Why Choose WordPress For Your eLearning Websites?

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Are you looking to create eLearning Websites for your eLearning courses? This blog is designed to help you! WordPress has been one of the top platforms for creating websites for the last decade. People use it for creating websites of all sorts – right from blogs and business development to building college and university websites. 

But did you know that WordPress is also one of the best platforms for creating online courses? That’s correct! WordPress provides a lot of exciting features to build an interesting and engaging eLearning website. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of using WordPress for your eLearning needs.

1. User-Friendly eLearning Websites:

In comparison to most of the popular Learning Management Systems, WordPress possesses a simple and clear admin panel. There are no complicated configuration settings involved here, unline the full-fledged eLearning Websites platforms. As a user, you would need vast technical knowledge, or spend more money on an expert to develop your courses on these Learning Management Systems. But in the case of WordPress, you can develop the entire course on your own. Along with this, WordPress has an ever-growing list of features and plugins, that you can easily add to your courses to make them more engaging for your audience.

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2. SEO Friendly:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website be more visible on platforms like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. An optimized website can bring a significant amount of change in generating traffic and have the best conversion rate. When compared to other Learning Management Systems, WordPress offers the most effective SEO function for your website. You can also add several plugins dedicated to Search Engine Optimization that will allow you to increase the exposure of your website. WordPress also allows you to add meta tags, site names, and descriptions to your website. It only takes a few minutes and proves to be very beneficial for your website.

3. Plugins To Enhance Functionality:

Plugins are like apps for your website. As mentioned before, WordPress offers thousands of plugins to choose from that will enhance the functionality of your eLearning websites. With the help of plugins, you can create courses that will be accessible throughout the world. There are specific plugins that also make it easier for you to sell your courses online. You can even add audio, video, and gamification tools like quizzes, scoreboards, badges, and many more. Plugins also let you upload and download content in formats such as DOC, PDF, or Excel. WordPress has over 1000 free plugins, and then an entire list of paid plugins to choose from. You can do simple research a find out the best plugins that will make your course even better for your learners.

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4. Themes and Customization:

Just like plugins, WordPress also provides a ton of themes to design your eLearning websites. This means you no longer have to hire a professional web developer to build your website. You can simply select a theme based on your requirements, add it to your website, and you are good to go! WordPress has many themes that have been developed keeping in mind the various genres of businesses. You may choose any of them based on what goes best with your courses. This will save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise invest in customizing your website.

5. WordPress As A Source Of Income:


Lastly, and most importantly, WordPress allows you to sell your courses online, conduct webinars, and also offer access to your content in the form of a subscription. This can be made possible by simply adding some of the eCommerce plugins to your eLearning website. Not a lot of Learning Management systems allow you to integrate plugins to your website this easily. By selling your content online, you can generate a lot of revenue for your website and business. Some of the most popular eCommerce plugins of eLearning websites are WooCommerce, Shopp, Shopify, and many more. Most of the popular WordPress themes support these plugins, but if you are buying a paid plugin, it is better to check whether it is compatible with your theme, and vice versa.

In the conclusion of eLearning Websites: 

Due to the pandemic, eLearning gained a lot of popularity in the year 2020 – and we believe this trend is only going to continue for a long, long time. There are developments every day in the field, so we highly recommend that you join the game and choose the best content management system out there – WordPress! It also has a variety of plugins and themes to help you design a great website that will bring in more and more visitors.

Make your website development experience smoother and minimal with WordPress and build the eLearning course of your dreams! We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading, all the best, and stay safe! 

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