How To Create A Shopping Website With WordPress

How To Make A Shopping Website

“Create a stunning online shopping website within minutes that increase your conversion rate and ROI, thereby, helping your business get more profits.”

Frustrated with a low conversion rate to your store? That low-conversion rate may be because of improper local targetting or it might be due to the lack of reach of your products to your target customers.

Want to get a good deal that helps to raise your business up to a profitable situation? Getting your physical store online is a smart solution. Create an online shop with interactive website elements that help you target quality customers.

In the beginning phase, no matter whether you create free shopping website or a premium one, the idea is to make a shopping website so that you can increase your reach to the prospective customers who are most likely to convert.

Consider these 3 points to start!

Before understanding a detailed process to create an online shop, make sure you’ve understood these important points. These 3 points act as the foundation to start an online store.

  • Choose an e-commerce website template that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a stunning online store.
  • Customize your store with your creativity to attract your prospective audience.
  • Manage your store by creating collections, tracking inventory, promoting best selling products, and sharing coupon codes.

Step by Step process on how to make a shopping website

  1. Buy a domain and install WordPress: Choose a hosting provider company and buy a domain name for your WordPress online shop. Install WordPress.
  2. Pick an Online Store Template with a multi-vendor plugin- Install a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin to turn your website into an e-commerce store.

I prefer using Dokan Plugin as it provides intuitive design & interface to your online shopping website.

When it comes to choosing an online store template, what’s best than StoreMate Dokan! Providing you with high-end design along with ready to use demos, it makes your task for building a shopping website easier.

How to create a shopping website
Storemate Dokan
  1. Customize Your Storefront – Customize your online shopping website the way you want to make it stunning and engaging for your customers. Let them see what’s best in yours!
  2. Display Your Products – Display your products by adding compelling images, descriptions, prices and more.
  3. Set Up Payment Options – Add payment options to allow your customers to pay. There are many options you can choose from like Paypal, Square, Worldpay and more.
  4. Launch it – Launch your online shopping website and start promoting your products online.

Go live with your shopping website!



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