Best WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins To Create eCommerce Marketplace

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

Want to take your business online? Want to create an eCommerce marketplace but don’t want to hire an expert web developer? Have a dream to launch a successful marketplace website like eBay or Amazon? Using WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins is the solution!

Create a complex store as well as a simple eCommerce marketplace where third parties can also register as vendors. WordPress has a solution for all non-coders and all your business needs. All you need to create a marketplace website is WordPress and WordPress multi-vendor Plugin. Let’s get to know how!

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How Multi-Vendor Plugins Help

  • Host a group of suppliers on your site
  • Let vendors manage orders and inventory on your site within your control.
  • Earn a good amount of commission on each sale.
  • Opportunity to reach a wide market.

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Trending WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

Let’s roll on some of the best WordPress multi-vendor plugins that assist you in creating a marketplace website on WordPress with super cool vendor management, payment gateways, coupon management, product selling, and shipping functionality.

1. Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin: Trending WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

Dokan is the number #1 WordPress multi-vendor plugin I’m listing here. Its superb frontend experience, easy customization options, and WooCommerce compatibility offer great functionality to create a multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress. Getting started with it is very easy. Just install and configure it. It supports almost 100 payment gateways and is also multilingual. Its extraordinary features include accurate store insights with reports and statements, coupon management, product reviews, an easy withdrawal system, shipping management, announcements, and many more.

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2. WooCommerce Marketplace

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

Now, take a look at the WooCommerce marketplace plugin. With WooCommerce compatibility, it has come up with some new features. These features allow users to change the endpoints and titles of the user dashboard. No more dependency on the data table and offers flexible commission management. Other relevant functionalities include separate seller profiles, front-end seller management, and shipping management. Besides, the admin can also set privileges for sellers. All Product types are supported.

3. WC Vendors Pro

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

Trusted by over 20,000 customers, WC Vendors is another smart choice of yours. Set up and manage your online store with this feature-rich marketplace plugin. Set commission rates at a global and product level and manage your vendors with a pro frontend dashboard. Integrate whatever WooCommerce theme you like. With instant or delayed payments, you can pay your vendors via PayPal or Stripe. Besides, manage and control the capability of all your vendors with an easy-to-use interface.

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4. YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Multivendor plugin is known for its ability to create a complex marketplace in a faster way. Its varied catalog makes it easy to increase your constant growth on the eCommerce platform. Organize your marketing campaigns well and keep control of your store while monitoring orders, incomes, reviews, etc. Other features include: Adding more details for each of your vendors, adding multiple administrators, flexible commission rates, managing coupons, applying actions on commission, flexible payment methods, generating advanced reports, exporting data in CSV format, specifying your terms and conditions, and many more advanced features.

5. WooCommerce Product Vendors

WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

WooCommerce Product Vendors is a great marketplace plugin offered by WooCommerce that allows the creation a multivendor marketplace instantly, easily, and efficiently. You can set vendor-specific commission rates, allow vendors to manage their products, set commissions when an order is completed, generate reports on sales performance, sell digital products and physical products as well as time-based bookings, set up each vendor’s commission and payout schedule, Woocommerce Bookings integration, and a lot more features to explore.

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6. Socio Multi-Vendor for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin


You can also take a look at Socio Multi-Vendor, an amazing WooCommerce Plugin that is created to turn your WooCommerce Site into a Multi-Vendor Site. You can add vendors in the backend, edit vendors, set commission rates, and do a lot more busing this plugin. Vendors can easily apply to the front end. Moreover, it allows you to set the commission rate at three levels— Product Level, Vendor Level, and Global Level.

It is Translate Ready and works with all Payment Gateway Plugins that Woocommerce supports. The site admin will receive all the payments and then the vendors will get their commission manually from the site admin.

7. Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce

multivendor marketplace plugin

Create your marketplace website on WordPress easily using the Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin. It allows vendors to sell physical and virtual products, or download any products from your site. It offers vendors an individual Admin panel where they can add & manage products, and analyze sales statistics, order lists, and payment status. The site admin has the option to monitor overall sales performance. You can organize your store based on the product category.

Moreover, the Vendor’s Info is visible from the shop page. It enhances the credibility of your store.

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8. Frontend Submissions

WordPress MultiVendor Plugin

Frontend Submissions is a multi-vendor plugin offered by Easy Digital Downloads. It adds multi-vendor functionality to your WordPress website where users can register as a vendor from the frontend. Once the site admin approves, they will get access to their vendor dashboard. Vendors can add & manage their products, view orders, monitor their earnings, communicate with customers, and edit their account details. Store owners can also track & record vendor commissions. Moreover, this plugin also offers a complete review process for each new vendor registration and product submission to ensure the site has verified vendors and products.

Other key features of Frontend Submissions include email notifications, a drag-and-drop interface, bookings integration, a platform for vendor and customer communication, product reviews, and vendor feedback.

9. MultivendorX

Another flexible and scalable marketplace plugin for your WordPress site is MultivendorX. The feature that makes it a great choice for you is its vendor-split payment options that are now faster and smarter. You can set up individual stores, manage inventories and shipping, and earn commission on sales. Other features that click your mind include a single product with multiple vendors, a user-friendly vendor dashboard, admin notification to vendors, commission disbursal management, vendor review, and capability management, a custom vendor registration form, and a lot more.

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10. WCFM Marketplace

marketplace e-commerce plugin

WCFM Marketplace offers brilliant features to create a multivendor marketplace website. Key features include Flexible Commission, Withdrawal and reverse Withdrawal, Refund Request, Single Product Multi-vendor, Ledger Book, Store Inquiry and review, Zone & Country Wise Vendor Shipping, and Stripe Split Pay. Moreover, it also offers advanced modules like Support Ticket, Store Invoice, Product Importer & Bulk Stock Manager along with WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Appointments, WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System, and Shipment Tracking.

Check out how easy it is to create a marketplace website on WordPress

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Final Thoughts WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins

So, that’s all for today about WordPress Multi-Vendor Plugins. Stay tuned with us and we’ll get back to you with some more interesting and exciting information.

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