Online Training Tips For Busy Remote Employees

Most of the Employees want to improve their skills and learn about the latest company policies but how?  They do not have much time to waste. In that case online training is the best option to improve their skills along with improving their task proficiency and exploring the newest products on offer. Online training is more convenient and accessible for employees who are always on the go. It helps to develop skills and talents.

So, you can also start creating an online course for your employees? Here are the best tips discussed below to host online training for busy employees and make it more convenient and accessible for them.

1. Define aim of online training

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Find out what they would want to learn? How would they want to learn? Employees take interest in online training only if they find it useful and beneficial. They must know what they will exactly get from their online training. Find about your employee persona and the purpose of your course. Make sure that you have defined the motive of online training clearly. Be clear about the benefits it will bring. If they find it interesting then surely they will take initiative. Employees are more likely to participate if it’s worth as per their requirement, even if they are pressed for time.

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2. Choose your course topic

Online training depends upon selecting the course topic. Make sure that your course fulfills a specific need for employee business and solves issues. Choose according to your industry needs and learn each module about them briefly. You are free to ask your query anytime during online training. Also, select a topic that your employees haven’t learned before or one that covers the skills and knowledge that they lack.

3. Create list of top training priorities

Before starting online training you must have a list of all priority things that must be required during training. You have to cover a lot of training information. Try to create time-saving and impactful content using the resources your company already has. Cover only important topics that employees really need and then build your online training course. 

Start with the essentials topics which are really important for our business and then create supplemental online training materials for the rest. Try to explain each module and highlight important steps so that they could easily understand. You  can also add multimedia including images, audios, graphics, etc. to make your training more interesting and boost your employee engagement. 

4. Divide large topic into small sections

This technique makes learning easy and simple. You can divide your script into multiple sections in which each section is explained briefly. You can add, remove or rearrange training modules while thinking about your employee learning paths. This allows your employee to learn each topic in detail, each of them covering a new topic or idea. For fresher’s it is best to learn to save time without missing out valuable tips but for experienced they can simply skip the initial step of learning. This will help your staff to use updated knowledge and learn from feedback.

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5. Create online training schedule

Online Training Tips For Busy Remote Employees

Creating a training schedule keeps you and your employee organized. It notifies important deadlines and reminders of upcoming events to employees. You can send notifications to keep your employee up-to-date. They will know what is up next in their online training.

6. Offer flexible timing for online training

Some busy Employees are unable to attend online training due to timing issues. They want to manage their online training according to their free schedule. You should be able to fit online training into their schedule instead of trying to shuffle around other obligations. Develop a clickable online course map that started their training when and where it is most convenient for them.

7. Create A Positive Online Training Environment

Positive environment encourages employees to work properly with full dedication. It keeps you away from Stress, frustration, and discouragement. Use a conversational tone with your employees so that it makes them feel welcomed, as well as relatable images and graphics. Employees can learn more from online training, they just have to join your social media group, and start a corporate eLearning forum where they can post questions and queries related to the relevant topics.

8. Develop A Course Completion Timeline

Set a course time duration of an online course and tell employees what they will get to learn and by when. Employees are allowed to set their own pace. After completion of the course in selected time will receive an online assessment. For example, if they have finished their training in three weeks then they will receive assessment after that. This allows employees to take control over their online training experience without any extra effort.

9. Social Media integration

Online Training Tips For Busy Remote Employees

Social media is a great platform that helps you to transform your live online training event into a fully interactive, community-driven experience. You are allowed to share your training event with your team on social media. You can also create a closed Facebook group for online training.

Online Learners can ask questions and give feedback about their online training experience. Learners need not to move for training, they get all in one place and can discuss their problem easily.

10. Improve Mental Focus

Employees have a lot on their minds. As a result, they are not able to concentrate on one task properly. This online training is really important. Online training improves employee’s engagement and mental focus. Employees get engaged in online activities including Branching scenarios, serious games and more are all great options. These online training activities give employees real-time experience and immerse them in realistic environments.

11. Multiplatform-Friendly

No one has enough time, especially employees to open a desktop to start online training. Always offer multiplatform-friendly to your employees so that they can easily use anytime and anywhere including mobile phones, tablets and more. These help busy employees to develop their skills and knowledge on-the-go. Always use responsive design to create mobile-friendly learning courses. 


Online training events are beneficial for employees if they capitalize on social interactions. It allows them to discuss their point briefly and clear doubts. All these above tips can help you engage busy employees for online training and provide an opportunity to discuss their opinions and ideas and also provide value-added online training content. Now you are ready to create great online courses for your busy employees. You will also find it easier to track and improve your employee training programs.

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