully viewed and used. It includes clicking on a link, moving the mouse cursor across an image, clicking on a link, or filling out forms.

These materials are designed to encourage people to actively engage with the content promoted by companies. They also provide a lighter, more engaging, and fun user experience.

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Advantages of interactive materials in your campaigns

Interactive email marketing campaigns have a major advantage:

1. Increased clicks

Interactive content draws users in and motivates them to fully enjoy the experience.
Interactive email marketing campaigns are more popular because they see a rise in clicks and visits to landing pages.

2. Conversion rates higher

These increased interactions result in conversions. Email growth, more qualified leads, and loyalty and relationship campaigns.

3. More audience data

A second advantage is the higher volume of data obtained via surveys, tests, and feedback.
Interactive content makes it easier to fill out forms and quizzes. It also generates more participation from the audience by presenting questions and instructions appealingly and thoughtfully.

Ideas for interactive emails with examples and resources to inspire:
We’ve compiled some examples and resources to help you understand how interactive email marketing works in practice.

4. Highlighted buttons

Highlighted buttons that change a web page’s color, font, and shape when a mouse cursor hovers over them are now a standard feature on websites and will soon become mandatory for engaging emails. This feature allows for an automatic interaction between the content and the user, no matter how simple they seem.

Highlighted buttons feature makes it easier to find and more attractive links to other content. These are a great way to make your CTA stand out in an eCommerce store with multiple product categories.

5. Checklists- Boost Conversion Rates With email

Taken one step further, selectable buttons and icons are now available. This feature offers a new way to create your message. Checklists are the greatest benefit! You can give your opinion in the body of an email, whether you are collecting feedback or evaluating products.

6. Image overlay

The rollover effect is a common feature in interactive emails. An image switches when the cursor moves over it. This principle is very similar to the highlighted buttons but has greater utility.

This feature allows you to interact with your audience and can also be used to provide details about products or services without affecting the appearance of your message. It can make this simple effect into a game with a little creativity. Gamification is a key trend in Content Marketing.

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7. Hidden Tips

Imagine if, instead of replacing an image with a tip? Rollovers are also an option! Pop-ups or information bubbles that are visible only when the mouse cursor hovers above small icons can be used to keep your message simple while still giving rich information such as highlights for your products.

8. Videos embedded

A video can be enjoyed directly in an email rather than redirected to an external address. It is important to note that if you invite your audience to YouTube, you risk losing them to related content.

However, keep in mind that you are aiming to only provide short videos (or a small portion of a longer one) to not overwhelm your email. External links to the entire content are recommended to avoid too many messages.

9. Options for reading

Originally intended to provide a range of reading options, such as adaptable type or size, to allow users to customize the layout to suit their needs.
These options include comfort and focus, such as dark mode (reducing visual discomfort at night) or reading mode (hiding certain visual elements and prioritizing texts).

10. Interactive menus

Menus provide an email experience that is similar to browsing a web page. It is practical and easy to solve all problems in one platform, which is its greatest advantage.

11. Quizzes

Quizzes- Boost Conversion Rates With email
Boost Conversion Rates With email

A quiz is a great way to engage your audience and gather data for your business. You can make their advantage clearer by incorporating them directly into your email marketing. You can create a fake quiz.

Below is a question that the user will be asked. We can see the incorrect answers in red and the correct ones in green. To direct your leads to external pages with the actual quiz, you can include a link to the correct answer.

12. Forms- Boost Conversion Rates With email

Yes, you can embed forms into emails with multiple questions!
Links direct the reader to an external site with full forms. A few tools allow you to include questions in your emails. It may not work for deep surveys, but it is a great way to get instant feedback.

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The Bottom Line of Boost Conversion Rates With email

Email marketing is always changing and evolving with the changing technology landscape. Its relevance in today’s marketing world is as strong as ever.

Interactive emails are a great way to make your email marketing campaigns unique, engaging, human, and entertaining. It’s not about being salesy when it comes to email marketing. It’s more about creating compelling and valuable content.

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