Best Email Tracking Apps for Gmail and Outlook

Email Tracking Apps

Are you looking for an appropriate email tracking app for Gmail and outlook? If yes then we have some incredible news for you. In this article, you can easily source and get information on the best email tracking apps for Gmail and outlook and work your way out to deal with regular tracking and analysis expertise.

Such apps come in handy for business and let the web admin explore the possibilities of having a structured email tracking regime through which he can schedule the right emails to be tracked, sent, or received.

Best Email Tracking Apps for Gmail and Outlook 2021

Let us proceed further to know the best email tracking apps for Gmail and outlook.

1. Mixmax

Email Tracking Apps: Mixmax

Mixmax is another impeccable Gmail and outlook email tracker that assists in other functionalities as well such as calendar scheduling, email polls, and automated email follow-ups. The app runs on a great speed and UI and has top reviews to facilitate the given function with much care and attention.


  • The team’s who work in slack and want to track emails without switching apps.
  • Email polls and calendar scheduling.
  • Automated follow-up on emails.
  • Works with Gmail, salesforce, and slack.
  • First 100 email tracking free, paid plans amounting to US$ 4-49 each month.

2. Mailtrack

Email Tracking AppsM: mailTrack

Mailtrack is another useful app that helps is Gmail and outlook tracking and also consists of features such as checkmarks to notify that the mail has been read as well as popup notification to inform you that the mail has been read. Additional specification includes:


  • Track emails with the help of visuals.
  • Pop notification when the mail is opened.
  • Checkmark Notification when the mail has been read.
  • Works via Gmail extension.
  • Pricing is generally free but can be paid as well up to US$ 5-10 per month.

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3. MailTracker

Email Tracking Apps: MailTracker

MailTracker is another useful app that is used for email tracking. The tool seamlessly provides information on when your mail was opened and with an additional notification informing about how many times the mail was opened and read. The email tracker is a product offering of


  • Notify the user of when the mail was opened.
  • Notify the user about the number of times mail was opened.
  • Free to use.

4. Vocus

Email Tracking Apps: Vocus

Vocus is another powerful email tracker app that is filled with specifications such as email scheduling, email reminders, follow-up emails and also helps with finding the user address or target details within a private organization.


  • Find lead’s address within the organization with Vocus.
  • Email scheduling and notification regarding mail opened and read.
  • Automated Follow up emails.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • US$ 5-20 per month depending upon the usage.

5. Boomerang

Email Tracking Apps: Boomerang

Boomerang is an effective app that can schedule emails to be sent at a particular time. The app also facilitates return messages for your inbox for cleaning and redressal purposes.


  • Followup reminders that are beneficial for offices and organizations.
  • Email scheduling.
  • Email return messages feature.
  • Pricing is segregated between free and paid. Prices include US$ 5-50.

6. MailTag

Email Tracking Apps: MailTag

MailTag is another significant email tracker that informs the users about when the recipient has opened the mail and with real-time tracking of performance open and clicks rates. Mail tag also allows scheduled personalized messages to be sent to anyone.

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  • Real-time desktop alerts.
  • Notification for when the email has been read.
  • Email scheduling and sending.
  • Scheduled personalized messages.
  • Track open and click rates.
  • Free to use but paid version includes US$ 10 per month.

7. Salesmate

Email Tracking Apps: Salesmate

Salesmate is another influential email tracking app that lets you track emails as well as a facility of a shared inbox for organizations to have an active check on organizational emails and data.


  • Built-in calling and texting.
  • Email tracking.
  • Shared team inbox.
  • Save templates and send bulk emails.
  • Price via paid subscription.

8. HubSpot

Email Tracking Apps: HubSpot

HubSpot is another email tracking facility that ensures real-time notification on when the mail has been sent and read as well as the app also provides lead person history to know which emails, doc links have been opened by them.


  • Real-time notifications of when the email has been read.
  • Facility to have access to lead person history to know which documents, emails, and links have been opened by them.
  • Works well with Gmail, Windows, Android, etc.

9. Outreach

Email Tracking Apps: Outreach

Outreach is another app that works well with Gmail and outlook and helps provide information regarding email tracking and notifications. The app facilitates scheduled emails and popup notifications of when the mail has been delivered and read.

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  • Allows mail and call sequencing.
  • Integration with Gmail and outlook.
  • Good reviews and data analysis.

Conclusion on Email Tracking Apps


Email tracking apps have become a necessity in the world to have active performance tracking and making sure that the emails have been delivered and sorted through to have smooth office functioning and establish organizational structure.

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