3 Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024

Influencer marketing, brand stories, integration of mobile marketing, and live videos dominated marketing trends in 2020. Digital marketers successfully used these marketing trends in 2020 to drive traffic and sales. With 2022 just around the corner, let’s look at 3 marketing trends that will be significant in the new year.

Lets take a closer look into these marketing trends:

1.Google Ads Leads Form

Google Ads Lead form was very successful this year. Google has now decided to introduce a contact form extension for search ads. It is a handy feature that would give the users an option to fill the form on the Google Ad snippet when they see it on their google search.
A Google Ads Leads form would work only as an extension of a Google Ads campaign hence all targeting and bidding options would depend on the settings of the form you attach it to.

Benefits of using Google Ads Leads Form

  1. Google Ads Leads Form help generate more leads to help you increase sales.
  2. It increases the leads into your marketing funnel and improves conversions.
  3. Helps in finding and engaging with users who are interested in your services to recreate a better marketing list.
  4. Efficient Lead Capture- Since the form is available on the search result itself, viewers do not need to visit your site, find your contact form and fill it. They can do it in the search result itself. This encourages more viewers to fill out the form.
  5. It is mobile-ready- Since 80 percent of user searches are by mobile, Google Ads Leads form is optimized for mobile browsing experience.
  6. Easy to implement- You don’t need technical skills or additional effort to implement Ads Leads forms. For a quick tutorial on how to use Google Ads Lead Form, check out this helpful guide by Google.

2. Voice Search

Voice Search lets users search the Internet using verbal questions or commands on a smartphone, smart device or any computer. This increases convenience and reduces the effort of searching for products or services. Based on research conducted by CommScore, 50% of global searches will be voice searches in the year 2021. To optimize your website for voice search –

1. Optimize for Faster Page Speed.

Though not directly related, Google gives preference to sites that load faster than others. Hence you need to optimize your site to load more quickly to get started.

2. Include FAQ’s.

If you’re attempting to optimize your website for voice search, it has to have essential questions broken down and discussed in the form of an FAQ page. Adding an option for your visitors to add a new question would also be a great feature to add.

3. Optimize the content for keywords like “Near Me”

Generally, voice search is performed on mobile devices by people looking for services or products in their locality. Hence phrases like ‘Near Me’ or ‘closest to me’ are generally in their voice search.

3. Reddit Marketing

Reddit is a social media platform that is known for its genuine community-driven discussions on a variety of topics. It is a promising social media platform for marketers with a rapidly growing user base.
The several topics of Reddit are categorized into subreddits. Subreddits are Reddit’s format of smaller specific communities that generally talks about one particular topic and has discussions and development regarding that topic. It is denoted as /r/.
To look for a subreddit, you can go directly to the front page of Reddit and use the search bar. On the search bar use /r/nameofyourquery and search for the subreddit related to it. Another approach could be to type in the keyword.


When searching for a subreddit…

  • Make sure it is related to your niche.
  • Check the most suitable subreddit.
  • Check the page view count of the subreddit.
  • Check the number of members.

Stats about Reddit Marketing

  1. Reddit receives more than 21 billion monthly screen views.
  2. Reddit has more than 130,000 active communities.
  3. There are 330 million active users on Reddit each month.

Why Digital Marketers love Reddit

As we saw above, Reddit has one of the heaviest flows of traffic that users would like to divert to their websites. However, Reddit is not a marketers paradise at heart. It doesn’t want people using it as a means to exploit the community to get their traffic up. Hence you need to keep in mind Reddit’s moderation rules and “Rediquettes” while providing Reddit marketing services, to reap benefits from this platform in the long run.

It’s a Wrap!

Optimizing your website and marketing strategies taking into consideration these top marketing trends will help you increase website traffic, conversion and sales in 2021. With this list it is easy to see that in order to increase volume of traffic and ratio of conversion, you need to provide your visitors with ease of access and convenience.



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