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An email list is not simply a means to keep your audience paced up to speed, it can be a priceless tool for business. Certainly it’s a terrific way to make people come back for more. However, you can also gradually and steadily develop customer trust by offering value for free. You can then convert this into a sale or  conversion in the future. The finest part is that you can nicely automate the entire process by building your email list.

An email list comprises a list of email addresses of your current and prospective clients who have signed up or subscribed through your WordPress site to receive newsletters, updates, announcements or special offers.

Email repeatedly outperforms social media across the board. It fetches a higher view rate as against Facebook or Twitter, 50-100 times the click rates of Facebook or Twitter apart from being more cost-effective in comparison to different marketing and social channel. This is possible since email is more intimate and private.

Reasons To Build Your Email List

If you aren’t convinced by the stats, these are other really good reasons:

  • Your emails are assured to access the inboxes of each and every one of the active contacts on your email list. The email remains in their inbox until they perform an action. Compare that to Twitter or Facebook, where your posts and statuses may not be visible to your followers due to algorithms and the inherent nature of those social networks. People check their emails more precisely than they do their social timelines.
  • Email is safer and more flexible. Your email list is owned by you. You however have very restricted control and no ownership of your Facebook and Twitter account data. Moreover, your social accounts could become hacked or suspended for any reason, or the platform could stop to exist or fall in popularity (think Myspace) etc. In contrast, you own your email list and can interact with your clients and prospects on your individual terms.
  • An email has more particular targeting. You can dispatch information or announcements of product-based or geo-related services to certain contacts that fulfill some specific criteria.

However, you should not ignore your social networks. Social is awesome for user engagements so don’t reject social simply now. An email will simply fetch you greater visitors and conversions.

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How To Begin Your Email List Building?

The first thing needed by you is a trustworthy email service provider. These firms specialize in the delivery of email, and you require them to assure that your email reaches the inbox of your entire subscribers (instead of getting your email marked as spam).

These professional email service providers spend plenty of money and resources on their infrastructure of email delivery to ensure that your email does not finish in your subscriber’s junk mail. All leading companies such as Apple, Facebook, eBay, and others employ a third-party email marketing service.

Which Email Marketing Service Should You Employ?

There are numerous excellent email marketing providers available. It’s an extremely competitive industry which implies companies are always attempting to reduce their costs while offering plenty of features. The following are a few of the providers that we work with and recommend greatly.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact affords the finest email marketing service provider for all types of businesses and websites. It allows your dispatch emails, track emails, manage subscribers, views analytics, target subscribers, builds beautiful email templates, set up autoresponders, and split test your campaigns.

The best thing is that Constant Contact arrives with a free trial of 2 months. This offers you sufficient time to configure your email list and begin gathering email addresses. By the completion of the trial, your list will be self-paying. Awesome, sign up for free!

2. Aweber

Aweber is among the most popular email service providers for bloggers and internet marketers. It allows you to send emails, handle subscribers, and furnish excellent tracking. Besides that, you can also dispatch series of automatically dispatched emails (autoresponder), instantly build emails from your latest blog posts, and target subscribers depending on their action, location, etc by a single click.

Aweber lets you easily divide test email templates, headline color, headlines, the text of the submit button, text color, and much more. You can check out Aweber for 1 dollar for the first month.

Few others that we have worked with comprise Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc. All of them offer the same functionality. You primarily have to match prices and the user interface.

Steps To Build Your Email List

Observe the following steps to build your email list:

wordpress email list,Email List In WordPress

1. Place A Form In The Sidebar

Of course, it’s simple to copy-paste the code of the form or install a plugin, so you can then rapidly simply move on, sit back, relax, and see your list grow. Not completely. Doing so would leave you with a horrible conversion rate. Almost no visitors would sign up. Initially, you need to work in some brief copy to communicate why it’s worth signing up.

A common strategy to stretch things involves adding a bit of something to sweeten the pot. An ebook, a video course, a workbook, or even a free trial of a product. When utilized to assist build a list, these things are frequently broadly alluded to as a lead magnet. This motivates more people to leave their emails.

