WordPress has revolutionized website development in the 15 years of its existence. With incredible plugins and functionalities that allow you to create complex websites easily, WordPress has enabled thousands of bloggers, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs around the world to establish their businesses on the internet.

One of these powerful resources from WordPress is the LifterLMS Plugin. With a mission to democratize education in the digital classroom, this plugin allows you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses effortlessly. What’s even better is that the core version of this plugin is available for free. However, the plugin has just about 8000+ active installations due to the ‘expensive’ add-ons needed to extend the functionality of your LMS equipped site.

Although, before taking any decision, we would recommend you to go through some of the important features of the LifterLMS Plugin listed below.

LifterLMS Review 

Core Features

These features come preloaded with the Free LifterLMS Plugin on WordPress. Take a look.

Content Customization

LifterLMS Review
LifterLMS Review: Easily to Create Courses

One of the essential features of a good LMS plugin is easy content customization. LifterLMS helps you to easily create, manage and sell your own course instantly after installation. Moreover, it also helps you to display every user’s course advancement on their dashboard through a feature called ‘Progression bar’. The color, pattern, as well as the animation settings of this bar, can be completely customized to fit your site.

LifterLMS is also loaded with customizable themes that can be altered as needed. Not only this, but it also supports shortcodes that can be attached anywhere on your site to display your courses, customize the user interface, track users progression and gather important stats.

Badges and Certificates

LifterLMS Review
LifterLMS Review

It’s always good to reward the loyal users on your site. LifterLMS lets you reward your users with badges and certificates as soon as they complete a course successfully. It also allows users to share their accomplishment with others through social media. This encourages these users to learn more and increases brand awareness at a huge scale. To provide greater sharing options to your users, you can even add the PeepSo LifterLMS Integration to your site.

Easy User Interface

LifterLMS Review
LifterLMS Review

Like most plugins on WordPress, the LifterLMS plugin is also super easy to use and implement. It enables users to create their courses with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Moreover, the user interface is friendly and simple too. Ideal for personal as well as your professional needs, LifterLMS is equipped with simple colors and structures to enable distraction-free learning for your users.

Mobile Responsiveness

LearnMate LifterLMS Theme
LearnMate LifterLMS Theme

According to research, 52.2% of site traffic was generated through mobile phones in 2018. Hence, offering unlimited mobility for students is an important aspect for your LMS. With LifterLMS, you can deliver lessons for your users not only on their desktops or laptops but also on their mobile phones seamlessly as it is highly mobile responsive.

Content Dripping

LearnMate LMS Theme
Schedule Content

In simple words, Content Dripping is the delivery of content in a pre-scheduled manner over time. It is extremely helpful as it can be used to schedule specific content to be displayed when students start to progress and reach particular milestones. Not only this, but prerequisites are also supported.

Membership Features

Membership features allow you and course creators registered on your LMS to organize courses and content into feature-specific groups. This feature gives you the ability to control and manage your site better. You can sell multiple courses together at a discounted rate or create multiple payment options for a course or a group of courses and restrict them for paid users or subscribers as you need.

Student profile

This feature has been recently added to LifterLMS. It is an exclusive feature that enables a fully managed front-end user account set up for your site users. You can customize and enable different types of registration and account options for your users. This is very useful as it makes the user interface easier and engaging as the user is able to manage profile settings, view current courses, course history, track course progress, view earned achievements and certificates from the account page itself.


LifterLMS Review

If you reach a point where you need to attract new customers or retain old customers with offers and discounts, you can use the Coupons feature of LifterLMS. It allows you to create attractive coupons to push up your sales by offering customers a little more than what they expect.

Premium Features

LifterLMS lets you create brand awareness and stand out from the crowd with certain add-ons and paid plugins. Take a look.

Data Analytics

LifterLMS Review

No business or person can be successful without a proper analysis of their previous actions. The analysis includes studying consumer behavior, sales trends, and product reactions. LifterLMS offers paid add-ons that provide you with updated data analysis of your site users and products. This, in turn, helps you attain the perfect direction for sales and development of new courses. Do not ignore this feature as your LMS cannot be successful without analysis.


LifterLMS Review

LifterLMS can be easily integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce instantly with easy to use add-ons. These plugins help you monetize your site by collecting payments for your products and services through easy payment gateways.


The two add-ons mentioned above are essential for the smooth working of your LMS. However, if purchased individually these can prove to be costly. Hence, we would recommend you to go for the annual subscription of either the Infinity Bundle or the Universal Bundle which comes loaded with premium add-ons for e-commerce, marketing, app integration and many more.

LifterLMS vs. Other LMS

There are many other LMS solutions available for WordPress like LeranDash, LearnPress and WP Courseware. However, if you are looking to create a unique, high-quality LMS to monetize your online courses, the best options are either LearnDash or LifterLMS.

These two are not only the best quality wise right now, but they’re also bringing in new features and functionalities continuously to the market. However, only LifterLMS has a free version out of these two and supports essential features like multimedia content and lesson downloads.

Hence, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, we would recommend you to begin your LMS journey with LifterLMS and are tight on budget and create incredible courses to offer an effective and engaging learning environment for your users.

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