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People have been searching for information online for a long time now. Everyone has access to the internet and this means every business needs to have a place online. The way people scout for information online has definitely changed over the past years. Nowadays people search using a voice search on different devices such as their table, different kinds of smartphones, or voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. iPhone users use Siri while Microsoft users use Cortana to help them with so much stuff! It can be safely assumed that voice search is the future and it is bound to have a drastic effect on SEO. Keeping that in mind, we have curated this article for your needs. But first, let’s go over the basics:

What is voice search? 

Voice search is a technology that allows people to perform internet searches by asking a question verbally on a smartphone or a computer. Such queries are answered by an assistant or a search engine. Google voice search queries are used widely and this means you should incorporate voice search into your digital marketing strategy. As per Wikipedia, voice search (also known as voice-enabled) includes open-domain keyword queries on any information that exists on the internet. Usually, it is interactive and is a type of a dialog system. 

Voice Search is a strategy that is being adopted by companies worldwide! It has gained so much importance and has become increasingly popular because it is so much more convenient for a visitor to speak with an assistant. Don’t believe us? Here are some statistics to change your mind!

  1. 20% of mobile queries are currently done with voice search.
  2. 72% of people who use voice search devices claim that they have become a part of their daily routines. 
  3. Mobile users are 3 times more likely to use voice search. 
  4. Google claims around 95% accuracy in their vice search technology. 

Let’s talk a little bit more about voice search. 

Here are some interesting characteristics of voice search:  

  1. On mobile phones, voice searches are basically in the form of conversations with a virtual assistant, which is made possible through artificial intelligence. 
  2. Typically, voice searches are used to make calls and ask directions. No matter what the purpose is, users want immediate and accurate answers

Voice search trends is an important aspect you need to focus on. The success depends mostly on the kind of strategies you adopt. 

Voice search optimization: 

1. Create FAQ pages:

With this, you can provide valuable answers to your visitors! By answering questions asked by your customers, you can give them a definite answer to some of the most common questions relating to your area of work. 

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2. Balance long form and short form content:

If you are aiming to gain a plethora of followers, you need to focus on both long and short content. While clear and short answers are important, your readers may also be interested in details. 

3. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords:

As discussed before, voice search is more conversations. This means you have to understand what kind of questions will invite customers to your website. It should be more in line with real speech instead of particular keywords. Moreover, you can document the kind of questions a visitor asks and you can accordingly modify your strategy. 

4. Social media presence:

You probably know this by now. Having a continued social media presence will do wonders for your business. Almost everyone is online nowadays and you need to create a digital place for yourself. 

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5. Understand your audience:

You should know what kind of questions your audience is more likely to ask. When you can answer questions such as ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘who’, you can get into the mind of your customers and give them direct answers. 

You must capitalize on voice search. Voice assistants should know about the existence of your business. This leads to better customer satisfaction and improves your SEO. 

The purpose of this article is to make you understand that your SEO efforts should not be limited to text. You have to make way for voice search optimization. By following these techniques, you can make sure that search engines pick you first. As a marketer, you must evolve with the times and accordingly alter your strategies. 

Voice search is changing how digital marketing works – and it is here to stay. We definitely recommend that you look into it and make it an integral part of your strategy right away. By understanding the immense potential that voice search possesses, you can take your business to greater heights! We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you for reading and all the best with your enterprise!

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