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Education WordPress Theme

Education shifting almost entirely to online platforms, many organizations and schools have also started to create online class modules for their employees and students. However, not many understand how to set up an online class module to remain professional, educational, and engaging for the users. WordPress offers many different themes and plugins that can be used to create an online class module from scratch. Whether you are looking to create a single course or a multiple-course membership program, WordPress offers the flexibility and functionality to create this module just as you like.

This article will understand how you can create an online classes module with an education WordPress theme.

Education WordPress Theme

Educational Platform, Training Software, and LMS
Best Education WordPress Theme

LearnDash, when integrated with WordPress websites, will help in curating engaging courses and lesson plans for students who wish to seek educational assistance through virtual mode. Many educational institutions, colleges, and universities have now started using LearnDash to build their own LMS website to increase their following and invest heavily in the sector of eLearning as digital education to secure the students’ stake and develop modern and contemporary courses that can be easily comprehended and can help the masses in developing crucial skill set and techniques.

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LearnDash is a tool where website owners can develop interactive quizzes and assignments for their students as well as create new courses with revised curricula and techniques to ensure sales of such courses to other potential students. The students who wish to buy these courses will have to make a purchase and start their lessons online to get course credits and certificates.

LearnMate LearnDash WordPress Theme to Sell Online Courses

Best LearnDash WordPress Theme to Pair with LearnDash LMS! Creating an eLearning website has never been easier with LearnMate the easiest-to-use solution available.

LearnMate LearnDash is a perfect WordPress theme for LearnDash equipped website to assist in creating and complementing the existing features of LearnDash and amplifying them accordingly. The theme helps in creating an interactive course layout with impactful tones and underlines to make the website more appealing and unique. The theme embraces the features of LearnDash and furnishes the websites with additional elements such as dark mode options, course review features, and multiple header styles to match your website’s preferences.

This theme offers complete solutions to all your issues related to online sales and marketing. The features allow the theme to operate comprehensively and can be customized according to the needs of users and admin. The theme can be proven extremely beneficial to people who wish to invest and are on the lookout to venture into the educational sector, through digital eLearning.

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Key Features

1. Engaging Course Layouts

Make it fun and exciting for your students to learn with engaging course layouts on your eLearning site.

2. Typography & Theme Skins

Customize the appearance of your e-learning website with multiple theme skin & typography options.

3. Awesome Shop Page Designs

Give learners an authentic experience while browsing courses using the customizable shop page layouts.

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4. One-click Demo Import

Get the web pages of your LearnDash-powered eLearning website live with just one click.

5. Course Membership

With the power of the membership feature, create your membership levels and sell accordingly.

6. Visual Design

Powerful page builder allows you to turn your dream e-learning website into reality with advanced visual design

List of Some Important LearnMate LearnDash Plugins

1. LearnDash

LearnDash- Best Education WordPress Theme
Best Education WordPress Theme

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress course plugins used by Fortune 500 companies and universities to create and sell courses online. It offers fast speed, brilliant LMS features, and compelling online course design. LearnDash Plugin is a full suite consisting of tools for content dripping, selling courses, rewarding students or learners, and a lot more.

2. LifterLMS

Best Education WordPress Theme

LifterLMS is another WordPress training plugin that helps online course creators transform their expertise and skills into income by creating an impressive online course website. LifterLMS Plugin is a powerful LMS WordPress plugin using which you can increase course engagement, sales, and learner results. Want to try the advanced features of this WordPress training plugin? Great… They offer a 30 Day Demo so that you can explore how best your LMS WordPress website can look.

3. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS- Best Education WordPress Theme
Best Education WordPress Theme

The Tutor LMS is a complete, feature-packed, and robust WordPress LMS plugin to create & sell courses online easily. All the features of this learning management system hit all the checkpoints for a full-fledged online course marketplace. You can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons, powerful reports, and stats making Tutor potentially the best free WordPress LMS plugin.

4. Sensei LMS- Best Education WordPress Theme

Sensei LMS- Best Education WordPress Theme
Best Education WordPress Theme

Sensei LMS integrates effortlessly with your WordPress site, making it easy to create courses, lessons, and quizzes. You don’t have time to spend hiring a developer to make your online courses look great, and you shouldn’t have to. Sensei LMS just works with your preferred WordPress theme. Leverage the power of quizzes to strengthen your student’s understanding of key concepts and evaluate their progress.

Types of LearnDash Add Ons

There is a versatile add-ons facility that LearnDash provides to its customers which includes the following popular additions such as:

  • WooCommerce addon to support the eCommerce setup on a website.
  • EDD Integration to make easy digital downloads available on your website.
  • Stripe payment gateway to make your transaction deals smoother and richer.
  • bbpress integration to customize the existing dashboard look and style.
  • Samcart integration to have a convenient shopping cart facility.
  • Paid memberships via Memberpress.
  • Social Gamification via Gamipress.

Add-on Plugins- Best Education WordPress Theme

Apart from traditional add-on support, LearnDash also supports a variety of third-party add-ons that a customer can enrich their website with.

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1. Coming Soon Add-on for LearnDash

LearnDash Coming Soon Plugin allows you to display the course coming soon feature on the single course page as the course coming Soon feature is a great way to promote your courses and make them desirable for people. This plugin provides you the features such as showing a message, text, image, countdown, and course meta that will make it a lot easier for people to know all they are wishing about your brand-new course.

2. Related Course Add-on for LearnDash

LearnDash-related course plugins help to display related courses on a single course page. The site admin can manage how many products he wants to display. Moreover, several other LearnDash components can also be managed to be displayed on related courses like Course access mode, Course instructor, Course Progress bar, etc.

3. LearnDash Notes- Best Education WordPress Theme

LearnDash Notes addon offers extensive support to the LearnDash Plugin by providing the facility of making notes. Through this add-on, students can make interactive real-time notes which can be shared for cross-referral and expand the educational experience online.

4. Reign LearnDash Addon

Reign learnDash addon comes with some important and extensive features to make e-learning easier. This addon has been designed to enable you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses in a distraction-free environment.

5. LearnDash Dashboard

LearnDash Dashboard gives the admin, instructors, and students a dashboard of their own, where they can easily manage anything related to their courses, and lessons, and contact others. Website admin can adjust each block as per their requirements. If you want to disable some sections, the plugin setting offers you to do it easily. The plugin has inbuilt support for WooCommerce and Learndash WooCommerce add-on.

Conclusion on Best Education WordPress Theme

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I hope you find this article helpful to build a Learning Management System with WordPress. Still, if you want some further help creating a well-designed e-learning website for your organization, you can reach us anytime at Wbcom Designs.

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