Create and sell online courses: best alternative to Kajabi

Create and sell online courses

In the era of convenient learning, LMS solutions are turning into a more empowering technique for providing knowledge. There are many effective platforms to Sell online courses that promise productive assistance for you to set an effective course. Kajabi is one of the famous platforms to enable LMS solutions. It carries many convenient features to help you create a course as per your requirements, involving the creation of all kinds of content to highlight your knowledge and skills.

It includes online coaching programs along with podcasts membership and many more to make the student get attracted to the learning classes and courses. Having many marketing tools and templates for creating new content and campaigns, Kajabi turned quite popular in creating online classes.

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The Best Alternatives to Kajabi

Despite the fact that it is effectively famous, there are various alternatives to this LMS solution. There are many E-learning tools that tend to be more efficient in providing services for sufficient course creation. In this blog, you will get to know about those effective alternatives or Kajabi.

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1. LearnDash

Sell online courses

LearnDash is one of the best LMS platforms, involving all upgraded features as per the requirements of your course. It is an extended element of the famous and influential CMS platform, WordPress. WordPress, providing all productive features to assist the users in the best way possible, enhanced its features towards this effectual tool, E-learning. LearnDash enables many techniques and tools to make learning easy and interesting for the students. In order to make it more engaging for the learners, it has many facts and features to make it more compelling for the students that empower it from Kajabi

More engaging Plugins and features: LearnDash is being solely updated while keeping in mind the necessities and key points of the courses. It has many extension plugins to meet the requirements of the learning material that you are providing.

Versatile Themes: Another amazing feature of LearnDash is that it offers you many versatile themes in accordance with our courses. The themes made it catchier for the learner to adapt to the course that you are enabling.
Designed to maximize the content: LearnDash is being structured in such a way that maximizes the delivery of content in the most effective manner to your learners. Content Maximization helps to highlight the expertise that you are ensuring.

2. Teachable- Best alternative to Kajabi

Teachable vs WordPress
Sell online courses

Teachable is an LMS solution that provides an opportunity to share whatever you with others. It enables an opportunity to teach others the knowledge and skills that you carry. It offers the many build the future for creative entrepreneurs whether you are a master in hand lettering, have authority in drone flying, or coding; this platform helps in creating courses as per your choice.

As compared to Kajabi, it involves the advantage of being more accessible and more convenient for the learners as well as the instructors. It ensures the choice to you to teach the way you feel like. Moreover, Teachable offers the benefit of paying all the additional taxes, affiliates, etc., on its own, leaving you amount to pay.

3. Thinkific

Best alternative to Kajabi

Thinkific is an LMS tool that gives you the chance to create an amazing course that ensures you an opportunity to market and sell your expertise. It enables you total control to band your knowledge. It offers many templates and assists you in creating the course content as per your choice. Thinkific also ensures you the feature of preview and publish, which means that you could change and alter your work until you find it fit as per your expectations.

It helps you create the course in accordance with your skills, providing live lessons, certifications, assignments, course templates, coupons, and many elements to grab the interests of the learners.

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4. Podia

Podia-Best alternative to Kajabi
Best alternative to Kajabi

Another alternative to Kajabi is Podia. It is the E-learning solution that not only offers you a chance to create an effective course but also to market it. Podia helps you market your skills with several of its features like email marketing, promotion through the website, page building, etc.; it is simple yet ethical in designing your course.

This LMS tool tends to be all-in-one as well as easy to use and ensures elements like videos, webinars, and seven days a week assistance to help you tackle your queries. It also involves digital downloads of PDFs, eBooks, audiobooks, and many more compelling features for the students.

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5. Ontraport

Ontraport- Sell online courses
Best alternative to Kajabi

Outraport is said to be the platform for sales and marketing or developing businesses. It helps you to grow your business through various mediums of online promotion. Having the aspects of online sales and promotions, Outraport offers the feature of a membership community that brings it into the space of knowledge commerce. It involves various elements of sales representatives. Its tools and designs are made to keep in the art of marketing. Hence, this platform isn’t solely dedicated to LMS solutions like LearnDash and others.

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6. Udemy

Udemy- Sell online courses
Best alternative to Kajabi

Udemy offers aspiring opportunities for both learners as well as instructors. It tends to be the course marketplace that assists the students in learning things they are interested in at the same time; it also enables the instructors a chance to share their knowledge and skills through this platform.

There are said to be approx. 155,000 courses on Udemy, and thus, it ensures you a great opportunity for your course as well. It provides great possibilities for design, development, marketing, IT and software, personality development, and so on. Thus, through this platform, you could set your course as per your needs and skills effectively.

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7. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels- Best alternative to Kajabi
Best alternative to Kajabi

Clickfunnels is the next alternative, it provides website building and sales funnels for business minds. Like Outraport, Clickfunnels isn’t entirely turned out to be a course-creating platform as well. It features acquiring knowledge, commerce and chances for the instructors to market their skills, sharing them with others.

Clickfunnels enable for-sale templates or funnels. It is said to be an experienced place that offers you great chances for hosting a webinar, collecting emails, promoting your skills, etc. It is convenient and easy to use while providing simple drag and drop web page editor, email, and Facebook marketing automation, along with possibilities for instructors to attract learners.

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Conclusion For Best alternative to Kajabi

While owning some skills your knowledge that you want to share, it is also necessary for you to find out the best medium through which to do so. LMS solutions like LearnDash and many more turned out to be providing greater opportunities than Kajabi. So, take a step towards portraying an amazing instructor and market our skills to the learners that require them, and set your permanent space in E-learning.

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