Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace

Multi-vendor online marketplaces have become extremely popular these days. They have even started dominating single vendor eCommerce stores. This is mainly because of the fact that customers find more product options in a multi-vendor online marketplace. However, this is not the sole reason for the immense popularity of online multi-vendor Marketplaces.  There are various other reasons as well, which are attracting customers towards this platform. Let us have a look at some of the most important reasons which have caused multi-vendor online marketplaces to become more popular than single vendor eCommerce stores. 

1. It helps to generate a lot of traffic:

In a single vendor store, the owner is more focused on promoting his brand rather than promoting the products. However, in multi-vendor stores, the control completely lies in the hands of the vendors. The vendors will make all their product pages optimized for SEO. This will make it a lot easier for the customers to search for the products they are looking for. The vendors should also be aware of the SEO practices and apply them in the best possible way.  Otherwise, it will not cause a lot of success. It is recommended that the vendors include specific keywords in the title and description. The meta keywords will help the products to become more popular and the customers will also find it more convenient to list the products. 

You can also offer a lot of discounts and deals:

A single vendor eCommerce platform is more about monopoly. There are not a lot of product options available. The prices are also not very competitive. As a result, the customers will have to pay the exact price of the product without getting any option for comparison. In a multi-vendor marketplace, you will get to see a detailed comparison of similar products from different vendors. This will help you to pick a product that has the lowest price and the best features. This will also create a sense of competition among the vendors. They will always strive to deliver better products at a cheaper rate. The vendors will also start offering different kinds of deals and discounts for the customers. This will encourage the customers to buy more products from your website.

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A lot of options for delivery and shipping options are available:

In a single vendor store, the shipping options will be dependent on the owner. However, in multi-vendor stores, the vendors decide the shipping options. They will always try to give more options to the candidates so that they are driven towards their products. The vendors can also hire their own delivery persons who will ship the products to the desired location. They may also collaborate with third-party organizations like DHL and FedEx for delivery.

Multi-vendor websites can be a game changer:

Even small scale business owners can sell their goods and products with the help of multi-vendor eCommerce platforms. They need not have to open their own E-Commerce portal to sell their services and products. The vendors will also not lose their own identity. They may have a page for themselves. They can create their own profile and speak about their products and services. The vendor’s name will also be displayed on the product page of each product. On clicking on the vendor’s name, the vendor’s profile will be displayed where the customers can see the various other products which are sold by the same vendor. They will also be able to upload their personal documents to make the customers think that their store is legitimate.

What is the best way to design an online multi-vendor marketplace?

StoreMate Dokan is a very popular WordPress theme using which you can design your own online marketplace. The theme is fully compatible with the very powerful WooCommerce plugin. It is also highly responsive and allows you to design a marketplace of your choice. You will be provided with a website building tool kit using which you can design your website quickly and easily.

StoreMate Dokan comes with Dokan Pro integration that helps you to include different E-Commerce features to your website like shipping management, selling management, tax options and so on. You will be provided with multiple demo options which you can import with just a few clicks of the mouse. A lot of colour options are available. The theme also has automatic mega menu support using which you can display your product categories easily.

So, design your marketplace today and generate a lot of sales on your website. You can also use StoreMate Dokan to design your multi-vendor marketplace.

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