2. Insert A Sign-up Form After Posts

You can certainly paste the code manually for the form after each post that you write, or you can employ a simple plugin to conveniently design and place nice-looking forms beneath your posts and pages. An excellent option comprises wpforms that integrate efficiently with Mailchimp, campaign monitor, Aweber, drip, constant contact, get response and zapier. simply install, build your custom newsletter form, then add on pages.

slide-in or pop-up opt-in form

If you’re employing Mailchimp, they really possess a slide-in generator that you can utilize to design a page, and then just paste the code into the <head></head> portion of the header.php of your selected theme to apply it on your website (you can utilize a plugin like a header and a footer to insert this code if you experience discomfort directly editing theme files).

In any case, there are some excellent WordPress plugins (with added functionality and pre-designed themes that can achieve the task. Sumome and bloom are two great alternatives. or you can utilize full-featured a stand-alone lead generation application that works like optinmonster or mailoptin.

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Turn Your Homepage A Dedicated (Or Semi-Dedicated) Landing Page

Big-ticket bloggers and small business proprietors are aware that gathering emails is so crucial for their business that they dedicate their homepages for gathering leads. Sometimes this involves creating a total landing page with a very smart exit option such as “Continue to my blog.” On other occasions, they highlight the area over the fold, the visible area that is initially loaded within a browser, on collecting emails, turning the homepage into a kind of semi-landing page.

If you opt for the first option, you could employ a landing page creator like Thrive for building the landing page, and then just configure it as your site’s index page. The second option with the semi-landing page might appear hard to create. However, there are themes wholly dedicated to this option (such as Landing by Themify), and you can also conveniently build an excellent functional page with a page builder or a theme such as Total.

This method relies on a large number of site visitors or traffic and it is quite obvious that if there are fewer visitors to your site, you will naturally have fewer people signing up for your newsletter. You can implement this even without fully launching your site yet, by employing a coming soon plugin. That’s why the next method addresses both the issues of traffic and email subscribers.

Land A Guest Post And Direct Traffic To A Landing Page

A guest post is your written piece that is published on another person’s blog or website. If you have a sound network with different bloggers or business owners covering your niche segment, you can access them and pitch ideas that you find ideal for their audience, otherwise, form relationships with people in your space.

Make it a point to follow-up emails. Try to keep it amicable and simple, and recap your proposal fast.

And, while this may pay off in the short term due to the volume, but the approach of just emailing a multitude of people on the basis of a template can at times burn bridges, which might otherwise have enabled you to forge a great relationship.

For best results, select blogs that are either directly or indirectly associated with the topic you encounter on your site like a guest post on fast efficient workouts on a healthy eating blog. Next, spend some moment exploring the type of content that resonates perfectly with the audience. This varies from blog to blog. Some posts have listicle-liking audiences, others like intense personal tales of trial, error, and ultimately, success.

Then you can opt to either dispatch them to the regular landing page or perhaps travel the extra mile and dispatch them to a landing page that is completely tailored for the audience of this particular guest post. Written in their language, and perhaps providing them an exclusive deal or offer together with the regular ‘lead magnet”.

This strategy is great as it is repeatable. You can also guest post more than once upon the same site. If you do it properly by putting the time and effort to build a piece worth remembering and exchanging, it will enhance your relationship with the person who’s letting you use their platform.

Perform A Joint Venture

When you’re struggling with traffic, but you already possess a quality ebook/product/course that you support, you can attempt to hire the help of other people.

Certainly, building an email list can be a huge asset for your online business. however, the difficulty is that majority of new bloggers are unaware of how to catch their audience’s attention to get them to subscribe.

If you want to increase your blog subscription, you need initially to present a compelling offer.

it must be followed by a good plugin.

Some of the prominent WordPress email marketing  plugins to grow your email subscriber list are:

  • Optinmonster
  • Leadpages
  • Opt-in panda WordPress plugin
  • Icegram – free
  • Convertplug WordPress plugin
  • Thrive leads list building wp plugin

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Final Thoughts on Email List In WordPress

Handling subscribers across multiple websites may be tough. so you must opt for list-building plugins such as content upgrades pro or optinmonster, both of which possess a centralized dashboard for handling different sites at one time.

And there it is! the top email list building plugins for WordPress to enable you to build your email list immediately and forging better relationships with the visitors to your site – old as well as new.

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