If you ever visited a WordPress blog or doesn’t matter if you own a Blog or may be multiple. You have seen a window appearing and asking for your Email for sending newsletters, opt-in forms, adverts, offering special content, Exclusive offers etc.
Showing visitors a non-annoying popup window will never mind by them. So, if you run a blog, e-commerce site, or education site and want to promote your ’s, it’s never too late for correcting mistakes. Here we are serving you the list of most valuable free WordPress popup plugin. Scroll down to dive into them:-

WordPress Popup Plugin

There are plenty of popup plugins available for WordPress, but what’s your choice to use, matters a lot. Every plugin gives you the number of reasons to choose them, it may create some confusion for you. For that case, I am listing here a few best WordPress Popup Plugin, you can go with any of them to boost the audience list of your business and grow sales.

  1. Optinly
  2. Popups by Optin Monster
  3. ChimpMate Pro – WordPress MailChimp Assistant
  4. SumoMe Popup Plugin
  5. Popup Maker
  6. Popup Builder
  7. Yelonki Exit Popup
  8. Ninja Popups – Popup Plugin for WordPress
  9. ConvertPlug – Popup, Email, Optin Plugin for WordPress
  10. Icegram

1. Optinly – WooCommerce and WordPress Popup Plugin

popup plugin
WooCommerce and WordPress Popup Plugin

Optinly is a goal-based WordPress popup plugin that’s probably the first of its kind. With 10+ pre-existing growth marketing goals backed by 30+ appropriate popup templates, you can create popup campaigns in no time – no development or designing skills needed. Below mentioned are a few features that make Optinly one of the best popup plugins-

  • Inbuilt user-friendly WYSIWYG popup builder
  • Advanced triggering options like page-based triggering, exit triggers, time triggers, etc.
  • Powerful targeting options to target visitors based on their interests, devices, previous website interactions and more.
  • Seamless integration with 10+ email marketing service providers.
  • A forever-free plan that comes along with gamification popups and templates.

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2. Popups by Optin Monster

WordPress Popup Plugins
Popup builder WordPress

OptinMonster is one of the best popup plugins in today’s market. Providing multiple form types, like a floating bar, lightbox popup, fly-in or side-in, sidebar widgets, etc, OptinMonster offers to grow your email list by turning visitors into permanent customers or subscribers. This fastest popup gives you more control over the form submission process and showing or hiding forms. This standalone application not only works fine with WordPress; but also perfectly integrates with all other web platforms. Offering fully responsive and mobile-friendly templates, OptinMonster relies upon the powerful exit-Intent technology.

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3. ChimpMate Pro – WordPress MailChimp Assistant


Chimp Mate create pop up notification wordpress
WordPress Popup Plugin

None of the website owners want to annoy their visitors. So, Chimpmate pro is specially built to increase E-mailing List without troubling the visitors with annoying popups.
ChimpMate Pro is highly customizable and lets you have full control over when and where to show popups.


  1. Supports Integrating WooCommerce
  2. Live Visual Editor
  3. Easily customizable themes
  4. Multiple behaviour and trigger options
  5. Social Subscription
  6. Fully Responsive Layout
  7. Referral Tracking

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4. SumoMe Popup Plugin

WordPress Popup Plugins

Now you can easily grow your social sharing, email list, and analytics with the free and easy to use SumoMe popup plugin. Offering easy integration to any themes in WordPress, SumoMe helps to make the email popups more attractive and amazing with its customizable templates. It not only provides free tools to help you grow your WordPress site; but also makes it easier for the readers to share your articles and join the email list.

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5. Popup Maker

WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Maker is probably the best among the crowd of plugins which WordPress has to offer. This plugin can let you easily make slide ins subscription letters, optin popups, modal forms. This plugin can let you easily create Cookies.


