WordCamp Nashik

Updates from WordCamp Nashik have been in news for quite a while now and I am happy that I was a part of this trendsetting event of the WordPress community organized on 16th October 2016.

My 4th WordCamp as an attendee and the first one as a Sponsor, WordCamp Nashik holds an important position in the timeline of my professional career. WordCamp Mumbai, WordCamp Bhopal, and WordCamp Pune have been my earlier rendezvous with this massive WordPress loving community. However, what remained uniform throughout all these platforms, was the spirit of all organizers and event participants to come together and interact as a part of one happy family.

WordCamp Nashik is a little special to me because I got the opportunity to sponsor it. With much anticipation and eagerness, I was looking forward to attending this event to see how it would be different for me as a Sponsor.

The day was finally here and I boarded the flight from Lucknow to Delhi and then Delhi to Mumbai. I eventually booked a cab to commute from Mumbai to Nashik. The complete journey was refreshing and a total fruitful deviation from my regular workstation routine. As recommended by WordCamp Nashik, I decided to seek accommodation at Hotel Jupiter for my stay near the venue. As scheduled, I reached the venue ‘Nashik Engineering Cluster to find that the place was bustling with WordPress people from around the country. #WCNashik was a well-organized event given the layout of standees and bars brought up for the convenience of attendees. The Registration bar, the Community bar, and the Happiness bar were well laid out and appreciable. What I liked the most was the Community bar that carried a QR design to spread a word about other WordPress meetup groups.

WordCamp Nashik

The Happiness bar was meant to assist the attendees with their WordPress related queries. Kudos to the organizers’ team for putting up their best ideas forward at WordCamp Nashik. Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention the good food at the event. Relishing their taste buds at a work conference is definitely what every developer wants. There were several fun elements at the event apart from resourceful lectures delivered by speakers of various niches. Everybody wanted to get a picture with WordPress Nashik’s नापू – नाशिकचा वापू. The Facebook and twitter selfie booth was quite innovative and it definitely added a tinge of childlike simplicity to an event meant for highly skilled professionals.


Let’s move to the very essence of the event – Panel discussion on ‘Contribution to WordPress’. I personally liked this one because it had what I was looking for – the answer to the question; How do I contribute to the WordPress community? It was a great and fun-filled conversation altogether. The automated testing session was for my kind of session. I absolutely loved it!

14753893_1119750374726989_7700132681558536634_oAs a full-time developer, I consider these events as ‘must-attend’ ones because shelling out time from your routine professional life for some socializing gets a bit tough. These events are a chance to meet like-minded people so that you do not have to go through crap-conversations that you would otherwise face in other social events like parties, get-togethers, and stuff.

WordCamp Nashik was a great networking opportunity for everyone attending it. I am definitely looking forward to WordCamp Nashik 2.0 because guys at #WCNashik are amazing organizers and they know what has to be actually done when it comes to an awesome WordCamp.

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