  1. Limitless potential with no restrictions.
  2. Included specific conditions for popular plugins.
  3. Trigger a popup on click of a menu with Click Triggers
  4. Slide Out Popups, Banner Bars, Floating Sticky Popups.
  5. Popup Analytics
  6. Integrated with AJAX Login Modals
  7. Features advanced targeting conditions

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6. Popup Builder

WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Builder is a form of a complete popup plugin in WordPress. From creating powerful promotional popups to managing them, Pop Builder makes sure that your offers and contents grab the correct amount of visitor’s attention. You can add highly customizable popup windows to your WordPress site by using simple shortcodes.  You can probably popup anything with the help of Pop-up Builder. Powerful, and yet, easy to use this plugin that will help you to grab your visitors’ attention to introduce them your offers, discounts or other kinds of promotional notices.

Features of this plugin are:-

1. Leaving notice popup / Redirect confirmation popup
2.  Set up additional animation effects
3.  Multiple theme choice options
4.  You decide the location of your popup on the screen
5.  Show popup after X amount of page scrolling/Scroll popups
6.  OnClick popUp

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7. Yeloni Exit Popup

WordPress Popup Plugins

If you want to engage your visitors who are about to leave your website page, then the Yeloni Exit Popup can be the best for you. This is a free WordPress plugin that helps in converting the visiting traffic to a paying one in the fastest way possible. With an easy integration with various email marketing services, this responsive popup plugin perfectly attracts the ‘about to leave visitors’ of your website by showing them different offers, email signup forms, and social buttons. By only showing up when a user is leaving your site, Yeloni Exit Popup never slows down your website or clogs it up.

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8. Ninja Popups- Popup Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Popup Plugins

One of the best ad-blocker free Popup Plugins is Ninja Popups. As its name ninjas can get through every adblocker. This plugin comes with a drag and drop builder. It also comes with a one-click ad importer. Ninja Popups for WordPress – integrates all popular mailing systems like MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, JetPack, ConvertKit, and many more. Features include:

  1.  A pop up appears when visitor scrolled N amount of page
  2.  Open popup after X sec of inactivity (no mouse or keyboards actions)!
  3.  Event Tracking integration feature of Google Analytics
  4.  A/B Testing of Popups/Bars/Sliders
  5.  Traffic Bouncer popups
  6.  No coding is required! (Easy Popup Configuration)

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9. ConvertPlug – Popup, Email, Optin Plugin For WordPress

WordPress Popup Plugins

Convert Plus is the all-in-one WordPress Popup plugin that transforms your website into a lead generation powerhouse.

ConvertPlug is one of the CodeCanyon’s top sellers with a broad choice of ready to use,  100 eye-pleasing plugins. These plugins are designed specially to convert your visitors into your customers and to make them social followers. Various user action triggers which can be integrated into a variety of customizable popups.

Key features:

  1.  Works with any theme any web host.
  2.  More than ten popup display options.
  3.  12 different visitor behavior triggers and filters.
  4.  Ability to re-engage inactive visitors with interactive popups.
  5.  Unique ability to tailor your offers to new, returning and logged-in visitors differently.
  6.  Repetition Control

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Visualizer charts and graphs plugin

10. Icegram

WordPress Popup Plugins

Icegram is one of the most effective popup plugins for WordPress. It creates beautiful options, connecting with your audience and capturing leads, This free plugin not only offers various marketing-focused functionalities; but also consists of various user-friendly features. Well, it is one of the most popular plugins to offer free access to excellent premium quality features. This all-in-one email optin dismisses the need for hiring any developer for setup. It helps you in driving traffic to any pages you like and in creating well-timed popups. It is not only sleek in action; but also very useful in creating invitations and alerts.

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Final Thoughts on WordPress Popup Plugin

A popup plugin’s functionality lies in its speed and features. A faster and quicker website not only provides a better experience for the visitors; but also confirms its higher ranking on search engines. Therefore, though these five popup plugins vary from each other in features and speed; but all of them play a significant role in boosting the email list while generating leads. It may do without slowing down the WordPress website. Now, I am going to wrap this article and hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions on it, you can write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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